Bulletproof Medium Roast Coffee Beans

22 July 2019



+ Organically sourced, tested and certified toxin-free

+ Velvety + smooth taste with notes of cocoa + hazelnut

+ Sustainably grown from direct partnership with farms, rainforest alliance certified

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If you know me, then you know my love for coffee runs DEEP.

My affair began with sugary lattes, which would leave me with a major high followed by an even bigger crash and dealing with headaches and sugar cravings the rest of the day.

Then, a few years ago I upgraded my coffee order for a creamy, nutrient-loaded, easier and less expensive Bulletproof concoction, and I’ve never looked back.

Not only does it taste SO good (that froth though) but it curbs my hunger, increases my brain function and gives me a slow-burning, sustainable form of energy that takes me through the day.

One of the key pillars of my Bulletproof Coffee are the coffee beans itself! While this might seem obvious, I always buy Bulletproof beans specifically because they are organically source and one of the only brands out there tested and certified mold-free (spoiler alert: there has been research that many coffee beans sold in the US are contaminated with mold toxins).

I’ve tried (and enjoyed) all of the roasts, but my favorite goes out to the original. It’s super velvety and smooth but still has that rich coffee taste to it.

Use code SOGREEN10 to save 10% off your first purchase.