Dark Chocolate + Collagen Bulletproof Cold Brew

22 July 2019



+ Made with organic, mold/toxin-free coffee beans

+ Spiked with beauty-boosting collagen

+ Addition of healthy fats like MCT + ghee to curb hunger + increase energy

+ Creamy, cold, chocolatey smooth taste

Use code SOGREEN10 to save 10% off your first purchase. 

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While I’m a hot-beverage-preferring-babe at my core, there is a time and a place for cold drinks and it’s called SUMMER.

As soon as the season hits I’m here for it, and my fave way to indulge is with creamy, smooth cold brew coffee, especially if it’s Bulletproof.

That’s because Bulletproof is made with organically sourced, mold-toxin-free coffee beans and spiked with  beauty-boosting collagen + energy-sustaining MCT oil and grass-fed ghee. Basically it’s loaded with a ton of antioxidants, amino + omega-3 fatty acids to help your body and brain thrive (aka no jitters, headaches or energy crashes).

While the OG is super delish, I LOVE this version because it has a hint of rich chocolate flavor, perfect for those days you need a little something sweet, without the sugar crash. Also awesome as a base in smoothies or upgraded milkshakes.

Use code SOGREEN10 to save 10% off your first purchase.