Primally Pure Mask Trio

16 November 2020



+ Combination of soothing, clarifying and plumping masks to cover all of your skin bases

+ Handcrafted with all clean, non-toxic and effective ingredients such as raw + local honey, mineral-rich clay, organic herbs, and vitamin-rich oils

+ Designed to gently exfoliate, refine texture, infuse skin with vital nutrients and provide visible, immediate results

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My favorite non-toxic face masks on the planet, each option (Soothing, Clarifying and Plumping) feels so smooth and luxurious to put on and leaves my skin absolutely glowing afterwards.

I especially love this mask trio combo as it allows you to really sync it with your cycle to help balance your hormones and achieve your best looking skin (i.e. I’ll use the Plumping during my period when skin is more dry and thin, Soothing in the beginning of my cycle (follicular + ovulatory) to reduce any inflammation leftover, and Clarifying during my luteal phase to minimize pre-period breakouts).

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