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The Books Helping Thousands of Women Balance Hormones To Feel Better In Their Bodies and Live Their Fullest Lives.

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I LOVE good food and to have a good time, and I don’t think any woman should have to compromise either at the expense of her health. So I created these ebooks as a way for you to have your cake and eat it too (no but really, I’m talking molten lava fudge cake). Think insanely delicious recipes, effective but also enjoyable lifestyle tips + lots of support and encouragement along the way. 

Because Balancing Hormones Shouldn’t Be Boring

about the books...

In fact, 50% of women in the US struggle w/ some sort of hormonal imbalance (including formerly yours truly) which is why I created this physician-backed, life-changing plan that works to support your cycle + hormones. Think delicious recipes, detailed herbs + supplements and effective lifestyle tips to help you optimize every.single.area. (mood, energy, sleep, sex, body love, confidence, fertility, health, happiness) of your life. 

Do You Feel Like Something Is Off With Your Hormones?!
You're Not Alone Sister.

28-day hormone balance reset plan

"Through this book, I’m on a hot mission to help you balance your hormones with food that actually tastes good aND makes you feel good too.”

Like many of us ladies (1 in 2 women in the US) I struggled with symptoms of hormonal imbalance for years, including irregular, heavy, painful (and then missing) periods, major PMS, low energy and fatigue, hair loss, acne, weight gain, constipation + digestive issues, anxiety + depression and insomnia. 

Through consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods and making simple lifestyle changes, I have been able to help myself and hundred of female clients (+ thousands through this ebook) balance hormones, equating to symptom-free periods, stable energy + mood, clear skin, optimized sleep, an effortless healthy weight and increased fertility. 

Balanced hormones have literally changed our lives, empowering us to live happier, healthier ones. 

Because life is TOO SHORT to live it any other way than fully + vibrantly. And that absolutely includes what you’re eating, because a restrictive, unpleasant diet is NOT a sustainable one. 

Thus every.single.recipe you find in this resource is designed to be easy (30 minutes or less) and delicious AF, as well as abundant with healing properties to help you balance your hormones, instead of relying on OTC pills, prescriptions or short-term fixes (diets, cleanses, etc.) for relief. So let’s get cooking, shall we babe? Sign up and join me below. 

"I love how Lauren explains the symptoms of every common hormonal imbalance you may be suffering from, then provides solutions to help you correct things in a realistic and natural way."

#1 best seller!

Whether you’re currently trying to conceive, struggling with infertility, or just hoping to grow your family one day, the path to getting pregnant can be a lonely, confusing and overwhelming one — especially with the flood of information coming from friends, family, strangers and the internet. 

It can be hard to sift through the noise, find evidence-based answers to your questions, and figure out how to move forward, especially if you don’t know what’s not working to begin with!

since when did getting pregnant become so complicated?!

Fertility boosting fundamentals guide

"I’m on a mission to change that, by creating a guide to help you feel supported, nourished + empowered on your journey to having a healthy baby, naturally."

Specifically, the Fertility Boosting Fundamentals Guide is a physician-backed, evidence-based resource filled with critical information to demystify any barriers making it difficult to successfully conceive, as well as delicious recipes and effective action steps you can take now to boost and preserve your fertility, increase your odds of getting and staying pregnant naturally (by 69%), and ultimately bring home your healthy baby. 

It will also encourage you to turn inward, away from the noise, and tune into your body and inner wisdom, so that you can confidently navigate your journey to becoming a mother and know what I know to be true — you got this. 

Ready to optimize your hormones + fertility health?

"Lauren helps take the guesswork out of understanding your body and your fertility."

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