Dry Brush

22 July 2019



+ An easy + effective way to promote lymphatic drainage + detoxification

+ Increases circulation, minimizes cellulite + leaves skin looking smooth

+ Feels amazing and only takes a minute to do!

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Dry brushing might sound weird, but it’s actually one of the simplest ways to help you flush out toxins and naturally detox, no juice cleanse required!

The act of brushing your skin in upward, circular motions stimulates your lymphatic system (which tends to get clogged due to toxins, resulting in puffiness, bumps and cellulite). The brushing motion increases circulation and supports your lymphatic system in effectively detoxifying, leading to smooth, exfoliated, even-toned skin.

I find it’s easier to do with a smaller, handheld brush like this one. The bristles are soft enough they won’t cause damage to skin, and the price point can’t be beat.

I use it before I hop in the shower, and slather myself with the almond + vanilla body butter once I’m done. Self-care in 5 minutes, done and done.

Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your first purchase.