#sohotrightnow- February Edition

Everything Else

2 April 2014

Another dreary winter month has come and gone and we are one step closer to Spring! But I don’t want to diss too hard on February as it definitely had it’s moments (birthday celebrations, snow days, a surprise engagement party, a belated Valentine’s Day with the MLB and of course tons of tasty culinary creations in the kitchen).

So without further adieu, here were a few of my February Favorites-

1. Smitten Artisan Truffles

Gluten- and dairy-free Smitten Artisan Truffles in labeled boxes

HOLY CANNOLI this is hands down the best chocolate I have ever had, EV-AR. Seriously, I eat a piece of chocolate (dark and full of antioxidants obvi) every day and consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur, and this stuff is the real deal. Made with the finest blend of dark Belgian chocolate and coconut cream, these babies are gluten and dairy-free, and insanely delicious. Try the Vanilla Caramel + Tahitian Vanilla Bean Sea Salt, and you will foodgasm like you never have before.

2. Vegan Yogurt

Granola with vegan yogurt and fruitsJuicebox’s Vegan Coconut Yogurt

Lately I have been obsessed with all things yogurt. I know, the yogurt you’re probably most familiar with contains dairy and is thus hard to digest, causes constipation and acne, and contains hormones and other additives as well as the cancer-causing protein casein. But I’m not talking about yogurt from cows, I’m talking about the good stuff from coconut milk, or cashews, or blended banana and chia seeds. I find it even tastier than the yogurt I grew up with, as well as much better for me! I’ve been mixing it with berries, granola, and even using Greek versions in savory dishes (see below).

Cashew yogurt with granola and fruitsGreen Kitchen Stories’ Cashewgurt

The four steps of making the Coconut Yogurt, Granola and Berry ParfaitSofreshnsogreen’s Banana Strawberry Coconut Yogurt

Yellow beet slices with chickpeas and greensLove and Lemon’s Jalapeno Yogurt Sauce (used in my Buddha Bowl image directly below)

3. Buddha Bowl #Inspo

Buddha bowl with roasted artichokes, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes

The Buddha Bowl continues to be a constant staple in this household for many reasons. It can stand the test of any season and is especially nourishing and filling during these winter months when you crave something more substantial. You can swap ingredients for whatever you have lying around or are craving, but the basic concept is a whole grain (quinoa, brown rice), proteins (such as beans or nuts), tons of veggies (both raw and roasted), healthy fats (like avocado) and of course some sort of delicious sauce to harmonize the dish. Lately my fave has consisted of roasted beets and brussel sprouts, pan-friend spicy chickpeas, cauliflower rice, avocado, and a jalapeno honey Greek yogurt coconut sauce that is TDF (see image above). MLB loves this dish as much as I do, and I can bet you will too! See below for more buddha bowl #inspo.

A plate with different nutritious vegetablesThe Balance Bowl Made Easy

Three Buddha bowls on a wooden tableVintage Mixer’s Superfood Bowl

A bowl with quinoa, avocado, and vegetablesCrispy Baked Kale & Cauliflower Quinoa Bowl

Sweet potatoes, quinoa pilaf, and greens on a light blue plateSofreshnsogreen’s Original Buddha Bowl

4. Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice with chickpeas and greens

This dish tastes just like quinoa, but is actually made with cauliflower ground up in a food processor and it is effing #GENIUS. I’ve been using this in my buddha bowls as of late, and it is a fantastic, tasty and healthy alternative if you are trying to avoid grains, or maintain a low-carb, paleo diet.

5. Vegan Banana Nut Muffin Pancakes

Banana pancakes with syrup on a white plate

The MLB LOVES his pancakes, and these are his new faves (as well as mine). The streusel in the middle takes these babies to a whole nother level (and they legitimately taste like banana nut muffins). I substituted Bob’s Redmill GF Pancake Mix because I’m lazy and topped with peanut butter, bananas, cinnamon and maple syrup for the ultimate brunch indulgence.

Hope you enjoyed. Happy Friday Betches!