Ground Up PDX

4 November 2019



+ The most delicious-tasting nut butters in the history of nut butter

+ Made with clean, organic ingredients and no weird, rancid oils or refined-sugars-added

+ The company provides jobs to women overcoming adversity

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Incase you couldn’t already tell by my recipes, I’m legit obsessed with this brand of nut butters.

Unlike many other nut butter brands out there, these ones are free of weird ingredients like rancid vegetable oils or refined sugar, but still taste creamy and delicious.

Their line of genius flavors include coconut cardamom, lavender honey, walnut cashew, and my personal favorite CINNAMON SNICKERDOODLE.

As you can imagine, they add incredible flavor to oatmeal, baked goods, smoothies, chia pudding or yogurt bowls, toast, or simply scooped onto a piece of dark chocolate.

But the best part?! Ground Up employs and offers job training to women overcoming adversity, helping them boost confidence and learn the skills they need to get back on their feet.

Use code SOFRESH15 to save 15% off your first purchase.