Fertility Boosting Fundamentals Guide

Balance Hormones

15 June 2020

Since when did getting pregnant become so complicated?


Whether you’re currently trying to conceive, struggling with infertility, or just hoping to grow your family one day, the path to getting pregnant can be a lonely, confusing and overwhelming one especially with the flood of information coming from friends, family, strangers and the internet. 

It can be hard to sift through the noise, find evidence-based answers to your questions, and figure out how to move forward, especially if you don’t know what’s not working to begin with!


I’m on a mission to change that, by creating a guide to help you feel supported, nourished + empowered on your journey to having a healthy baby, naturally.


Specifically, the Fertility Boosting Fundamentals Guide is a physician-backed, evidence-based resource filled with critical information to demystify any barriers making it difficult to successfully conceive, as well as delicious recipes and effective action steps you can take now to boost and preserve your fertility, increase your odds of getting and staying pregnant naturally (by 69%), and ultimately bring home your healthy baby. 

It will also encourage you to turn inward, away from the noise, and tune into your body and inner wisdom, so that you can confidently navigate your journey to becoming a mother and know what I know to be true — you got this. 

Ready to optimize your hormones + fertility health? Join me below. 


Results  +  Benefits  

This Plan Is For YOU If You — 

  1. Are currently trying to conceive
  2. Want to get pregnant, eventually
  3. Have been trying to get pregnant for awhile, without success
  4. Have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  5. Are dealing with secondary infertility
  6. Have struggled with miscarriage, complications or loss
  7. Want a healthy pregnancy
  8. Want a healthy baby
  9. Want to improve your overall health
  10. Want to decrease time to conception
  11. Want to feel as good as possible during the entire process
  12. Are looking to better understand + naturally improve your fertility
  13. Are planning for IVF or IUI and want to optimize egg + sperm quality 
  14. Want to reduce the need for expensive or invasive treatments
  15. Want to tune out the confusing noise + lean into your inner wisdom
  16. Want to incorporate fertility-boosting recipes into your diet that actually taste good
  17. Want a step-by-step guide to support you on your path to pregnancy


This Guide Will Help You — 

  1. Decrease risk of infertility (by 69%) due to ovulatory problems
  2. Dramatically improve your reproductive ecosystem, egg + sperm quality
  3. Increase chances of conception, naturally
  4. Decrease time to conception
  5. Reduce risk of miscarriage or pregnancy loss
  6. Take the guesswork out of understanding your body, cycle, hormones + fertility
  7. Demystify any barriers making it difficult to conceive 
  8. Get to the root cause of “unexplained” infertility 
  9. Prepare your body for a healthy conception + baby
  10. Balance your hormones, have a healthy cycle + improve overall health
  11. Enjoy delicious fertility-boosting recipes that are fun + easy to make
  12. Feel empowered, nourished + supported throughout the process
  13. Make informed decisions + become an advocate for your fertility heath
  14. Reduce stress + fear & be more present for the journey
  15. Bring home your healthy baby


In This Guide You Will Receive The Following 

  1. An overview of common hormone imbalances + conditions that can be a barrier to conception + lead to infertility (including information on PCOS, thyroid conditions, etc.)
  2. Effective alternative testing methods to address the root cause of “unexplained” infertility
  3. An overview of the core principles of fertility health
  4. A guide to understanding your menstrual cycle & ensuring it’s healthy
  5. A guide to optimizing ovulation + your fertile window 
  6. Best fertility awareness methods + how to tell if you’re ovulating (including helpful charts + graphics)
  7. Simple + effective tips to immediately begin boosting your fertility naturally
  8. Optimal fertility foods + how to use them in your diet
  9. Printable fertility foods grocery list + guide
  10. Foods to avoid for optimal fertility
  11. 21 delicious, easy + fertility-boosting recipes, ALL including images, naturally GF/DF + paleo-friendly
  12. Supplement protocol for both men + women
  13. An emotional support guide + tools to help you reduce stress on your journey
  14. Printable daily journal prompt to help you check in w/ your needs
  15. Additional fertility-friendly resources

Additionally, please note — THIS IS NOT A STRICT DIET OR WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. This is a guide to help you balance your hormones + cycle, optimize your fertility & improve your reproductive ecosystem, egg + sperm quality. 

It is intended to nourish you, inspire you, and help you find JOY in eating foods that truly work to enhance your fertility and help you feel good. As a result, you may find you naturally lose some weight, or that it’s much easier to stabilize a healthy one, without having to restrict foods or deprive yourself. Your hormones need nutrients to thrive, orchestrate ovulation and produce a healthy egg, so eating less will not help them, but eating smart will.


Recipe  Details 

Every single recipe in this ebook is designed to help you boost egg + sperm health, improve your reproductive ecosystem, optimize ovulation and naturally balance your cycle.

Additionally, each recipe takes 30 minutes or less to make, is naturally gluten-free, dairy-free with paleo options, is SUPER delicious and has a photo (I personally hate it when recipes don’t have photos). Snag the full list below.



  1. Dark Chocolate Chunk Seed Cycle Granola Clusters
  2. Salted Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie
  3. Crispy Fish Tacos + Quick Avocado Aioli
  4. Cookies & Cream Chia Pudding Parfaits
  5. Roasted Moroccan Carrot Hummus
  6. Turmeric Fried Cauliflower Rice
  7. Banana Caramel Miso Overnight Oats



  1. Pesto + Goat Cheese Sweet Potato Pizzas
  2. Loaded Strawberry + Avocado Cobb Salad
  3. Savory Sweet Potato Waffles
  4. Grilled Lamb Burgers + Basil Aioli
  5. Thai Peanut Buddha Bowl
  6. Glazed Teriyaki Salmon Veggie Bowls
  7. Mexican Hot Chocolate Avocado Pudding



  1. Pesto + Artichoke Goat Cheese Pizza
  2. Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta 
  3. Turkey Meatballs + Tomato Cream Pasta
  4. Buckwheat Banana Cardamom Blender Pancakes 
  5. Crispy Glazed Orange Chicken + Broccoli 
  6. Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole 
  7. Five Minute Fudgy Chocolate Molten Lava Mug Cake


Doctor  Reviews  +  Testimonials 

This plan has been medically reviewed by functional medicine practitioners in order to ensure maximum safety, benefits + results. Read below to hear what they’re saying.

“Lauren has put together a truly beautiful guide to optimizing fertility – whether you are thinking about getting pregnant in the future or have been trying for a while and need some extra support. This thorough, thoughtful, and approachable blueprint is filled with knowledge gems that can help you move forward no matter where you are in your fertility journey.

This lovely Ebook provides a comprehensive preconception plan by combining easy-to-implement nutritional science with a Functional Medicine foundation, making this an extremely valuable resource. Perhaps most importantly, this guide provides a message of hope and empowers readers with the tools they need to maximize their fertility potential.” Dr. Kalea Wattles, ND

Boosting your fertility naturally is totally possible! And with the help of Lauren’s amazing Fertility Guide, you will not only get step by step instructions but amazing tips and tricks to help you boost your fertility naturally. She also includes amazing recipes that I couldn’t wait to try!

Lauren helps take the guesswork out of understanding your body and your fertility. She also provides a great fundamental understanding of your hormones and how to track your cycle. This guide is extremely user-friendly and is a valuable guide for all those wanting to boost their fertility!”Dr. Alissia Zenhausern, NMD