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7 May 2013

Oh heeeey, SPRING! So glad you decided to stick around this time. Because you are a season of new beginnings, a promise of what is to come (hell yes, summer I’m talking about you).  And every year, when you arrive we’re ready to clean out our closets, shed our winter layers (literally) and be brighter and lighter, just like the days ahead of us. So it’s no surprise that upon your return, juicing suddenly becomes all the rage.

After all, juicing re-vitalizes our bodies, just as spring does our souls. It helps to remove toxins by flushing the digestive system with all natural ingredients and assists us in starting or furthering a healthier lifestyle. Juicing provides an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and electrolytes which help to repair and rejuvenate the bod and shed excess lbs (by stimulating a breakdown of adipose tissue) and the sluggishness that accompanies winter.

I admit it, I was skeptical of this trend. After attempting the Dr. Oz Cleanse and feeling so hungry I practically ate my left arm off (because I needed the right) I couldn’t really imagine surviving for three days on something that seemed even less substantial. BUT, I was determined to successfully complete a juice cleanse for multiple reasons:

1. I had to see what all the fuss was about. #sohotrightnow #alltherage #allvegansjuiceright? #hashtagsaretrendingtoo

2. I wanted to prove it to myself I could actually do one.

3. I needed something to help me detox after my Cabo vaca (Miami Vice’s are my literal vice) and before my trip to AZ (more bathing suits, more booze).

4. I can be really lazy (no cooking, grocery shopping, smoothie blending or food prepping for three days? yes please).

5. Promises of vitality, rejuvenation, and re-birth! Who wouldn’t want to feel more energetic, clear-minded and rid themselves of harmful toxins and additives?

6. Umm, juice is freakin’ delicious. Duh.

So, for those very reasons I began to research a ton of different juice cleanses and what components make them so effective. They need to be raw, organic and never-heated (the heat kills off all those nourishing enzymes). It should never be pasteurized or high pressure processed which oxidizes the beneficial micro nutrients and depletes the juice of it’s health benefits (FYI- Evolution Fresh’s juices are HPP, sorry friends). I was also looking for something local (which is usually synonymous with best tasting and most fresh) and not trying to spend $ out my a$$.

Enter in juicebox urban juicery (that’s not a typo- the name is all lowercase) which co-founders Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett opened last spring in Seattle. The duo are former chefs who after years of eating less than ideally began juicing as a way to consume more veggies and jump start their days in a positive way. After selling their delish juices at the local farmer’s markets and culminating quite a following,  they decided it was time to take their hobby to the next level, and lucky for us, juicebox was born.

Lauren holding a Juicebox labeled bottle

Juicebox fit all the criteria I was looking for in a cleanse which (besides being 100% organic and locally sourced as well as raw, never heated, cold-pressed and NEVER pasteurized) could also only contain fruits and vegetables (i.e no additives, preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, etc.), and be gluten free and vegan (obvi). Last but certainly not least the flavors had to look (with hopes they would taste) And boy did they ever!

I opted for the 3-day cleanse ($60 for 6 juices per day or $180 total for three days) which were delivered to me in one shipment on the morning of my cleanse start date  (in a cute reusable tote bag, no less) for an additional $10. This equates to NOT cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. They also have different pickup locations in Seattle (and now Bellevue), but as previously stated, I can be lazy, so I opted for the drop off.

The flavors are so effin’ tasty (apple, lemon, extra ginger and almond milk with honey, cacoa nib, mint were TDF) and each day I looked forward to drinking all of my juices (minus the aloe vera water which is really good for you but tastes like a weird, chemical- enhanced water).  Every day I started with the green drink and ended with the aloe water. I’d mix up the rest in between.

Six Juicebox labeled bottles on a table

Having six juices a day to sip on was my saving grace. Whenever I’d start to get those very acute hunger pangs (which is a nice way to phrase starvation mode) I would simply drink a juice (which worked out to be every 2-3 hours). Because each juice contains 2 + lbs of produce (that sh*t is bananas!) I would feel re-energized, clear-headed and amazeballs immediately after consuming each and every one. I even managed to work out every single day (light runs and hot yoga) and my abs have never looked better then they did after day three (which didn’t last once I ate real food but I took a mental snapshot to remember it always ;)). I also slept better and noticed my cravings diminished (even for dark chocolate- my daily indulgence)!

I honestly could’ve kept going on the cleanse and been fine, but I only bought three days worth and plus you all know by now I just love food way too much. It was also strange to not have dinner plans or alotted time to prep in the kitchen. Weird, but nice, at least for the short term (MLB strongly disagrees as he had to resort to his own devices- i.e. pizza delivery and store-bought burritos).

DISCLAIMER- I do want to add that by the time I tried this cleanse I’d been off coffee for three months which I believe to have contributed to how much better I felt during this cleanse than the Dr. Oz (previously I experienced migraines and major caffeine withdrawals). I also added one piece of fresh fruit (either an apple or orange)  in every day after my workout. I figured I deserved it and felt this helped curb the hunger pangs. Also to MLB’s credit he did attempt the juicebox cleanse (just not during the same time as me) and although he was very cranky the first day by day three it was “NBD” and he had shed 5 lbs.

BOTTOMLINE- Every single day we consume toxins, additives and chemicals that harm our bodies. The right juice cleanse (see my above criteria) is an excellent way to remove those toxins by flushing your bod with all natural ingredients. Keep in mind that juice cleanses are NOT a cure-all, but drinking juice is one of the best ways to get the essential, diversified micronutrients your body needs.

For more info check out juicebox’s blog.They partner with UrbanLeaf, a local nutritionist, to provide educational support to juice cleansers.

Happy Spring Cleaning!