Primally Pure Palo Santo Collection

16 November 2020



+ Non-toxic, hormone-healthy, clean scents to safely use in your home

+ Blend of sustainably sourced, exotic wood essential oils that smell delicious

+ Used to relieve feelings of stress + anxiety, headaches, inflammation and irritation to support a calm presence

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My latest obsession, this dreamy collection (including essential oil, aromatherapy blend and palo santo sticks) is everything I want my home to embody.

Each product is a rare blend of sustainably sourced exotic wood essential oils that smell INCREDIBLE and provide multiple aromatherapy benefits.

Specifically, palo santo contains potent levels of D-Limonene, Monoterpenes and anti-inflammatory properties that provide deep healing and protective benefits at a cellular level.

Traditionally, it’s been used for centuries to reduce stress, anxiety, headaches, inflammation and irritation, and overall supports a calm and peaceful presence.

I’m especially into the palo santo sticks, which you can light in a bowl to release the dreamy warm and woodsy scent, while also cleansing + purifying your air.

And you can rest assured each product is completely chemical-free, non-toxic, made with all-natural ingredients and thus very supportive of your endocrine system and overall hormone health/wellbeing.


Don’t forget to use the code “SOFRESH10” to save 10%!