Serenity Kids Organic Baby Food

22 July 2019



+ Sourced from only the most ethical, clean, environmentally-friendly farms

+ Contains organic proteins, fats + veggies for optimal nutrient density (no sugar or fruits added)

+ Easy to pack or eat on the go

+ My baby LOVES the taste, priming her palate for healthy eating

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As soon as Eloise (my daughter) was six months old, I was convinced I would be making all of her baby food from scratch (insert eye roll here).

I quickly discovered while it is possible, I don’t want to be spending all of my time pureeing stuff she was just going to get all over her face/high chair/clothes/furniture etc.

I also needed something easily portable, that holds up well during travel and we could easily whip out when out to dinner/on-the-go.

Enter in Serenity Kids Organic Baby Food — the most legit baby food I have come across the market to date.

Not only is the female founder’s story incredibly inspiration and relatable, but EVERYTHING about this brand is clean, environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious. They only source the most optimal ingredients (think wild caught fish, grass-fed + pastured meats, organic veggies) from regenerative farms and each packet is low in sugar but jam-packed with nutrients (the exact nutrient makeup of breast milk!) to support your baby’s brain and development.

Eloise wasn’t so sure about them at first, but after only 2-3 tries she started LOVING them. Now she’ll eat the whole squeeze pack if we don’t stop her (the wild salmon is her favorite). It seriously makes me feel so good knowing she’s getting plenty of nutrients and that we’re priming her palate for plenty of healthy foods and veggies in the future.