PETA’S Sexiest Vegan Next Door Contest

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11 March 2013

So I never do stuff like this, but I entered a contest. And I kind of, like really want to win. And I need your votes in order to do so. And you’ll probably be seeing a lot of annoying reminder from me like “don’t forget to vote friends!” etc. for the next few weeks.

But seriously please vote for me.

Oh and in case you want to know what exactly you’re voting for it’s PETA’S first official Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest. All I had to do was submit a photo and some generic info about me so it’s not like it was really hard to do.

But you do have to be a vegan (which I obviously am). And I do really like animals. One look at my instagram profile and you’ll see how obsessed I am with my dog. That’s got to count for something right?

No but really PETA is awesome. I love what they stand for and although I initially became vegan for health reasons, my eyes have been opened to what really goes on behind the scenes with animal cruelty and I think it’s so important to raise awareness. Because once you know, it’s hard to forget. And you’ll want to take action. And you can do that by simply eating less animal products (another topic for another day).

So anyway, back to the task at hand- vote people, VOTE!

Thanks you sexy, animal-lovin’ betches.