A Review on Kimberly Snyder’s Vegan Glow Bio Cleanse

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9 September 2014


As of late my bod’s been a bit on the sluggish end. Blame it on the aftermath of sweet summa time- later nights, lots of libations, eating out regularly (al fresco of course) and tons of travel. While these things are all fun and (IMO) an important part of the season, they can have draining effects on your body.

Our body’s are extremely intuitive, and will give us signs when it’s time to shape up and pay attention to what it needs. When I started getting headaches and sugar cravings I knew it was time for a reset. And I was ready to try something a bit different.

Enter in my fave health guru Kimberly Synder’s Glow Bio Cleanse. This is not your typical juice cleanse, as Kimberly explains in the detailed instructions that come with your package.

Kimberly’s cleanse (comes in one, three or five day packages) contains a variety of juices/smoothies (typically four smoothies, two juices and two boosters for a total of eight per day) and most infamously her GGS (glowing green smoothie, DUH). You will start and end your day with a 16 oz GGS, which contain 13g of fiber each (for a total of 26 grams of fiber in just two smoothies)! This is a crucial part of the cleanse and where many juice cleanses can go wrong as they kick up toxins with their powerful enzymes but don’t fully eliminate them from your body, which most likely means the toxins will be re-absorbed and you won’t really be cleansing. Thus you need fiber (which you get from the smoothies) to facilitate the movement of physical waste and toxins out of your body. The smoothies are also instrumental in balancing your energy levels and hunger and increase your metabolism during the cleanse.

Along with the smoothies, you’ll be drinking 2-3 juices per day which are probiotic- enhanced and cold-pressed, ensuring you restore your gut with good for you bacteria that promotes digestion and that you’re getting all of those powerful enzymes from the juices. Oh and don’t forget the boosters, which are like a shot of energy straight to the brain!

 Kimberly Snyder's Glow Bio Cleanse juices

For an exclusive inside look at my experience with Kimberly’s three day cleanse, I took the liberty of keeping a detailed journal during my three-day journey. *DISCLAIMER- I actually wrote this real-time each day during the cleanse, so don’t judge my hunger-induced writing too harshly 🙂

Day 1- I had to wait until 10 am for my package to arrive and my body was desperately needing caffeine/food at this point. On the Glowbio cleanse (as is the case with most cleanses) you’re not supposed to have any caffeine but I was trying to avoid a massive headache later because I have coffee every single morning and that ish is my kryptonite. I had half a mug of green tea with lemon which was barf (hate green tea) but am still dealing with headaches… which could also be due to the whole reawakening toxins in your body and not eating thing.

What I love about this cleanse so far is it’s much more filling than most. Although I’m still really hungry and have to boycott instagram due to all the food pics I was salivating over, I don’t feel as famished as I do on a straight juice cleanse. You get to start and end your day with a GGS (glowing green smoothie, duh) which tastes WAY better than mine and I used the exact same ingredients (okay Kimberly, what are you not telling us here). Day 1 also consists of a “Youth Fountain” smoothie which has mango, coconut water, turmeric, mint and lime and is freaking amazing. The Active Vanilla Shake was also right up my alley with soaked raw buckwheat groats (sounds weird but gives a thick, creamy consistency) , cinnamon, banana, raw coconut nectar, almond milk and vanilla extract. The MLB (meat lovin’ boyfriend) and I loved it but my coworker found it to be a bit too sweet. The boosters were a nice touch (small “shots” of liquid to boost your energy and facilitate the elimination of toxins) but BEWARE the immunity shot- lemon, cayenne, ginger. It tastes as horrible as it sounds.

I was also able to go for a 3 mile walk/run…and ended up walking much more than I usually do. But I felt OK doing it. Must log off for the night as my brain power is quickly deteriorating. Something tells me I’ll be dreaming of burritos, chocolate and lattes tonight.

Day 2-

Day 2 started out pretty rough. I was so tired (slept like a rock though) and the knowledge that I had to get out of bed and go to work without coffee was almost too much to bear. Lucky for me I was SO BUSY I wouldn’t have really had time to eat anyway, so the day flew by and I found myself too distracted with other things to focus on food. I started the day off with about 2 sips of green tea (barf) then drank half my GGS. The supreme soother boosters and Power Green Juice were OK, so it was a nice surprise when I tasted the Detox Juice and realized it was super tasty (pineapple, cucumber and mint…mmmm).

I forced myself to do crossfit after work ( I know, I’m CRAY) and was worried about how I’d do but I actually killed it. Working out also reminded me to chug water which I’ve been slacking on doing, but it’s somehow hard for me to remember to drink so many juices/smoothies AND water on top of it. I felt great after working out but by the time I got home was starving. Downed the Acai Smoothie which was also tasty although not nearly as good as the Youth Fountain or the Active Vanilla Shake.

Full disclosure here- I’ve barely peed today and haven’t really “flushed” anything out if you catch my drift. Wondering if it’s the shock on my body from not eating much or having coffee/caffeine, which usually always does the trick. I’m hoping things get moving here soon though because it makes me feel bloated even though I haven’t eaten anything. Not looking forward to the super nasty Immunity Booster I have to drink nor my GGS. Almost two days down!

Day 3-

I wake up so excited to get this day over with. A part of me REALLY wants to cheat and get a coffee on my way to work (is anyone seeing a pattern here?) but I stay strong. I once again have a tiny bit of green tea, then start on my GGS. Today is more of the same juices/smoothies from Day 1 but there’s a new Clean Read juice in there with beets that is pretty tasty. I have enough energy to work out, and can honestly say I feel pretty dang good overall. I finally get some “movement” later in the day, which is a relief as I still feel pretty bloated. As I drive home from work I get so excited to make dinner, then remember I have a green smoothie to look forward to (wah waaaaaaaaah). Later at night I start to get a heachache and feel tired as EFF. There is a light at the end of the tunnel…..and it starts tomorrow morning with my cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts- 

Looking back, I can honestly say this was the best cleanse experience I’ve had to date. The day after the cleanse I woke up surprisingly not that hungry, and treated myself to a coffee which instantly gave me a headache (my advice is to slowly wean yourself back on your cuppa joe). I also noticed when I did eat I became fuller much faster, so try not to stuff your face too much right away. Other than that, as I began to acclimate to my normal routine I felt lighter, more buoyant, healthier and had tons of energy.  It was as though I literally felt the toxins leave my body and was extremely refreshed and renewed. I also noticed things were flowing much more smoothly internally (if ya catch my drift). I know in the future whenever my body starts telling me it needs some TLC I’ll be calling up Kimberly (or okay one of her employees, who was super helpful).

If you decide to try this cleanse yourself, read on below for my tips n tricks to do it right

Five juice bottles from Kimberly Synder’s Glow Bio Cleanse


1. Drink water. I kind of forgot to do that a lot because I was drinking so much other ish. But it is imperative to keep you hydrated and assist with the removal of wastes that are kicked up when you cleanse.

2. Follow the instructions, step by step. Kimberly’s cleanse provides detailed instructions with the order listed of when you should consume what smoothie/juice. This maximizes your cleanse experience with strategically placed fiber, to help escort toxins out of the body and also stabilize your blood sugar levels. Specific boosters are included in the program along the way to help “debloat” and flush out water weight, to help your system function more efficiently, enhance immunity and optimize digestive function.

3. Chew your smoothies. I know- this sounds weird and was hard for me to get used to. However by making a chewing action (versus chugging it down) you will mix saliva with your drink and therefore important digestive enzymes (such as amylase) will help the nutrients absorb into your body even better and will also prevent bloating.

4. Keep all products cold and in the fridge. Duh.

5. Listen to your body. I know I was a crazy person and worked out, but I honestly felt up to the challenge and physically okay. If this is your first cleanse or your body is telling you otherwise, take it slow. Have a committed mindset but also remember this is really for you as an opportunity to give your body a break, help your digestive functions rest and redirect energy into deeper cleansing. No matter what your long term goal is, I guarantee this cleanse will help you make some healthier lifestyle shifts and stick to them- which is where you will see continual improvement and results.


Happy cleansing!