#sohotrightnow – October Edition

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24 October 2013

Oh hey dear readers!

My sincerest apologies for my lack of posting, but I have been quite busy the past couple of months. Doing lots of really important stuff. Like, for instance, this-

Dexter the dog on the bed(aka- cuddling under the covers with Dexter)

And this-

A view of a lake and a forest in fall

(that would be enjoying our gorgeous fall weather).

And of course this-

A bowl of red soup topped with avocado and cilantro

(cooking my ass off!!)

Throw in a trip to Walla Walla, MLB’s birthday bash, Oktoberfest, work, football, Sundays at the farmer’s market, work, Sons of Anarchy (seasons 1-5), pumpkin carving, dinners with friends, hot yoga, (oh and did I mention WORK?!) and that about sums up the past two months.

But I haven’t forgotten you, my loyal fan base (hi mom, hi dad). In fact, the new season has inspired me not only to try out some fresh things in the kitchen but with the blog as well. One of them being a monthly edition of #sohotrightnow, in which I fill you in on what I’ve been #obsessing over in the past month. Whether it be recipes, restaurants or pop culture references, I want to share what I enjoy most with you in the hopes you may get some enjoyment out of it too!!! #sharingthelove #itswhatido #ihearthashtags

So without further adieu, I give you the first ever #sohotrightnow – October Edition.

1. Pumpkin ERRTHANG-

If you haven’t made my pumpkin-spiced waffles yet, do yourself a favor and make them right MEOW!

A pumpkin spiced waffle coated with maple syrup and topped with fresh blueberries

2. Healthy Halloween Candy-

Did somebody say Vegan Almond Butter Cups? Yup, even Halloween candy can be vegan and healthy! You can bet I’ll be making these this weekend, although whether or not I choose to share them with trick-or-treaters is another matter.

A jar of almond butter and a vegan almond butter cup

3. Did I already say pumpkins?

I’m not crafty, but if I were I would totally make these Gilded Ombre Pumpkins– genuis!!!

Gilded ombre pumpkins as house decorations

4. Big Ass Salads-

I’ve been making this chopped salad on the regular and taking it with me to work for lunch. Instead of sweet potatoes I’ve been using butternut squash and/or beets. So yummy, filling, and of course super healthy!

Chopped salad with butternut squash, cucumber, carrots, onions, and seeds

5.  Your local farmer’s market-

People, now is prime time to hit up your local farmer’s market with produce at it’s absolute peak!  Every kind of squash under the sun, juicy honey crisp apples, eggplants, mushrooms, peppers and onions…. it’s all there just waiting for you to take home and make something delicious with it. Plus it’s cheaper, more economical and you’re supporting your local farmers. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh flowers (only $5) for your table settings!

Three pictures combined showing a farmers' market and a town in fall

6. Juicebox’s Fall Cleanse Menu-

I am a HUGE fan of Juicebox’s juice until dinner cleanses (you drink juice all day until dinner- pretty self-explanatory) and starting a new season is always a good time to do a little detoxing (think fresh start). Their fall menu will actually make you want to drink juice- the apple lemon extra ginger, almond carrot plum and orange beet and celery are TDF.

Five different Juicebox labeled bottles

7. Gravity-

This movie is a trip- literally!! Make sure to see it in 3D and on the big screen. George Clooney will continue to break hearts, in an astronaut suit nonetheless.

A picture of George Clooney from the movie Gravity

8.  Avocado Curry-

Yes- it DOES exist! I seriously feel like Araya’s Place (a Thai Vegan restaurant in Seattle/Bellevue)  created this dish specifically for me- warm, comforting, creamy, spicy and effin delicious! I order mine without any soy/tofu- sub extra veggies and add a side of brown rice. Mmmmm!!

Avocado Curry at Araya's Place

9. Night Film-

I flew through 662 pages of this page-turning suspense/murder mystery drama in a little over a week. I swear you will not be able to put it down. A perfect way to spend chilly fall nights and a fitting read for the Halloween season.

The book cover of the novel Night Film by Marisha Pessl

10. MLB’s Pick- Floating!

If you haven’t heard of floating, it’s the new trend that is literally like #sohotrightnow. You get naked and float in a tank of warm salt water for an hour while it reduces stress, releases toxins and relieves your body of tension.  An hour later you emerge feeling even more relaxed and loose then if you’ve just had a 90 minute deep tissue massage. It’s like, totally zen.

Lauren floating in a tank of warm salt water

Here’s to keeping it fresh! Enjoy!!