YOUR RESULTS -- You May Have High Cortisol


Difficulty falling or staying asleep, feeling tired but wired and worried that the waistband on your jeans seems to keep getting tighter? While these high cortisol side effects are certainly not fun, don’t fret love, as there’s plenty you can start doing about it.


Here’s a few tips + tricks to get you started —

+ Lower sugar intake (which triggers cortisol release) by swapping refined flours, packaged baked goods for these refined-sugar-free options

+ Try this 28-Day Hormone Balance Reset Plan to help you optimize the phases of your cycle, support your endocrine system, stabilize your blood sugar + naturally balance your hormones

+ Work to support fatigued adrenals by developing a nightly sleep routine, and consider supplements like 5-HTP or a B-Complex Formula (*I highly recommend consulting with your practitioner on these first)

+ Swap intense forms of exercise like cardio or HIIT for more low-impact, relaxing options like yoga or reformer pilates

+ Eat more dark chocolate, which will help satisfy sugar cravings while reducing cortisol levels. This Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse is a delicious place to start

+ Seek out the most effective testing methods to get more concrete answers

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