Elix Cycle Balance

29 June 2020



+ Uniquely formulated from potent medicinal herbs & healing botanicals

+ Effectively reduces period pain + symptoms such as cramping, bloat, headaches, etc.

+ Addresses + treats root cause hormonal imbalances to holistically heal your body & cycle

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Since beginning my cycle-syncing practices after a year of nursing/postpartum, I’ve been able to transition smoothly to a healthy and relatively symptom-free cycle.

That being said, I’d still experience the occasional bit of bloat, constipation or mild cramping, especially the week leading up to my period, as my hormones fluctuated in preparation for menstruation.

But after three months of using Elix’s Cycle Balance medicinal herb blend, I can report virtually zero uncomfortable symptoms in the week leading up to and during my period.

This is especially huge for me, as prior to cycle-syncing and using Elix, I’d experience debilitating cramping and bloating so extreme I’d be relegated to the couch with midol, a heating pad and sweatpants.

So, I can only imagine how helpful Elix could be for so many women out there experiencing symptomatic periods or painful conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids or cysts month after month.

After my own personal experience (not to mention the research Elix has done on the consumer experience, which includes a 93% improvement in period/PMS – related symptoms) I can confidently recommend Elix Cycle Balance to my clients and any woman in her reproductive years struggling with hormone-related imbalances or conditions, irregular or unhealthy cycles, or uncomfortable period symptoms as an effective way to reduce symptoms AND treat the underlying hormone imbalance causing them.

I also encourage any woman out there trying to conceive but struggling with irregular cycles or anovulation to look into Elix as a way to get your cycle consistent and be able to more effectively pinpoint ovulation and your fertile window as a result (my cycle has been pretty consistent, but is now like clockwork to the day each month when I ovulate and menstruate since using).

Lastly I love that Elix uses a unique and tailored approach to specifically address each woman’s unique hormone imbalance (before purchasing product you’re required to fill out a detailed quiz to ensure you’re getting the right formula for your needs). It’s also a subscription method that ships product out right before you need to begin taking, so it’s super convenient and makes it easy to consistently use (I recommend using a minimum of 3 months to enjoy the range of benefits). AND the flavor is surprisingly pleasant, so it almost becomes an enjoyable part of your routine.

**Don’t forget to use code SOFRESH15 to get a 15% discount off your first three months!