Hungry For A Change

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22 May 2013

Wow…just wow.

If you ever decide to watch one documentary exposing the truth behind health and obesity problems in America- WATCH THIS ONE.

This film uncovers secrets our nation’s food industry doesn’t want you to know (like how they add addictive chemical substances to food in order to keep a “customer for life”), the real reason why diets don’t work (2/3  of those on a diet regain more weight than when they started) and why ultimately 68% of American adults are overweight or obese (YIKES!)

If my short, very well-written summary didn’t entice you- check out the trailer below and see for yourself.


PS- Some excerpts that really resonated with me…

“People are no longer eating food, they are eating food-like products.”

“People are overfed but they are starving to death.” (Calories does not = nutrients).

“Addiction is the biggest cause for obesity.”

“Food industries want to sell food. I can manipulate the structure of food to give the impression it’s the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever had. If you addict a customer, you have a customer for life. ”

“Diets don’t work because they are temporary. Weight is only lost “temporarily.” Do you want to lose weight or be healthy temporarily?”

“If it’s made in the garden eat it. If it’s made in a lab don’t.”

And the three questions you should always ask yourself before a meal…

Where does my food come from?

What went into the food?

What is my intention with the food?

MLB enjoyed the doc as well and is researching a new juicer to buy as we speak. Powerful stuff, my friends.