#sohotrightnow- January Edition

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2 April 2014

It’s time for another edition of #sohotrightnow (January).

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked January’s almost over. It’s probably my least favorite month of the year  (post- holiday hangovers, crappy weather, crazy credit card bills, strict new years resolutions and regular 5- day work weeks are all contributing factors).

Despite these negatives, I felt like this January just flew by, and I managed to enjoy most of it. Here’s a list of the reasons why. Hopefully you can find some joy in them too.

1. Cauliflower is like insanely #sohotrightnow

In case you haven’t heard, cauliflower has been dubbed “the new kale” and is one of the biggest food trends forecasted for 2014. Popping up in restaurants and recipes everywhere (just had the most amaze roasted cauliflower salad with golden raisins and caramelized walnuts at Revel) it’s an extremely versatile vegetable that easily soaks up flavors and is high in b vitamins and fiber, low in calories and prevents against chronic inflammation, heart disease and cancer. Here’s a few recipes I either already love or am dying to try. January has at the very least been delicious.

a. My Roasted Cauliflower Crack

What’s not to like? Garlic? Good. Salt? Good. Roasted cauliflower? Good. Crack? GOOOOD. (Kids, I don’t actually condone crack, unless it’s vegan and organic (wink)).

b. Purewow’s Spicy Whole-Roasted Cauliflower

I’m SO excited to attempt this recipe this week. To my vegans out there don’t forget to sub coconut greek yogurt for the regular kind. Mmmm.

c. Vegan Indian “Butter” Cauliflower with Coconut-Brown Rice.

This is a meal to make when you want something rich in flavor, decadent and indulgent (minus all the calories). This sauce brings me back to my non-vegan days (it really tastes buttery) and the cauliflower takes on a very substantial meat-like texture.  MLB agrees.

d. “Cauli-power” Fettucine Alfredo by Oh She Glows

I have been absolutely drooling over this recipe and am planning on making this for a romantic date night with the MLB (lucky guy).

e. Quinoa Cauliflower Bowl with Almond Sriracha Sauce by Vegan Richa.

Quinoa Cauli bowl 7615Richa is a genius in the kitchen and this cauliflower buddha bowl is no exception.

2. Okay, moving on from cauliflower to more important things like all the entertaining happenings on TV this month. From the playoffs (in which the Seahawks WON and advanced to the seriously anticipated Super Bowl) to awards season (Golden Globes, Grammy’s, red-carpet fashion OH MY!) to the return of GIRLS on HBO and Juan Pablo as the Bachelor- my TV has been getting more action than Juan Pablo himself. And okay, maybe it’s kind of lame, but it’s been getting me through the month, especially when it brings my friends and I together (plus these gatherings always involve good food). I’ve been particularly fond of serving this veggie burger

alongside my amazeballs sweet potato fries. Something tells me I’ll be eating these bad boys next Sunday when the Hawks win the Superbowl. #gohawks

3. Following New Years Resolutions this year has never been easier when I can start the day off with a tasty, nutrient dense, power filled breakfast like my coconut yogurt parfait

or keep my energy sustained through lunch by topping a chopped zucchini, cuke, red onion, radish and red bell pepper salad with these addictive Cool Ranch Roasted Chickpeas that really do taste like Cool Ranch Doritos.

I’m also loving getting my sweat on lately at Flywheel, which is like a spin-class on steroids (think low lights, loud bumpin’ music and an intense (and competitive) ride that leaves you gasping for breath and high on endorphins).

4. Oh yeah, I also got to ring in the new year with some cool people at my fave bar Percy’s

celebrate a 3 year anniversary with the MLB (meat-lovin’ boyfriend)

and a one year anniversary with sofreshnsogreen!!!!!!!!!!

January, you weren’t so bad after all. But watch out February, I’m comin’ for ya.