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Lauren's "Eat Your Way To Better Brain Function" presentation was informative and had clear take-aways for the team. We enjoyed that the presentation was actionable, realistic and full of delicious recipes.

Our team can't thank Lauren enough for sharing her recommendations on specific brands and what to look for when grocery shopping. Lauren is also authentic, joyful, personable and an absolute pleasure to work with. We're set up for success with her helpful tips and looking forward to the next wellness workshop with her!
- Hillari Mohler, Operations Manager at Ookla
My initial hesitation in purchasing a coaching package was cost -- but achieving a healthier relationship with food was entirely worthwhile! After 12 weeks working with Lauren I eat far less chaotically and have plenty of healthy action steps, delicious healthy recipe and meal ideas and a multitude of strategies that have helped me be successful in changing my outlook on food. I now have more time and freedom to think about things other than food -- and feel much more healthy and balanced with how I’m living my life.
- Pat D.
I was initially hesitant to work with Lauren as I'd done coaching in the past and it didn't work very well, but from the beginning it was an authentic relationship and I could tell Lauren genuinely cared about helping me reach my goals (and she also leads by example -- which is important to me!).

Lauren's approach was completely personalized to my health, and it was just what I needed to increase my energy, reduce sluggishness, improve my digestive issues and build in healthy habits (like meal planning and reframing my relationship with food).

I now recognize how good certain foods can make me feel, as well as the different energy outcomes associated with different types of meals. But the most significant change I've experienced is cultivating true happiness and joy around food.
- Katrina D.
Lauren helped me to get very clear on my goals and priorities, then build a realistic schedule around the specific action steps that would help me reach them, empowering me to take a proactive vs. reactive stance and execute efficiently.

At the end of our short time together I feel better and have so much more energy, even with as crazy as my work schedule is. Because of this I’m able to be more present and spend quality time with my kids and family. I’ve also had quite a few people ask if I’ve lost weight -- which is a nice bonus!
- Jay T.
I began working with Lauren to reduce anxiety and stress around food, stop the cycle of binge/indulging/guilt and to reduce inflammation and lose weight in a healthy way.

Lauren was able to immediately understand how I function (moderator v abstainer, obliger & rebel), which I think is half the battle when interacting with clients, especially in a short three month timeframe!

Then she strategically gave me tools that worked in my favor to overcome my bad habits and change my mindset. She also offers 24/7 text support throughout our time together, which was very helpful. I always knew she was always there and never once felt lost or helpless!

She also sent follow up emails, attachments, books, and podcasts to support my journey. I really appreciated her thinking of me when we weren't texting, on a phone call - it was amazing to see that she genuinely cares about me as a person!

At the end of our time together I realized I'm no longer thinking about food 24/7 -- and my stress and anxiety around food has reduced significantly. I made some huge strides towards my goals and have an amazing tool kit to move forward with. I'm so appreciative Lauren came into my life!
- Kelsey S.
Lauren has been such a wonderful, knowledgeable support. From the very beginning she listened to my symptoms (low-energy, moodiness, restless sleep, imbalanced hormones, etc.) and helped me come up with simple strategies (including supplements, foods and recipes that helped to balance and improved my overall function) to implement new habits and enact lasting change.

I’ve now developed actual healthy habits that were never a part of my routine before -- and as a result I’m sleeping so much better, my brain fog has disappeared and I feel like a much happier and healthier person overall!
- Mere C.
My wife and I both worked with Lauren, and she opened our eyes to eating healthy in a way that wasn’t challenging, and never left us feeling like we were on a diet. Previously if I was on a diet and had a piece of pizza I’d shame myself and feel guilty about it. Now if I have a piece of pizza I know what to eat later to replace the nutrients I missed in that meal, and I don’t feel guilty about it.

We recently went on a trip to Mexico, and three months ago I wouldn’t have felt comfortable walking around on the beach. Now that I’ve lost 32 pounds I’m comfortable in my skin again. I feel so much better, my energy is consistent throughout the day, I don’t get nearly as hungry and my body actually craves good food. We’ll both easily continue to eat this way for the rest of our lives.
- Zach E.
Working with Lauren has been so amazing. I was really impressed with the depth of her knowledge, and it was incredibly motivating to work with her. She stood by my side, never gave up on me, went above and beyond and I would recommend her to anyone. My husband also worked with Lauren at the same time, and going through the coaching together has made us a happier couple and stronger people.

We love that we’ve now adopted a healthy lifestyle and actually like what we’re eating, instead of feeling like we’re on a diet, and I can tell that my body appreciates it. I also just celebrated my birthday and ordered 3 dresses online, which all happened to fit me like a glove. This never happened previously and was huge for me.
- Montana E.
When I began working with Lauren I was struggling with getting enough sleep, low-energy, extra weight and a stressed out mindset that left me feeling in a zombie-like state.

In just a few months of working with Lauren she was able to help me significantly reduce stress with a variety of mindfulness tools, articles and techniques, increase energy through sleep prioritization and nutrient-dense foods, lose 15 pounds and overall feel more present and awake, and I no longer need to press snooze several times on my alarm.

Most importantly, because of this shift in my health, I have more time and energy to spend with my family and am present enough to truly enjoy it.
- Cory B.
My biggest accomplishment in working with Lauren has been shaking the on and off plan idea of eating. I’ve been carrying that burden for 30 years (since I was a teenager) and noticed I would pay attention when I was on plan but not off. In fact when I ate stuff that wasn’t on “my diet” I wouldn’t really savor or appreciate it, even if it tasted good. I was eating with guilt and shame and never managed to enjoy all those years of eating. Now I am on a path to really enjoying food again. I don’t attach any meaning or shameful thoughts to what I’m eating, and that is the single biggest thing I’m happy about.
- Jaya K.
I was initially worried health coaching was a service I did not really need, especially when there are so many resources on the internet and in books that would be less expensive. I am pleased to say after working with Lauren the exact opposite was true -- she really helped me so much.

I am specifically so grateful to Lauren because I really feel for the first time in my life when we go out or have meals I’m not afraid of what food is going to do in setting me back in my goals. I truly view food as fuel to enjoy but also help assure I’m having the proper amount of food to feel good and satisfied. It’s made such a difference for me.
- Anna D. , working professional and mother
It’s tough to put into words everything Lauren has done for me...As someone who has struggled with binge eating and restrictive dieting for many years, after three months spent working with Lauren I can now honestly say I’m able to focus more on what I put on my plate then what I’m taking away. I’ve always loved veggies but now I would say I’m veggie OBSESSED :). I feel like I can trust my decisions and am overall more knowledgeable about nutrition.

Through working with Lauren I was able to develop a healthy lifestyle I love and my binges are far and between now. When they do happen, I’m able to step back and think through the situation first and have tools in my tool kit to get me out of the situation. I recently went to Vegas- typically for me this is an all out food fest where I gorge on food I don’t even want by the end and then it takes me weeks to get back on track. This was the first time I was mindful the whole vacation and when I got home I truly WANTED to get back to the plan Lauren has for me, because it’s a lifestyle and not a diet!

Lauren is someone that is truly meant to be doing what she does. She really made me feel like she was personally invested in my success and truly cared about all my life events! She’s extremely knowledgeable and everything I’ve learned from her I will continue to take with me for life.
- Jenni J.
Although I worried signing up for a nutrition coaching package would be too overwhelming or hard to maintain, I decided to work with Lauren because I wanted to learn how to make day-to-day healthy food choices in order to improve my nutrition and overall health.

Lauren recognized this and worked with me on a strategy that was practical, realistic and tailored specifically to my goals. I was surprised by how much I learned, and after making some fairly small changes I’m now empowered to make healthier day-to-day food choices, I don’t crave as many snacks, I feel fuller longer and my energy is steady throughout the day.
- LauraLeigh Y.
While I was initially hesitant about paying for a service without fully knowing the outcome, I decided to take the leap of faith and try something new. My goals were to achieve and maintain my ideal weight and establish healthy eating habits/meal prep. Lauren helped me work toward my goals in many ways (sharing her knowledge, incredible recipes, encouraging me to try new things) but having the weekly check-in’s and accountability aspect was beyond instrumental.

Lauren is wonderful to work with. She is super knowledgeable in health and radiates an energy that is contagious. Her educated guidance helped me view food differently and sustain energy throughout my day (without unnecessary snack-breaks or mid-afternoon crashes). Her approach and coaching style is highly recommended. Lauren has a heart of gold with a soul that is genuine and pure. She will be your biggest cheerleader and has been a pleasure to work with!
- Kelly H.
When I first started working with Lauren I was a bit hesitant about what exactly I would get out of the program and how she could help me improve energy, curb my carb dependence and lose weight effectively.

But Lauren provided me with the accountability, goals-based sounding board and encouragement I needed to make these healthy lifestyle changes -- especially in terms of acknowledging acts of self-sabotage and shifting my attitude from procrastination and excuses to motivation and actually doing.

What Lauren offers is so much more than just meal-planning or nutrition -- she doesn’t just tell you what to eat but she teaches you how to learn that for yourself. She offers valuable life skills you can apply to all other goals in life (exercise, fulfilling relationships, etc), and helps you identify any potential setbacks to make sure they don’t continue to happen and hold you back from what you want in life. As an N.D. I recommend Lauren to many of my patients, and anyone who needs to support in achieving long-term wellness goals.
- Rhea A., N.D.
I was initially concerned about the effectiveness of nutrition coaching, but through Lauren’s weekly check-in’s, accountability and practical/helpful resources I was able to understand what foods make me feel better and what foods don’t -- and that’s a big win! I now feel so much better, eat more quality food and read every ingredient label first! I also didn’t expect to lose 10 pounds in the process, but I’ve been steadily losing weight and stabilizing my body and physique as a result of my new healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
- Chris N. , Busy Professional, Husband + Father of Two
Lauren Chambers is a phenomenally knowledgeable & passionate nutritional coach that I’ve had the great privilege to work with. She’s triumphed in turning her passion for wellness into a career putting her expertise towards great use in helping others. Not only in she extremely knowledgeable & passionate, she’s exceptional to work with on a business level. Whether it’s for personal use or group training on a large variety of topics from meal prepping, making better choices, trying new things & delicious recipes; Lauren is the perfect choice. I can not recommend her enough & I wish her the most success possible with So Fresh N’ So Green.
- Matt B., People Operations at Moz
As a very busy mom of four grocery shopping could be stressful and fast food was always an easy go-to in our household. But Lauren helped me with ideas for meal planning and how to manage my time and prepare my trip to the grocery store in order to promote healthy eating in my family. She also educated me on how food choices reflect in my body and mentally and it’s really made a difference in how I look at food.

After working with Lauren I feel so much better! I don’t crave sugar or sweets, and feel like I am eating what I need to eat. Food tastes so much better and has a purpose. My mood and energy levels have also changed and I don’t feel bloated anymore! It is a lifestyle (not a diet) and I notice the differences in choosing foods that will help me in daily tasks to working out in the gym. I am so grateful for the time I had with her and really learned a lot.
- Daniela D.
I was initially hesitant about nutrition coaching and that eating healthier food wouldn't taste as good and I would be hungry all the time. However Lauren provided excellent suggestions (explaining the why behind them) and I saw an immediate change in clearer skin and weight loss (7 pounds)! I also notice I don't feel too full after meals now, which is great; and experience zero cravings, which is just crazy.

The program wasn’t strict, with structured do's and don'ts. Rather Lauren made suggestions and encouraged me to explore how those adjustments made me feel. I approach my meals much more mindfully now - asking “myself how will this meal make me feel, will it give me the fuel I need to go about my day?” rather than mindlessly following cravings. I’d absolutely recommend her services.
- Mollie B.
I came to Lauren looking for support with weight loss, awareness of food sensitivities and body positivity. Lauren helped me work toward these goals by helping me with meal plans, strategies for success, being more aware of what I’m eating, learning new alternatives to foods I love and ultimately changing the thought behind each food decision (with more knowledge of what my body actually needs). I’ve worked with nutritionists before, but Lauren was by far the most interested in seeing my progress, growth and giving me the tools to succeed.
- Catherine M.
During my coaching program with Lauren I lost 5 pounds and have the most energy I've had in a very long time. But the most significant overall change I have noticed has been the freedom around food and less guilt! Before this program I was constantly feeling guilty and never really enjoyed the foods I loved. Now I know how to resist cravings and have a better train of thought around food in general. Lauren was also available via email and texts whenever I needed any help or guidance. Just knowing that someone is only a text away was so empowering and I didn't feel "alone" in the event I fell off the wagon.
- Charlene D.
I found Lauren's coaching to be a wonderful balance of persistent follow up and gentle encouragement. The attention to my complete health included every area of life and we were able to identify some very practical and immediate changes I needed to make to feel better. Her questions were revealing and brought me to a better quality of life after a very short amount of time.
- Sarah H. - Busy Working Mom of Three
I've been fortunate enough to have Lauren cook for me before and she is amazing at making healthy food taste delicious. I am not vegan nor gluten free, but her meals make me think I could be because you never feel as though you're missing out! She has unique ideas as well as healthy, updated versions of classic comfort foods. Whenever I need to come up with something that is especially nutritious or for those with food restrictions I know I can turn to her blog for awesome recipes, ideas, and techniques.
- Alicia E.
Lauren has been doing nutrition consulting with me for awhile now. I love her approach and her depth of knowledge is clear. She's helped me to gradually crowd-out foods and behaviors that don't meet my goals through a variety of tactics and methods- from awesome recipes of her own creation to recommending books and blogs from nutritionists she respects to coming to my home to teach me how to prepare my meals to helping me understand at a more scientific-level what I was putting into my body and the metabolic impacts. I never felt judged and I love that she practices what she preaches. Her hands-on approach has empowered me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Without being cheesy, she's changed my life and given me the skills to continue on this path for the long run.
- Katie G.
Lauren is a gem. Inventive, fun, and highly educated about nutrition, she can put together a well-executed and balanced feast. I was fortunate enough to hire her to host a dinner party with some of my dear friends, and she pulled it off without a hitch. All the guests were impressed with her inspired and interesting menu items, and loved her sunny personality. She's just an excellent cook and extremely professional. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for healthy but substantial and delicious fare.
- Maureen C.
Lauren was an inspiration to me. I had been thinking for several months about some healthy life style goals I wanted to attain. When the opportunity was offered, I decided to go for it. For me saying out loud to someone, this is what I want to do, started the process. Knowing that I had to be accountable motivated me. Lauren suggested I set my goals incrementally; this is something I would not have done myself and mostly to stop the yoyo spiral I have been living in for years. Lauren has a huge experience and knowledge on nutrition and healthy life style and she is walking her talk. As a result of this program, I am on the right path to attain my goals and feel better about myself. Thank you.
- A. Scott
Working with Lauren was a blast. Her professionalism and passion for her craft was evident throughout our entire time together. Her knowledge of food and ability to style it for our shoot was perfect. She was ready right when we needed it and was willing to go the extra mile when we needed her too. I'd highly recommend her to anyone and will hire her again.
- Drew K.
At, 62 years of age, i’ve abused my body in various ways and as you can imagine ingrained some poor and unhealthy habits along the way.

Lauren has been instrumental in my transition into a healthy lifestyle. By doing an in depth interview on my goals and time frame, Lauren was able to construct an exercise and eating regimen that seemed doable AND made sense.
She satisfied my curiosity and skepticism with articles and studies and her own in depth knowledge and experience. Most importantly she communicated with me weekly to review my progress, goals, and to discuss possible modifications.
At all times she has been patient and concerned while endeavoring to keep me “on track.”

I had reservations regarding the need for a life coach but my work with Lauren alleviated that. I’m experiencing weight loss, muscle and energy gain, and an improved self image! I’m looking forward to continuing our work together.
- Kim K.
Lauren has inspired me to cook healthy, simple meals for our family through her blog posts highlighting helpful meal planning tips and tricks to her fool proof recipes. I would highly recommend Lauren's ability to educate about what we're putting in our bodies and her expertise in developing recipes that lead us to a healthier lifestyle. I've been able to enjoy Lauren's amazing recipes and cooking skills firsthand and they will always leave you satisfied.
- Leann G.