#sohotrightnow Spring Edition

Healthy Recipes

2 April 2014

I always feel like the weather dictates many of my posts, but I believe as the seasons shift our bodies do as well, and we want and need seasonal foods to accommodate (i.e. winter- comfort foods like soup and pasta to bring us warmth and fill us up, spring- a time of new beginnings and transitions into fresh greens, bright herbs, tangy vegetables and lighter foods). This edition of #sohotrightnow highlights my faves this Spring, and you’ll notice a trend of light, pretty and simple, flavorful meals- perfect for the new season and for our bodies to get ready for summer (goodbye snuggies, helloooooooo bikini).

1. Life-changing Pesto- Squash spaghetti with pesto and greens on a plate To me nothing says “It’s Spring Betch” like homemade pesto with fresh greens and herbs. Pesto is so versatile and so flavorful that you don’t need much to totally enhance a dish. I know it seems biased but my fave pesto recipe is THIS ONE,  based on Kris Carr’s recipe. I paired my pesto with spaghetti squash in the winter, but this spring it will be perfect with gluten-free pasta, risotto, or zucchini noodles for even healthier, paleo take.

2. Artichokes- A steamed artichoke and a ramekin with aioli on a plate If I could pick my favorite seasonal Spring produce, it would hands down be the artichoke- which is really just a vehicle for (vegan) mayo. This dish is super simple and one of the MLB’s all time favorite recipes. The aoili isn’t as bad for you as it’s made with vegan mayonnaise,  but I must warn you it is seriously addicting. Don’t let yourself be left alone with it, or you may have a serious situation on your hands.

3. It’s all about the burger, babyBlack bean and red quinoa veggie burgers with ketchup and fries As soon as there’s sunshine and a hint of warmth in the air (almost a balmy 60 degrees ;)) I can count on a hankering for a good (vegan) burger. After all, spring segue ways into summer which is prime BBQ season and just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I should be deprived of such a luxury. The MLB and I have been making these black bean quinoa burgers lately and pairing them with my sweet potatoe fries. If you’re staying away from beans these veggie burgers are a tad more work but equally delicious. MLB approves of all the above. PS. If you live in the Seattle area, you MUST try Plum’s jerk tofu and yam burger with chipotle aoili (check out their food truck as well). Probably the BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth. EVER ;).

4. Fresh Asparagus SoupAsparagus cream soup in a white bowl Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that asparagus is suddenly EVERYWHERE (at the grocery store, on restaurant menu items, featured in recipe posts, etc.) That’s because this is prime asparagus season my friends, and you can celebrate this insanely healthy (a natural diuretic, great for de-bloating) veggie with  my cream of asparagus soup. I realized after I posted this dish that perhaps the name or murkiesh green color does not make it seem that appetizing, but DO NOT BE DECEIVED. MLB seriously loves this soup, and it’s so simple, flavorful and good for you.

5. Aparagus and Strawberry Quinoa Salad- A green salad with quinoa, avocado, and strawberries If you’re not into the whole asparagus soup idea, try out this delish asparagus salad with strawberries, leeks, peas (another spring fave), quinoa and pistachios and a light lemon-poppyseed vinaigrette. Omyum.

6. Chocolate Almond Butter Super SmoothieChocolate almond butter smoothie in a bowl and a glass Warmer weather calls for cooler smoothies. M-F you can find me sippin on my GGS, however come the weekend I’m ready for a different treat and something more substantial and energy-enhancing to get me through hiking and other outdoorsy adventures. This smoothie legit tastes like a chocolate milkshake and is jam-packed with superfoods like maca, cacao, hemp milk, almond butter, spinach, chia seeds and hemp seeds. I subbed organic chocolate hemp milk for the almond milk and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. MLB concurs.

7. “So Fresh” Rolls

Spring rolls and peanut sauce on a plate


This is one of my most popular recipes and there is a good reason why (they’re delicious, duh!) This is a perfect recipe for spring/summer as it is raw and requires NO COOKING! Don’t skimp on the sauce, it’s the best part. MLB is a huge sauce connoisseur, and this dish meets his high standards.

Get Sprung, Betches! XOXO.