Corc Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

8 January 2020



+ ULTRA-SUSTAINABLE — sourced from the bark of cork trees, making it 100% recyclable, renewable + biodegradable

+ NON-TOXIC — uses all-natural cork material without any heavy metals, plastics or hormone-disrupting chemicals like PVC

+ RESISTANT TO MOISTURE — has a naturally non-slip grip (the grip actually increases with sweat)

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As a nutrition + hormone health practitioner, I’m constantly helping my clients find easy, actionable ways to support their hormones and overall health.

Many of these include food, supplements and lifestyle tips (like exercise, stress reduction, sleep, etc) as well as simple ways to minimize toxin exposure, as toxins are a MAJOR contributor to hormone imbalances and disruption.

So I was next level thrilled when I discovered Corc’s line of sustainable yoga mats while attending Mind Body Green Revitalize last summer.

Every single yoga mat from their line is made from the bark of Corc trees sourced from Portugal, and by stripping the trees, it contributes to a regenerative process (like farming), helping the tree product more bark to be harvested (no cutting of trees required).

This process not only ensures that the mats are 100% biodegradable, renewable and recyclable, but that they are FREE of any flame retardants, plastics or hormone disrupting chemicals (such as PVC or PFR, which can be found in many yoga mats available on the market).

This means it’s a non-toxic, hormone-friendly yoga mat option for anyone looking to mitigate toxic exposure in order to heal hormone imbalances and optimize health (while still enjoying yoga of course).

As a bonus, the mats also look and smell lovely and insanely convenient + user-friendly to use (i.e. resistant to moisture with a non-slip grip, so you can sweat all you want and don’t need a towel). They’re also lightweight (easy to transport/carry) and hypoallergenic/antimicrobial, making it an ideal material for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Bottomline — this would be a well worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to lessen their environmental footprint and support eco-friendly practices, minimize toxin exposure, and/or enjoy their yoga practice with the chicest mat around.

Use code SOFRESH20 at checkout to save 20% off your first purchase.