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01. | What is it +

Food has an undeniable, direct and tangible influence on all of your body’s functions. Eating optimal foods for your body and lifestyle can give a major boost to your energy, appearance, brain function, mood and hormonal health (i.e. fertility, menstruation, sex drive, autoimmune conditions, etc.). While eating foods that don’t jive well with your body or lifestyle can set you up for exhaustion, acne, weight gain, irregular and unbalanced hormones, mood swings and depression. Ultimately, nutrition is one of the most important components of overall health, affecting the way we perform internally and externally in our everyday lives.

The information is all out there (in fact there’s TOO much of it, leading to plenty of conflicting theories and confusion) but having access to information is not the problem. As successful entrepreneur Derek Sivers said, “If information was the answer, we’d all be millionaires with six-pack abs!”

With my coaching programs, you’re not just getting cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all information. You’re getting a completely customized strategy and the support you need to take real action and apply optimal nutrition and health principles to your life. You’ll be empowered to stop making food choices driven by diet culture, stress, guilt, confusion or convenience and start making thoughtful, optimal food choices, day in and out, that serve YOUR body, goals and life.

02. | this plan is right for you if... +

You Want To —

  1. Build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle around the foods you love
  2. Stabilize a healthy weight, without the yo-yo dieting, deprivation or restriction
  3. Feel more confident, energized, positive, happy, social and adventurous
  4. Cultivate more joy and less stress/fear/confusion/guilt with food
  5. Provide your children/family with a powerful example of what a healthy relationship with food and your body looks like
  6. Feel and look your best, empowering you to positively impact others, improve your relationships, be more generous with your time, operate at a higher level and focus on the important things in your life

03. | what's included +

Option of 4 week, 12 week or 6 month coaching plans available. All sessions are 30 minutes, offered weekly or bi-weekly and available by phone or skype.  

  1. Unlimited text and email support in between sessions (because questions come up and sometimes you just need a little pep talk to keep you on course)
  2. Full nutrition, dietary, hormone health and lifestyle assessment
  3. Guided goal-setting, accountability and realistic action steps designed to get you the results you want
  4. A healthy lifestyle game plan tailored to your goals and needs (this often includes) —
  5. Meal planning + prep techniques
  6. An arsenal of healthy recipes based on your food tolerances, restrictions and preferences
  7. Travel, on-the-go and eating out tips/support
  8. Supplement + product recommendations
  9. Optimal exercise, sleep + stress-management modalities
  10. Clean lifestyle + beauty product recommendations
  11. Hormone balancing tools, assessments + treatments

04. | how it works +

1. We start off with a complimentary 30 minute consultation. We’ll walk through your goals and what you hope to achieve in working with me. Then we’ll take a look at your current nutrition and lifestyle, including supplements, hormone health, sleep, stressors, exercise, medication, etc. From there I can determine how to best support you in getting the results you want!

2. I’ll follow up with a proposal of recommendations and package options for you to choose from. You pick what works best for your budget and lifestyle and we set up your call schedule and investment plan.

3. Our kick-off call will be centered around your goals with health and nutrition, as well as uncovering the root-cause of hang ups around food or any barriers (thoughts, patterns, behaviors, habits) keeping you stuck. From there I’ll provide you with a simple strategy and the necessary tools to overcome them (in a totally practical, judgement-free and supportive way). This will include your healthy lifestyle game-plan and realistic weekly + daily action steps that serve your ultimate goals.

4. Each following session will be completely customized to you and centered around where you’re at in the current moment, what’s coming up for you and how I can best support you through the process. It’s fluid and changing based on your needs and goals. Consider me your go-to partner, friend and support system on this journey. You’ll also receive a recap email after each call, summarizing any tools or tips we discussed as well as behavior-specific action items designed to get you the results you want

5. At the end of our time together you will have already accomplished some amazing things. You’ll have invested in yourself, learned and tried new things, and taken the road far less taken — a chance to become exactly who you want to be and live the life you want to live. You’ll be empowered with the awareness, confidence, strength, tools and strategies moving forward to continue to build the life you want, and make thoughtful, optimal choices, day in and out, that serve YOUR body, goals and life.

05. | meaningful changes + real results +

After our time together, you’ll have the practical tools, realistic strategies and support to:

  1. Turn your “get-healthy” intentions into simple, daily actions that produce results
  2. Increase your energy, stabilize your weight, boost your mood, sleep better and feel more confident in your skin
  3. Uncomplicate your relationship with food and your body
  4. Stop worrying about what you “should” and “shouldn’t eat”
  5. Cultivate more joy and less stress with food
  6. Tune into your hunger and fullness cues
  7. Conquer cravings, plan ahead wisely and have strategies much more effective than relying on willpower
  8. Build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle around the foods you love
  9. Have an arsenal of delicious, nutrient-dense recipes, tips and techniques to re-balance your hormones and health, without deprivation
  10. Stop making food choices driven by diet mentality, stress, guilt and convenience
  11. Continue making thoughtful, optimal food choices, day in and out, that serve YOUR body, goals and life

06. | this plan is NOT right for you if... +

  1. You just want a strict diet, weight-loss program or quick fix
  2. You’re not willing to examine the behaviors that are keeping you stuck in repetitive food/diet patterns
  3. You’re not ready to step outside of your comfort zone, learn and grow
  4. You’re not ready to change routines or shift lifestyle habits
  5. You’re not open to new foods or concepts
  6. You just want someone else to tell you what to do or do all the work for you
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