About Me + Why I'm Here

Full disclosure: My journey to a healthy, happy life has been a long, emotional and difficult one. For the first 18 years of my life I paid little to no attention to my health and truly believed my digestive issues, bloating and irregularity, skin breakouts, low energy, elevated stress levels, sleepless nights, headaches, anxiety and mild depression were totally normal. I'd been experiencing these symptoms for so long I couldn't remember what anything else felt like. 

Before this realization I went off to college, graduated with a degree in Journalism and Nutrition and began paying more attention to what I ate, but only because it affected my weight. I wish I could say I began to feel better, but I was merely tricked by marketing gimmicks into eating more "low-calorie", "skinny" and "diet foods" like sugary protein bars, fake-ingredient-filled Lean Cuisines and other processed crap. This diet-food craze and strict relationship with food only worsened all my conditions and brought on a whole new level of stress about what I should and shouldn't eat.

After graduating college I developed an intense passion and deep curiosity regarding health and wellness. I enrolled in nutrition school where everything I learned went against pretty much everything the media and marketing had previously taught me. Restricting calories, counting carbs and eating foods heavily marketed as "healthy" weren’t the answer to health. They were actually the problem, all centered around processed, fake foods and chemicals that cause inflammation in the body, setting off a domino effect that influences every aspect of our health. 

I began to pay attention to ingredients and cut processed and inflammatory foods out of my diet. I started cooking for the first time in my life (if I can do it, anyone can) and nourishing my mind and body with real foods. Soon I noticed a huge shift in my energy, my digestive issues cleared up, I slept better, felt more balanced and began getting compliments on my skin. I lost fat and gained muscle easily and finally felt at peace with both my body and my mind. For the first time since I could remember, I experienced what looking and feeling amazing actually feels like, something I think most of us don't know or haven't felt in far too long. 

As a result my life and my life's purpose have completely transformed in the most beautiful way. I've never felt healthier or happier and my mission is to share what I've learned and condense it into a much easier, quicker, more supportive and fun journey for you. You deserve health, happiness and a life you truly love. Let's make it happen together. 

My Credentials + Background

Yes, I can testify by my own life-changing experience, but I also graduated with a minor in Nutrition through Arizona State University, am a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a food and culinary nutrition blogger for SofreshNsogreen.com.

My Areas of Expertise Include

  1. Nutrition Lifestyles/ Diets: Fluent in the field of nutrition, dietary restrictions and specialty diets ranging from vegan to paleo lifestyles.

  2. Behavior Change: uncovering core beliefs and thoughts that lead clients into addictive behaviors and patterns. Then creating a strategy that is actionable, forming new habits and creating sustainable change.

  3. Intuitive Eating: Helping clients decode cravings, build a healthier relationship with food and tune into their body’s unique needs. Clients learn how to become their own health expert as well as the skills they need to navigate healthy choices and behaviors in real life.

  4. Meal Prep, Planning and Cooking: Eating healthy shouldn't have to be complicated or boring. I believe and am experienced in creating easy, delicious real-food recipes that are easy for the whole family to enjoy.

  5. Time + Money Saving: Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be too hard or cost too much. I teach clients simple ways to save money on groceries and eating out as well as meal-prep/plan techniques.

My Nutrition Philosophy

  1. Eat Real Food: Most of the time this is food without ingredient labels or weird ingredients you don't recognize/know how to pronounce. Try and stick to food items with one ingredient (i.e. avocado, strawberries, chicken, broccoli, etc.). These foods are as real as it gets.  

  2. Eat More Plants: These are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Incorporate them into most (if not all) meals if possible. They will support your body and mind in functioning properly and you’ll begin to feel better naturally.

  3. How You Feel Matters: You should feel better after you eat, not feel worse.

  4. Diets Don’t Work: How many times have you tried a diet and lost weight, only to gain all of it back (and maybe even more) ?! Diets are only effective at helping you lose weight, not keep the weight off for good. They are rooted in restriction and deprivation, and as humans hard-wired to crave pleasure this is not sustainable.

  5. Don’t Be Basic: Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. I believe in cooking delicious food that looks and tastes amazing.

  1. Focus On Adding In, Not Taking Out: Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat or creating weird food rules, simply start adding in more healthy ingredients at each meal (spinach in smoothies, a salad with your dinner entrée, or warm lemon water before coffee). You’ll start to feel better naturally and crave less of the “bad stuff.”

  2. Bio –individuality: Each body is unique and has a unique path to optimal health and wellbeing. Food and diet is not a one-sized fits all approach.

  3. Primary Foods: Non-food sources of nourishment (such as your work, relationships, energy, exercise and spirituality) also play a crucial role in your relationship with food and overall health. 

  4. Eat Mindfully: When you eat mindfully you learn to trust your own body and listen to what it needs. Plus you enjoy and appreciate your food more!

  5. It’s All About Balance: Sure I love a good green smoothie, but I also enjoy wine and anything dark chocolate. Life’s too short to not enjoy it. Balance out the foods you love with the foods you know help you feel and look your best.

My Coaching Philosophy

As a certified nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach I'm here to help you evolve into your happiest and healthiest self, instead of being left to slowly figure it out on your own like I did. Although I'm grateful for my journey it was a long one, and I wasted too much time and energy in the process.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make a change in your life is to hire a coach, someone that can keep you on track and accountable, be there for you when you struggle and offer constructive ways to push yourself forward. Someone that can help you figure out a sustainable plan that works for your lifestyle and is easy to stick to- while also challenges you slightly and puts you the tiniest bit out of your comfort zone. This is the best way to move forward, because if you don't life can become stagnant and your purpose and path can become foggy. I'm here to help you so you don't get stuck. So you have the freedom to live the life you've always wanted, but never thought you could have.

There are three reasons why people don't follow through:

They don't have a plan.
They don't have accountability.
They don't have the support.

My customized 1:1 coaching plans are designed to give you all of the above plus motivation, inspiration, handy tips and helpful resources. We'll work together to incorporate healthy habits and develop a long-term strategy that will keep you on your path and help you get back on when you fall off (because this is real life). Consider me your go-to accountability partner, friend and support system on this journey to taking control of your health in order to show up fully for your life and those that matter most. 


Frequently asked questions

You sure know how to ask great questions! Here are the answers to those most commonly asked.

01 | What is a health coach?

A health coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority that works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, health coaches tailor individualized nutrition and wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs.

02 | What is IIN?

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) was founded in 1992 by Joshua Rosenthal. It is now the largest nutrition school in the world with over 100,000 graduates in over 100 countries worldwide. IIN offers the most comprehensive training in nutrition, coaching skills and business development and is the only school that explores more than 100 dietary theories. It’s classes are taught by world-class leading educators, physicians, researchers, doctors and nutrition experts at the forefront of the health and wellness movement. The curriculum encompasses a holistic approach to health and wellness with the understanding that relationships, exercise, career and spirituality are just as important as the food we eat.

03 | I'm on a budget, can I really afford to eat and live this way?

Absolutely! You don’t have to purchase all organic or crazy super-food ingredients if you can’t afford to do so. The important thing is to focus on real food and local ingredients when you can. Check out the “Dirty Dozen and “Clean 15 lists for tips on when to go organic if possible. Plus when you start cooking and meal planning more often, you’ll make less frequent unplanned (and expensive) trips to the grocery store and spend a lot less money eating out. Not to mention most processed and convenience foods are more expensive then the real ingredients are themselves. Think of eating well as an investment in your health: Is there anything more important than taking care of the one body you have?

04 | Preparing and cooking healthy food seems like a lot of time, how do I make it efficient?

I got your back on this one! Having a meal plan and spending a couple of hours one day in the kitchen prepping food will keep you on track the rest of the week. This ensures no matter how busy you are, you’re able to keep fueled and on track with nourishing food, instead of reaching for less than optimal eats out of convenience or hunger. Check out my blog post on How To Become A Meal Prep Master or sign up for a complimentary coaching consultation to get more guidance and support in meal planning and prepping.

05 | How do I start?

It’s so simple and does not involve some crazy diet or strict cleanse. Just start by adding more real, whole, nourishing food into your diet and you’ll naturally start eating less of the not so “good stuff.” The goal is to make small, sustainable enhancements to your meals that lead to bigger impacts on your health. If you need more guidance in how to add real food to your diet, meal planning and cooking, or how to create and stick to these habits for sustainable change, sign up for a complimentary nutrition consultation.

07 | What results can I expect in working with you?

My coaching programs are designed to help you make meaningful changes and get real results. Some of those include:


  • You’ll learn which exact foods make you feel and look your best
  • You’ll reinstate a healthy weight and have the understanding and tools keep it off for good.
  • You’ll reduce your toxic load and stress levels, and get your hormones back on track.
  • You’ll balance your digestion, heal your gut and stabilize your blood sugar.
  • You’ll sleep better, have more energy and stop relying on outside sources (like caffeine and sugar).
  • You’ll know how to understand and overcome cravings.
  • You’ll be able to listen to your body and eat more mindfully and intuitively.
  • You’ll learn how to organize easy, healthy and manageable meal options based on your and your family’s needs.
  • You’ll learn which areas of your life are lacking or holding you back from the life you want (work, relationships, spirituality, body and mind, energy and exercise) and how to nourish and fuel them.
  • You’ll learn how to practice self-care so you can be the best parent/spouse /CEO/creator/healer/friend/artist/activist, etc. possible
  • You’ll learn how to implement a level of physical activity that is fun and feels good.
  • You’ll learn how to set and accomplish goals, take action and create long-term health habits.
  • You’ll re-learn to love yourself and your body.
  • You’ll connect to joy and ignite your passion for life.

08 | How is this different than a cleanse or diet?

This is NOT a diet, set program, cleanse or “one size fits all approach.” There are no rules or restrictions, just strategies and support designed to help you learn more about food, how it affects your life and ensure that it’s supporting you in reaching your goals, not sabotaging them. There’s a lot of information, diets, cleanses and programs out there, but the problem isn’t the amount of options or availability of information. As successful Derek Sivers said, “If information was the answer, we’d all be millionaires with six-pack abs!”

With 1:1 coaching, you don’t just get the information; you get the strategy and support you need to actually apply it to your life. So you address the root cause of what’s been holding you back, take real action, create new healthy habits and get long-lasting results.

09 | How do I know if your 1:1 coaching program is right for me?

My coaching plan will be your jam if:

  • You want to look better, feel better, stress less and have more energy.
  • You want a better quality of life — whether that be getting off prescribed medications, reducing chronic pain, keeping up with your kids, or feeling good enough to do things you used to enjoy when you felt better
  • You or someone in your family was diagnosed with a dietary restriction or autoimmune disease and you need help navigating it
  • You feel overwhelmed eating out, in the kitchen, at the store or while traveling trying to pick the best options.
  • You’re a busy professional and don’t feel like you have enough time to cook or “be healthy.”
  • It can feel impossible to figure out what to feed yourself and your family.
  • You’re lacking energy, mental focus and depending on caffeine or sugar to get through the day
  • You’re constantly stressed out or dealing with anxiety
  • You’re tired of losing weight through dieting only to gain it back (and then some) and dream of having a healthy relationship with food.
  • You’d like to be healthy but it just seems too expensive and like too much work.

My coaching plan will NOT be your jam if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or one size fits all approach.
  • You’re not willing to dig deep and do the work.
  • You’re not willing to go outside of your comfort zone.
  • You’re not ready to change routines or shift lifestyle habits.
  • You’re not open to new foods, concepts or developing a listening to your body’s wants and needs.
  • You just want a set cleanse or strict diet/fitness plan.
  • You just want someone else to tell you what to do or do the work for you.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Holler at me here.

Love from clients

I found Lauren's coaching to be a wonderful balance of persistent follow up and gentle encouragement. The attention to my complete health included every area of life and we were able to identify some very practical and immediate changes I needed to make to feel better. Her questions were revealing and brought me to a better quality of life after a very short amount of time.
- Sarah H. -- Busy Working Mom of Three
Lauren has been doing nutrition consulting with me for awhile now. I love her approach and her depth of knowledge is clear. She's helped me to gradually crowd-out foods and behaviors that don't meet my goals through a variety of tactics and methods- from awesome recipes of her own creation to recommending books and blogs from nutritionists she respects to coming to my home to teach me how to prepare my meals to helping me understand at a more scientific-level what I was putting into my body and the metabolic impacts. I never felt judged and I love that she practices what she preaches. Her hands-on approach has empowered me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Without being cheesy, she's changed my life and given me the skills to continue on this path for the long run.
- Katie G.
Lauren has inspired me to cook healthy, simple meals for our family through her blog posts highlighting helpful meal planning tips and tricks to her fool proof recipes. I would highly recommend Lauren's ability to educate about what we're putting in our bodies and her expertise in developing recipes that lead us to a healthier lifestyle. I've been able to enjoy Lauren's amazing recipes and cooking skills firsthand and they will always leave you satisfied.
- Leann G.
Lauren is a gem. Inventive, fun, and highly educated about nutrition, she can put together a well-executed and balanced feast. I was fortunate enough to hire her to host a dinner party with some of my dear friends, and she pulled it off without a hitch. All the guests were impressed with her inspired and interesting menu items, and loved her sunny personality. She's just an excellent cook and extremely professional. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for healthy but substantial and delicious fare.
- Maureen C.
Lauren was an inspiration to me. I had been thinking for several months about some healthy life style goals I wanted to attain. When the opportunity was offered, I decided to go for it. For me saying out loud to someone, this is what I want to do, started the process. Knowing that I had to be accountable motivated me. Lauren suggested I set my goals incrementally; this is something I would not have done myself and mostly to stop the yoyo spiral I have been living in for years. Lauren has a huge experience and knowledge on nutrition and healthy life style and she is walking her talk. As a result of this program, I am on the right path to attain my goals and feel better about myself. Thank you.
- A. Scott
Working with Lauren was a blast. Her professionalism and passion for her craft was evident throughout our entire time together. Her knowledge of food and ability to style it for our shoot was perfect. She was ready right when we needed it and was willing to go the extra mile when we needed her too. I'd highly recommend her to anyone and will hire her again.
- Drew K.
At, 62 years of age, i’ve abused my body in various ways and as you can imagine ingrained some poor and unhealthy habits along the way.

Lauren has been instrumental in my transition into a healthy lifestyle. By doing an in depth interview on my goals and time frame, Lauren was able to construct an exercise and eating regimen that seemed doable AND made sense.
She satisfied my curiosity and skepticism with articles and studies and her own in depth knowledge and experience. Most importantly she communicated with me weekly to review my progress, goals, and to discuss possible modifications.
At all times she has been patient and concerned while endeavoring to keep me “on track.”

I had reservations regarding the need for a life coach but my work with Lauren alleviated that. I’m experiencing weight loss, muscle and energy gain, and an improved self image! I’m looking forward to continuing our work together.
- Kim K.

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There’s a reason you’re here — and I’m so grateful and honored you’re inviting me into your life. Now let me return the favor and support you on your journey to health, happiness and a life you love! Because you’re so worth it.