28-Day Hormone Balance Reset Plan

Balance Hormones

6 January 2020

Do  you  feel  like  something  is  off  with  your  hormones?

You’re not alone sister, keep reading, I have the plan for you.

Like many of us ladies (read: one in two women in the USA) I struggled with symptoms of hormone imbalance for years, mainly in the form of low-energy and disruptive sleep patterns, painful periods (and then two years of no period at all), hair loss, skin outbreaks, constipation and postpartum hypothyroidism.   

Through consuming real, nutrient-dense foods and making holistic lifestyle changes, I have been able to help myself and hundreds of clients stabilize hormones —  equating to better sleep, elevated mood, optimized energy and focus, an easy-to-maintain healthy weight, clear skin, healthy menstrual cycles and increased fertility.   

Balanced hormones have literally changed our lives, empowering us to live happier, healthier ones. And this is at the very core of why I do what I do.


Specifically,  I’m  on  a  hot  mission  to  help  you  balance  your  hormones  through  food  that  actually  tastes  good  and  makes  you  feel  good  too. 


Because life is TOO SHORT to not enjoy what you eat, and a restrictive, unpleasant diet or way of eating is NOT a sustainable one. 

Thus every.single.recipe you find in this ebook is designed to be easy AND super delicious (30 minutes or less), as well as abundant with specific healing properties so you can use them as a more efficient medicine to help you heal your hormone imbalances, instead of relying on over the counter pills, prescriptions, or other short-term fixes (i.e. diets, cleanses, etc.) for relief.  So let’s get cooking shall we? Sign up and join me below. 


Results  +  Benefits  of  This Hormone Balancing Plan

This plan is for YOU if you– 

  1. Love good food that also makes you feel good
  2. Are looking for enjoyable + realistic ways to help balance your hormones & optimize your health
  3. Suffer from PMS, bloat, cramping or painful periods 
  4. Struggle with infertility or are planning to conceive in the future
  5. Deal with gut conditions like digestive issues, bloat, constipation, food sensitivities or leaky gut
  6. Have an irregular menstrual cycle 
  7. Have been on hormonal birth control or are planning to transition off
  8. Are postpartum
  9. Deal with skin breakouts
  10. Struggle with anxiety, stress or depression 
  11. Have trouble falling or staying asleep
  12. Struggle with hair loss or hair growth on face, etc. 
  13. Feel wired yet tired 
  14. Are chronically fatigued
  15. Deal with an autoimmune condition  
  16. Feel moody, sad or have frequent meltdowns 
  17. Are going through perimenopause 
  18. Have a low libido or painful sex
  19. Have fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS
  20. Experience poor cognitive function, especially memory 
  21. Have trouble maintaining a healthy weight 
  22. Suspect you may have a hormone imbalance
  23. Want a sustainable way to look and feel your best 

Results Include — 

  1. More balanced hormones, empowering you to truly look and feel your best
  2. A healthier menstrual cycle 
  3. A decrease in PMS
  4. Increased Fertility
  5. More energy
  6. An elevated mood
  7. Better sleep 
  8. Clear, glowing skin 
  9. Better brain function + focus
  10. An easier to maintain healthy weight
  11. An increased libido + better sex 
  12. Regular bowel movements
  13. Improved Digestion
  14. Increased confidence
  15. Optimized health, happiness + life as a result 


In  This  28-Day  Hormone Reset  Plan  You  Will  Receive The Following 

  1. An overview of common hormone imbalances to help you identify any you may have 
  2. Remedies + suggestions on how to tailor this plan to your specific imbalances
  3. Suggested hormone testing methods (+ doctors) to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms
  4. The Core Principles of Hormone Balance (+ action steps for each)
  5. A week by week guide to your menstrual cycle, including —
    1. What each phase is/how long it lasts
    2. Ideal foods to incorporate each week
    3. Core eating principles each week 
    4. 3 new breakfast recipes each week (+ photos for each) all 30 minutes or less, GF/DF with paleo options
    5. 4 new lunch + dinner recipes each week (+ photos for each) all 30 minutes or less, GF/DF with paleo options 
    6. 2 new treat ideas each week (+ photos for each) all 30 minutes or less, GF/DF with paleo options
    7. A printable weekly grocery list including everything needed for recipes (+ all my favorite clean food brands)
    8. A weekly meal prep + planning calendar
    9. Recommended herbs + supplements each week
    10. Recommended exercise + movement each week
    11. Recommended lifestyle tips each week (for sleep, stress, etc.)
  6. Additional Resources
  7. Plan can be downloaded or printed for ease of use

Additionally, please note — THIS IS NOT A DIET OR WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. This is a guide to help you balance your hormones and optimize your health, happiness, energy, confidence, mood, sleep, sex, fertility and LIFE as a result.

It is intended to nourish you, to inspire you and to help you find joy in eating things that truly work to enhance your hormones and help you feel good. As a result, you may find you naturally lose weight, or that it’s much easier to stabilize a healthy one, without having to restrict foods or deprive yourself. Your hormones absolutely need nutrients to thrive, so eating less will not help them, but eating smart will.


Recipe  Details 

Every single recipe in this ebook is designed to help you optimize the phases of your cycle, support your endocrine system, stabilize your blood sugar and naturally balance your hormones (no matter what signs, symptoms or conditions you may have, there are suggestions on how to tailor to YOUR NEEDS).

Additionally, each recipe takes 30 minutes or less to make, is naturally GF/DF with paleo options, is SUPER delicious and has a photo (I personally hate it when recipes don’t have photos). Snag the list below.


  1. Seed Cycling Maple Almond Butter Granola Clusters ( + Parfait 4 Ways)
  2. Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie
  3. Chai-Spiced Chia Seed Pudding Parfait
  4. Creamy Chocolate Maca Breakfast Porridge
  5. Best Green Smoothie EVER
  6. Banana Bread Walnut Oats
  7. Sweet Potato Toast 2 Ways (Savory + Sweet)
  8. Savory Golden Oats + A Jammy Egg
  9. Chaga Chocolate Fudge Smoothie Bowl

Lunch + Dinner:

  1. Charred Chipotle Brussels Sprouts Tacos
  2. Harvest Chicken Salad + Warm Apple Cider Dressing
  3. Creamy Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup
  4. Build Your Own Bowl + Romesco Sauce
  5. Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Potatoes
  6. All Hail Kale Caesar Salad
  7. Brocoli Falafel + Tahini Miso Drizzle
  8. Build Your Own Bowl + Beet Hummus
  9. Sheet Pan Glazed Ginger Miso Salmon + Roasted Broccoli
  10. Chickpea Yam Coconut Curry
  11. Gut-Friendly Mac n’ Cheese
  12. Build Your Own Bowl + Tahini Miso Sauce
  13. Italian Meatballs + Butternut Squash Noodles
  14. Paleo Pumpkin Chicken Chili
  15. 1 Pan Egg Shakshuka
  16. Build Your Own Bowl + Kale Walnut Pesto

Treats + Snacks:

  1. Seed Cycle Bliss Balls (2 ways)
  2. No-Bake Coconut Snowballs
  3. Hormone Helper Hot Chocolate
  4. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookie Dough
  5. CBD Dark Chocolate Feel Good Fudge

Want to get a better look + feel of the recipes? Download my Free Five Recipes For Hormone Balance Ebook.


Doctor  Reviews  +  Testimonials 

This plan has been medically reviewed by functional medicine practitioners in order to ensure maximum safety, benefits + results. Read below to hear what they’re saying. 

Lauren has done a fantastic job at taking the complexities of hormone imbalances and breaking them down to make sense. Focusing on the core fundamentals of nutrition, its role in hormone health and providing implementable lifestyle recommendations allows the reader to feel empowered to take action that is sustainable.

This EBook is a must for anyone who has symptoms of hormone imbalances, including infertility, because Lauren brilliantly explains the roots of these imbalances and offers a workable plan for a thriving life!Dr. Jason Wibbenmeyer 


In this Ebook Lauren Chambers has taken on a large topic of educating about hormone health and how you can balance them naturally. She provides specific and actionable points that are easy to understand and perform. One of the best parts of the Ebook is the depth for which she covers all aspects of the topic from diet and lifestyle to herbal and vitamin supplement and exercise options.

Lauren offers up recipes that are not only delicious to look at but they’re delicious to eat. They are well thought out, easy to make, and you don’t need an entire gourmet kitchen to succeed. It’s a resource you can (and should) come back to again and again.” — Dr. Patrick Fox


“Wow the 28-Day Hormone Reset Plan should be required reading for all middle school students! This comprehensive and actionable guide to a woman’s hormonal cycle is truly incredible. As someone who was prescribed the hormonal birth control pill for over 10 years with little explanation of its affect on my body, I wish I would have had access to this resource years ago.

I love how Lauren explains the symptoms of every common hormonal imbalance you may be suffering from, then provides solutions to help you correct things in a realistic and natural way. The shopping lists and lifestyle suggestions categorized by cycle phase make balancing hormones REALISTIC for any woman. I can’t wait to make these stunning recipes for my family and start to see the improvements in my quality of life. ” — Celeste Thomas, RN, BSN


I am so grateful Lauren created her Hormone Balance Reset Plan! I was really struggling after having my first child. I never thought to look into cycle-syncing and it has made a world of difference in both my health and fitness routine. I am obsessed with the Hormone Helper Hot Chocolate and make it often!  Her recipes are incredible and not only has my skin totally cleared up, but I am sleeping better than ever. Every new mama should consider downloading it immediately.— Taylor Walker, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model + Mama


A knowledge-packed plan that is sure to better connect you with your body and its needs. Lauren’s bubbly and professional nature exudes from the pages in a way that makes you feel like you’re receiving advice from a close trusted friend.

The Reset Plan allows me to better care for my body by giving me a deeper look into the different facets at play. In other words—if something feels off, it’s likely your hormones and this guide is just what you need to get back on track!— Candace Molatore, Self-Love Advocate


“You can feel the passion Lauren has for hormone health in each and every page of her book. She is intent on spreading knowledge and light on the often overlooked subject. Since having my second child, I’ve struggled with extreme fatigue, breakouts and with getting in the proper nutrition my body requires. Lauren’s book was like a reset. The recipes are amazing (you’ve gotta try the charred chipotle brussels sprout tacos) and her willingness to share her experiences and knowledge in women’s health make this a must read. I’ve switched bad habits for good, and overall am enjoying better health and more energy!”Eryn Whalen


Lauren’s 28 Day Hormone Balance Reset Plan could not have come at a better time for me. As a new mom, I’ve been trying to figure out my new normal alongside working to get back to feeling like myself. Several months into postpartum I found myself with anxiety, moodiness, decreased motivation, low libido, low confidence and various skin issues.

Using this e-book as a reference was so validating in the fact that what I was going through was not an abnormal occurrence. I had known to equate most of these symptoms to “hormones” but after reading about the different types, I was able to actually pinpoint which imbalances I had and what remedies to focus on.

I really love how Lauren breaks down the menstrual cycle (something I never followed before) and uses nutrition to help balance your hormones with each phase. Her recipes are always guaranteed delish and this book is packed with gems! My faves include the “best green smoothie ever” and the “build your own bowl + romesco”. She makes it uber easy to follow with printable grocery shopping lists + calendar meal plan ideas for each phase. After getting my hands on this reset plan, I am much more in tune with my body and really feel like I’m on the way to a more balanced lifestyle all around. I couldn’t recommend anymore to all moms and lady friends. Can’t wait for the next one, Lauren! ” — Cortney Bigelow, Lifestyle Blogger & Photographer


“Lauren’s ebook was a total game changer for me. I bought it for the recipes because of the beautiful photos she posts on her IG page, but honestly my life has changed from the first 25 pages of the book. I learned SO MUCH!! Being a yoga instructor for over 12 years, I would consider myself pretty “in tune” with my body. But honestly, the concept around eating/exercising based on my cycle had never really crossed my mind except for the micro surge of chocolate consumption that always seems to happen right before the start of my period! By understanding that my hormones truly are changing weekly, I am able to adapt my diet and exercise to better suit what is internally going on. Instead of feeling like I should be “ON!” everyday (which would lead to disappointment because you can’t be on every day, especially as a woman!!) I am supporting myself more these days, allowing myself to lean into that time when my body needs more rest, more gentle movement, different foods, all based on my cycle. Giving myself space to feel different each week has really been a gift.

I had been eating plant-based with occasional fish for nearly a year now and was so excited that all of Lauren’s recipes allow for a plant-based option. I have made many recipes from the ebook, my favorites from each week are: Seed Cycle Bliss Balls, Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Chickpea Yam Coconut Curry, and 1 Pan Egg Shakshuka. All so yummy!!!! I have recommended this ebook to many of my friends and we all agree it is truly amazing!”Nikki Fillmore, Director of The Foundry