5 Tips on How to Get the Best Results on a Cleanse From A Glowbio Expert

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18 June 2015

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and her Glowbio Cleanse, which is designed strategically for optimal health and cleansing benefits.

Kimberly Snyder's Glowbio Cleanse Juices and smoothies

So when I got the opportunity to interview Lauren Pieri, Glowbio employee and cleanse guru, I was BEYOND stoked. Especially because there is so much conflicting information available nowadays regarding cleanses and detoxing. I personally am a big fan of cleansing but I do firmly believe that you need to have enough knowledge and the right mindset and goals in order to successfully and more importantly safely detox.

So how’s a gal/dude know how to do it right?

That’s where Lauren comes in. Lauren’s been working at Glowbio for years and not only effectively cleanses regularly herself but has helped thousands through their detox journeys with Glowbio Cleanses.

Here from her are 5 super simple yet super effective tips on how to get the best results from your cleansing experience.

1. Get your mind right

A person standing on a scale

This one is first for a reason YO. According to Lauren, weight loss should not be the main focus of the cleanse, however doing a cleanse is definitely a great way to get started.

“This is because over time, our digestive systems get extremely clogged and backed up from consumption of highly concentrated foods – animal proteins, processed foods, refined sugars, gluten, dairy, etc. – so a cleanse is designed to help break all of that up and get it out of our bodies. This process (which doesn’t happen overnight) starts to free up energy for our bodies to use elsewhere. After the cleanse, we definitely recommend sticking to a cleaner diet with lots of whole foods – foods that align with nature, which can help with weight loss goals.”

So, if your goal on a cleanse is weight loss and you’re disappointed with the results- perhaps the problem isn’t the cleanse itself but going into it with the right mindset and a more realistic approach? Instead of weight-loss, what other goals could cleansing help you achieve? Detoxing after a trip to get you back on track? Jumpstarting a long-term healthy lifestyle? Curbing bad habits? More energy? Increased focus? Glowing skin? You decide, but just make sure it makes sense and is attainable- otherwise it may not be worth it to you.

2. Curb Caffeine Withdrawals

For my fellow coffee lovers, quitting your daily cup even for a few days is NO JOKE #thestruggleisreal

A cup of black coffee meme saying Hello darkness, my old friend

However, cleansing is a great way to curb the need for caffeine (if that’s your goal with the cleanse). Lauren says at Glowbio they ideally recommend starting the morning with a warm glass of lemon water, “BUT if coffee will help you stick to the cleanse and that is your biggest issue, then you should have it first thing in the morning (preferably black)”. Hallelujah!!

Lauren also recommends drinking your one cup at least a half hour to hour before your first GGS (or smoothie/juice of the day). Another option to boost energy would be to purchase (or create your own) Energy in a Spoon (which is a tbsp of coconut oil with a tsp of Bee Pollen). Bee pollen has all the B vitamins except B-12 so it’s a great energy booster plus acts as an appetite suppressant.

3. Don’t forget the fiber!

Two green smoothies on a white surface

According to Kimberly Snyder and the team at Glowbio,  fiber is an absolutely essential part of cleansing. That’s why Glowbio includes smoothies in all of their cleanse packages (including the infamous glowing green smoothie aka GGS which has 13g of fiber per serving).

“Juice kicks up the unwanted bacteria and toxins in your system, but the fiber is what sweeps it all out,” says Lauren.”Without the fiber, you risk the toxins getting reabsorbed back into your system.”

Makes sense to me! If you’re looking into doing a juice cleanse, keep in mind that juicing is an awesome way to absorb nutrients, but the fiber has been stripped away. Thus you might want to think about incorporating some raw organic fruit and veggies into your cleanse or looking for a cleanse that includes a mixture of smoothies and juices for optimal cleansing benefits.

4. Get your zzzz’s

A sweet sleeping baby

“It’s definitely important to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep during the cleanse” says Lauren. “Lack of sleep will drain your energy during the day when you need it most, but this is also when our bodies are doing the most cleansing because our bodies don’t have to use any energy to digest any food or beverage. Also, drink plenty of H2O to help keep things moving!”

5. The separation is in the preparation

Seriously, do your research!

“There are a ton of cleanse programs out there,” Lauren says “but very few that have been researched and developed by a nutritionist like ours, who has proven results with a countless number of happy and healthy clients. You have to find something that works best for you and your body. Once you feel good on the inside, I promise it will show on the outside.”

Kimberly Snyder making a green smoothie

Also before you begin your cleanse you need to make sure you’re preppin’ your bod appropriately, which will ultimately make the cleansing transition easier on you and optimize your results.

According to Lauren it’s best to cut out animal proteins, all dairy, refined sugars, and alcohol and fill your plate with organic, nutrient-dense, whole foods 2-3 days both pre- and post-cleanse. Think big salads with lots of veggies, raw fruit, quinoa, lentils, and avocados (which are a great source of healthy fat). Also drink plenty of water before, during, and after your cleanse to keep things moving.

A spring green salad with quick pickled vegetables

Helpful? I hope so! Feel free to comment or post any additional questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Happy cleansing lovelies!