Modern Fertility Hormone Test

18 December 2020



+ Easy, at-home-test option at a much more affordable price

+ Gives you easy to understand details about key fertility markers to help you conceive

+ Free 1:1 call with a fertility nurse to review results + plan further

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After experiencing an ectopic pregnancy (and subsequent loss) in January (of 2020) I took some time to heal, both physically and emotionally, before beginning to try again for baby #2 this summer.


This time around, I wanted to make sure my body and hormones were as healthy as could be, to do what I could to prevent loss and get pregnant with a healthy baby naturally. 


One of the first steps I took was getting my hormone levels tested used Modern Fertility’s At-Home Test Kit (along with having my husband take a sperm test as well, remember they are half of the equation ladies!)

I loved the ease of use at the test, as it was shipped directly to my home and the instructions were straight forward and clear (a finger prick blood sample is taken on day #3 of your cycle and shipped to the lab via mail).

I also loved how comprehensive the test was, at a fraction of the price as other tests you’d take at a fertility clinic. It measured vital fertility markers such as ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have left), your sex hormones (to confirm ovulation and healthy enough levels to sustain a pregnancy) and thyroid hormones (which regulates vital components of fertility, pregnancy and healthy brain development in baby).

Maybe most important, once the results came back they were delivered via the website in such clear detail, however if you want the option of discussing results and next steps further with a fertility specialist it’s an added bonus. Lucky me, all my levels looked normal and healthy, giving me the confidence I needed to begin trying (we conceived in September, with baby girl #2 due June 2021)!


I highly recommend this test option for any woman out there who is either a) planning to begin TTC in the nearish future (up to one year out) 2) has been TTC without success or c) suffered miscarriage/pregnancy loss and is getting ready to try again, as the test is affordable yet comprehensive, giving you a base level understanding of the health of your hormones needed to ovulate, conceive and carry a healthy baby to term. 


**Don’t forget to use this link for an automatic $10 off the test!