Your Healthy Holiday Game Plan — Special, Limited 1:1 Coaching Package!

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16 October 2017

Ahh the holidays… a time of celebration, family, giving back, joy… and food. Lots of food. Food that nourishes the soul but often times leaves us feeling bloated, tired, lethargic and in desperate need of stretchy pants (lucky for us athleisure is so on trend right now).

Not only are there multiple required stretchy pants moments — but the holidays often disrupt your daily routine. Vacation days, late nights, house guests, celebrations, and even sleeping in can disconnect you from your healthy habits and usual cues that help you pay attention to your needs.


And when you don’t pay attention to your needs (physically, mentally + emotionally) it impacts your energy, mood, focus, performance, weight, skin, stress levels and overall happiness. You just don’t feel as well, and when you don’t feel well you’re not able to show up fully for yourself or for others, be your best self or truly live your best life!


But just because this upcoming season is inextricably linked to an increase in stress, self-sabotage, overeating and guilt doesn’t mean you have to fall into that same trap year after year. All you really need is your own simple, realistic strategy to deliberately respond in a different way, instead of passively accepting this trend year after year (during the holidays and life in general).

Which is why I’m here here to teach you how to do just that — with the launch of this special four week individual coaching program designed around navigating holiday eating in a way that works best for your individual body, mind and lifestyle — so you can fully enjoy and celebrate this season, not to mention the rest of your life!


Here are the deets —


When —

  1. Registration opens today, October 16th and closes Friday October, 20 (only 5 days to enroll and 3 spots available!)

  2. Program launches Monday, October 23 and ends Friday, November 18th (4 weeks total in length) and arms you with everything you need to head into the holiday season confidently

  3. Because this program is individual coaching customized to fit your needs (not a group) we’ll pick a weekly skype/call date that works for you within the October 23 – November 18 timeframe


What’s Included —

  1. Four 30 minute 1:1 weekly coaching sessions via phone or skype

  2. One month unlimited text + email support

  3. Customized support, education and resources around:

—  Weekly meal prep/plan blueprint, recipes and grocery guide/shopping list, etc.

— Yummy holiday meal ideas, recipes + strategy based on the food that works best for your body and what you actually like to eat

— Simple tricks to “upgrade” instead of give up your favorite holiday treats

— Healthy holiday travel + eating out tips

— Holiday Party Prep — learn how to enjoy those holiday parties (festive cocktails and all) and skip the guilt/regret

— Mindful eating techniques — how to avoid mindless over-eatings, navigate cravings and clear the clutter foods to make space for the foods you love this season

— Damage Control — how to quickly bounce back and feel good after too much indulgence


Schedule —

1. Week one will be focused on your specific health and wellness goals — during the holidays and just life in general. We’ll dig into the barriers that keep holding you back from feeling and looking your best and getting what you truly want in life. Then we’ll devise a simple, realistic strategy with daily action steps designed to get you real results.


2. We’ll have 30 minute check in phone-calls weekly, where we’ll discuss and amplify your progress. This will be customized based on your specific needs to help prepare you for the busy holidays ahead and wherever you specifically need the support.


3. We’ll also go over some specific holiday strategies to empower you to look and feel your best as well as have this holiday season (refer to the customized support and resources above for more information).


4. You’ll have unlimited text and email support from October 23 — November 18th. Just incase you need help remembering which brand of gluten-free flour blend to buy or emergency stress-relief tactics when your in-laws are in town :).



Investment —

Only a one-time upfront investment of $595  $295 (a $300 savings back to you) is due before our first call and can be made via apple cash or venmo.


How to sign up — 

Drop me an email — and tell me you want in! We’ll set up your weekly call schedule (all calls must take place between Monday, October 23 and Friday, November 18). A one-time investment of $295 will be due before your first call.


What you can expect at the end of the program —

— You’ll know how to eat the foods that make you look and feel your best in ENJOYABLE ways (so that you actually want to eat them)

— You’ll get clear on the things you love and be able to say NO to things you don’t (with food and other aspects of life in general)

— You’ll have other techniques to manage and balance out stress besides your usual vices (like comfort food, wine etc.)

— You’ll be able to understand and optimize your cravings (so that they benefit your health instead of detract from it)

— You’ll balance your blood sugar, hormones, emotions, stress-levels and mood

— You’ll be able to upgrade all the holiday foods and recipes you love (so that they’re kinder on your brain and body but still taste delicious)

— You’ll have positive action steps to quickly course-correct,  release anxiety and get you back in control

— You’ll be able to actually enjoy holiday parties + travel w/o stressing about food

— You’ll develop a healthier relationship with food, your body and yourself

— You’ll have more fun and experience more joy and happiness— during the holidays and for the rest of your life


Just one more thing….

I realize with the holidays comes a lot of other costs (gifts, travel, etc.) but if you’re still reading this — I truly believe you’re reading this for a reason! There will always be an excuse or reason to NOT do something, but what would you be missing out on by not making this investment in yourself?

If you’re ready to feel the way you want to feel, look the way you want to look, and live your very best life, ping me at I only have 3 spots available for this special program, and I really hope It’ll be YOU!


Xx //