ButcherBox Subscription

25 November 2019



+ High quality cuts of grass-fed, grass-finished meat + wild seafood

+ Subscription service that helps you save money (equates to $6 per meal)

+ Completely customize-able options depending on what you want + when you want it

Use this link to get a FREE steak sampler (2 filets, 2 new yorks, 4 top sirloins for free). 

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As a nutrition + hormone health coach, I believe prioritizing high-quality, nutrient-dense food is one of the best investments we can make for our hormones and overall health. 

This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to animal proteins, as conventional meat and farmed seafood contain steroids, antibiotics, hormones and a skewed ratio of unhealthy fats (i.e. more omega 6 than 3) that wreak havoc on not only our health but the environment as a result.

Organic, grass-fed + finished, pasture-raised, wild-caught animal proteins are not only antibiotic/hormone-free and treated more humanely, but they’re rich in nutrients + micronutrients (iodine, iron, selenium, zinc), vitamins (B) and omega-3 fatty acids your hormones need to function optimally (specifically in regards to fertility and thyroid health). 

Alas, with quality comes a cost, which is why I’m super jazzed about ButcherBox’s subscription service, which makes it much more affordable to get high quality cuts of meat and seafood delivered to your door (at as little as $129 per box, equating to $6 per meal).

You can also customize the delivery service to your liking, choosing exactly what types/cuts of meat, poultry or seafood you want and HOW OFTEN you want it. One box will typically last us at least 1-2 months, and it’s so nice to have options readily available in the freezer to thaw when we’re in need of a quick and delicious meal.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, because everything is so high quality, it’s also REALLY friggin’ delicious (no joke some of the best beef I’ve ever had).

*Use this link to get a FREE Ultimate Steak Sampler with your first box (2 filets, 2 new yorks + 4 top sirloins for free).