YOUR RESULTS -- You May Have Low Thyroid aka Hypothyroidism


Feeling foggy, constipated or tired no matter how much you sleep? While these low thyroid side effects are certainly not fun, don’t fret love, as there’s plenty you can start doing about it.


Here’s a few tips + tricks to get you started —

+ Read this post for more info/causes/what to do about it

+ Try this 28-Day Hormone Balance Reset Plan to help you optimize the phases of your cycle, support your endocrine system, stabilize your blood sugar + naturally balance your hormones 

+ Consider switching to a non-hormonal form of birth control (if on one) as birth control pills deplete the body of crucial nutrients required for the thyroid to work properly

+ Consider taking a supplement rich in trace minerals that your thyroid depends on to function optimally

+ Consume foods rich in minerals your thyroid needs to thrive. Selenium-loaded Vanilla Brazil Nut Milk and iodine + zinc-rich Turmeric Deviled Eggs are a good place to start

+ Start swapping endocrine + thyroid disrupting beauty products for cleaner options

+ Seek out the most effective testing methods to get more concrete answers

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