Follain Signature Bath + Body Products

5 January 2021



+ Non-toxic and using only all natural, effective ingredients

+ Ingredients like lavender, fresh fig leaf, white tea + basil smell delicious + fresh

+ Antioxidant rich oils + cocoa seed butter nourish, soften + protect skin

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Because 2020 has us spending more time in our homes than ever before, I’m all about simple, natural and effective upgrades to make it feel more comfy and cozy without disrupting mine and my family’s hormone health (toxic candles, beauty products and cleaning supplies I’m looking at you!)

One of the upgrades I’m most excited about has been slowly transitioning over to Follain’s clean beauty and home products. I love that it’s a one stop shop for all things nontoxic makeup, skincare, bath + beauty, hair, etc. and I can rest assured that anything I purchase is guaranteed free of any hormone-disrupting additives or chemicals (i.e. no reading labels necessary, they do all of the dirty work for you!).

While I’m absolutely obsessed with the Kari Gran Lip WhipIlia Super Serum Skin Tint + SPFRMS Eye Polish (in solar) and Living Luminizer, and Saie Brow Butter and Mascara, they’ve also done an incredible job with their own line of products too.

Specifically, their bath, body and home products are where it’s at. Their No.2 candle smells so amazing (vibrant, fresh and perfect for your bathroom) and the Lemongrass-scented soap actually makes me look forward to washing my hands (which is a really necessary thing this year lol). The everywhere lotion is incredibly nourishing, and I’m also super into their Instant Glow Body Oil, which makes my skin look and feel super soft and glowy, minus any greasy residue.


*Use code Welcome10 to save 10% off your purchase.