Dry Farms Natural Wine Subscription Service

17 April 2020



+ Premium natural wines made on small sustainable farms (seriously delicious)

+ Health-focused, sugar-free, no additives and low in sulfites (i.e. less likely to feel hungover)

+ Easy + affordable subscription service with curated wines from all over the world

Use this link to get an additional free bottle of wine on your first purchase. 

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While I’m not a *huge* drinker, I really enjoy a glass (or two) of wine every once in awhile (especially a chilled glass of rose outside in the summer).

What I don’t enjoy is how I feel after (i.e. hungover) but it’s not because of how much I’m drinking, rather what I’m drinking.

Just like it’s important that we pay attention to the quality of our food (pesticide + additive free to support our hormones and health) it’s important to do the same with what we’re drinking!

Most conventional wines contain added sugars, sulfites, pesticides, yeasts and other additives that can irritate your gut and hormones and result in uncomfortable symptoms such as inflammation, head aches, puffiness, and bloat.

So when I discovered Dry Farm Wines, the only health-focused subscription service that curates biodynamic and natural wines I knew I had to try it, and of course became obsessed.

Not only are the wines delicious (literally loved every single wine I’ve had, especially the rose) but they’re lab-tested and free of mold toxins, added sugars, sulfites, pesticides or chemicals most conventional wineries use in their harvesting/filtering process.

They also curate wines sourced around the world from premium, small farms that only use biodynamic and natural farming techniques, meaning it’s not only better for your health but better for the environment as well.

I love that I get to try out a bunch of delicious wines (you can choose if you want red, rose, white or a combo), not have to worry about any symptoms or gut flare ups, and support eco-friendly farmers in the process.

If you love wine every now and again but don’t like how it makes you feel, then definitely check this brand out.

Don’t forget to use this link to get an extra bottle of wine free with your first purchase.