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As a nutrition + healthy lifestyle coach I am committed to enabling others to thrive in both work and life. I believe peak performance, wellness and resilience are interdependent forces critical for individuals to achieve both professional and personal goals. Health and wellness provide the foundation for employees to perform at their best and respond optimally to challenges and adversity.



I develop and deliver robust programs that leverage an integrated and science based approach to strengthening and supporting employees in the workplace. I configure programs to align with your needs and initiatives.

My offerings can include a combination of fun and informative keynote sessions for groups of all sizes, group workshops or private individual coaching sessions and/or customized wellness programs focused on driving desired sustainable change for employees in your organization.

I specialize in onsite workshops and am comfortable leveraging technology to include remote employees or multiple locations in my programs.



  1. How to Meal Prep + Plan Like A Master
  2. Your Guide To A Healthy + Delicious Holiday Season
  3. Healthy Travel Tips + Tools For Eating Out/On-the-go
  4. Living an Anti-Diet Life — Learn how to make food choices right for YOUR Body + Life
  5. How to Feed Your Picky Family w/o Sacrificing Your Health Goals



Lauren Chambers is a phenomenally knowledgeable & passionate nutritional coach that I’ve head the great privilege to work with. She’s triumphed in turning her passion for wellness into a career putting her expertise towards great use in helping others. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable & passionate, she’s exceptional to work with on a business level. Whether it’s for personal use or group training on a large variety of topics from meal prepping, making better choices, trying new things & delicious recipes; Lauren is the perfect choice. I can not recommend her enough & I wish her the most success possible with So Fresh N’ So Green. “ — Matt Bond, People Operations at Moz

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