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Hey there! I’m Lauren. And I’m on a hot mission to help you balance your hormones & live your best life.

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Free resources packed with recipes, foods, shopping guides + tips to help you optimize your menstrual cycle, boost fertility and balance your hormones naturally.

My Top 3 Free Hormone-Balancing Downloads

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Download this free, printable cheat sheet to stocking your freezer, fridge + pantry with everything you need to enhance the flavor + nutrient-density of your food — empowering you to save time + money while optimizing your hormones & overall health. 

with staples for your freezer, fridge and pantry.  

Hormone Balancing Superfoods

"Having a variety of these foods on hand is key to keep you and your family satiated, fueled & thriving, especially when life gets busy (which I’m pretty sure it is for all of us). I hope they empower you — in your kitchen and homes, as well as your body + life, just as they have in mine."

xx Lauren

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Download this free, evidence-based guide to the top fertility-boosting foods + delicious recipe ideas to help you and your partner prepare for a healthy conception, pregnancy and baby. 

The top foods to boost both egg + sperm health, with recipe ideas
and tips.

Fertility boosting foods guide

"Because the quality of both egg and sperm begin developing 90 days prior to conception, it’s never too early to begin incorporating fertility-boosting foods into your diet, especially if that’s the direction you know you are heading. "

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xx Lauren

Download this free, printable guide featuring five of my favorite seasonal recipes to empower you to look and feel your best.

Easy. Healthy. Delicious.

Fall Recipes To Help You Naturally Balance Your Hormones

5 Fall Recipes For Natural Hormone Balance

"How amazing is it that by simply choosing to cook + eat delicious foods you’re also majorly benefiting your hormones + health, optimizing how you feel, look and live as a result?!"

get it, girl

xx Lauren

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