Ritual Multivitamin

19 November 2019


+ Contains the 9 essential nutrients you need in an easily available form

+ Budget-friendly subscription service model

+ Easily digestible, no nausea & smell + taste like fresh mint

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I’m pretty obsessed with this clinical-backed multivitamin designed for women, and I honestly never thought I’d use the word “obsessed” when describing a supplement.

BUT these multivitamins check literally ALL of the boxes.

They contain the nine essential nutrients we really need to thrive (iron, folate, omega-3, vitamin b12, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, boron, magnesium) in an easily absorbable beaded-oil encapsulate form (so you can take 1 pill instead of 9).

While adding in all of the good stuff, they also remove the shady additives typically found in supplements such as shellac, synthetic fillers or colorants, GMO’s and gluten (ew).

They’re also extremely affordable, with the subscription service being $30 a month (for a month’s worth of supply) delivered straight to your doorstep. I’ve found this makes it really easy to be consistent with taking them, as a new box is there the day I run out.

And speaking of consistency, while adding supplements to your routine isn’t the most enticing of habits, the natural peppermint essence added makes them smell and taste so good that I actually don’t forget to take them (and seriously look forward to it).