2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide — 25 Meaningful Purchases To Inspire Health, Happiness + Joy This Season

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14 December 2017


As I write this I realize we’re already halfway through December and by now many of you may have done most of your Christmas shopping (and if so I applaud you).

In full disclosure I’ve been working on this post for quite awhile and had every intention of finishing it for you during my three weeks traveling through Australia and New Zealand — but clearly that didn’t happen.

Instead I decided to listen to my gut which was telling me RELAX. BE PRESENT. ENJOY THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW AND GET.OFF.YOUR.PHONE  And because this is advice I often give to my clients, I knew I had to listen to it myself.

And I’m so glad I did, because taking some time to disconnect from work, technology and social media empowered me to return home incredibly refreshed, bursting with ideas and inspired to create so many new things for you — which might not have been the case had I not given myself this space and time.


So without further adieu I give to you my somewhat delayed but incredibly inspired and still totally relevant 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide — a careful curation of more meaningful purchases to evoke health, happiness and joy this season — for everyone on your list (including yourself).



Research shows people tend to get more enduring satisfaction from the money they spend on experiences than from the material possessions they buy, so consider an experiential gift as the ultimate way to show someone you love them.

Think of the person you’re shopping for and brainstorm some ideas based on what they’re passionate about or excites them. Do they love music? Snag some concert tix. Enjoy traveling to new places? Plan a weekend getaway someplace you’ve never been. Get excited about experimenting in the kitchen? Book a cooking class you can take together. The possibilities are endless, as long as it’s an experience catered to the person you’re shopping for, not yourself 🙂



CBD oil

Welcome to the latest trend in the wellness world — CBD oil — a cannabis compound with significant medical benefits (minus the psychoactivity of THC). CBD helps to promote homeostasis (i.e., balance) throughout your bod, reduce inflammation, decrease blood pressure and kill cancer cells, among many other benefits.

I’m obsessed with this oil which is so easy to add to any daily ritual (I toss 1/2 tsp in my #bulletproof coffee) and feel ah-mazing afterwards!



Love drinking wine but are less than enthused with how you feel post-consumption? I feel you — which is why this purifier that filters out sulfates and sediments (i.e. no more headaches) is on my list this year.



berkey water filter

Speaking of filters… this baby is yet another on my list (you know you’re a serious wellness nerd when you’re requesting a water filter for Christmas). But seriously this brand has the best reviews across the board and is touted for filtering out fluoride, heavy metals and another chemicals found in most drinking water (I know, gross). And for those of you that have a hard time consistently drinking enough water, it’s supposedly the best tasting water ever.

If this seems way too extravagant and out of your price range (baby steps right?), consider starting off with this SOMA Water Filter Glass Carafe. 



brightening oil Slowly but surely, I’ve been transitioning my beauty products from toxic-laden to clean and this oil has been one of my fave finds thus far. Not only does it smell amazing and is completely devoid of any harmful chemicals, but I swear to you my skin has never looked more dewy or glowing (although that could be in part due to the post-vaca tan 🙂 ).



alo leggings

If you see me out of the house 99% of the time I will be wearing some sort of legging or workout clothes, so when I can find gear that doubles as functional and chic I consider it a total win. I own two pairs of ALO leggings and I’m hoping to add a third to my collection with this little number right here.



feel good food protocol

While I love gift-giving (I mean just look at this list) I’ve also come to be a lot more intentional about what I give and what I want to receive. I’m realizing more and more how little I truly need and that the best things in life aren’t really things at all, they’re people — and that includes the person you’re with the most — yourself!

So along with all the other goodies I wanted to provide you with something a bit more intentional, thoughtful and totally health/ happiness-inspired this season. Something that will last a lifetime, that you can take with you wherever you go, and will have serious joy-inducing benefits.

Consider this the ultimate gift for anyone in your life that might be struggling with breakouts, rashes or other skin issues, stomach-aches, bloat or digestive troubles, low-energy, mood swings, sleepless nights or stress and guilt around food. To purchase email — there are 3 spots left for the January enrollment. 




I’m admittedly a huge candle fanatic. A delicious scented candle can instantly brighten up your mood or home, but beware of those that release toxic fumes. I happened upon this clean, hand-poured brand in Byron Bay which contains no lead or other harmful metals. The SUR scent, a blend of Cedarwood, Amber and Patchouli and Indian Sandalwood blew me away.



exercise freak workout essentials

While my skin has been looking so much better ever since I switched over to a whole foods diet and clean beauty products, I notice I’ll still breakout if I go straight from a sweaty spin-sesh to running errands and skip washing my face (which I’m guilty of far too often). So I love the idea of this travel-size kit filled with everything you could need to clean up your act post-gym.


doTerra AromaTouch Diffused Kit

doterra essential oils

While aromatherapy has been touted as a powerful healing modality, I’ve never really taken the time to educate myself on the best brand or benefits. Then a couple of my girlfriends told me about a brand called doTerra and sent me off on my trip with some samples.

Not only were they the most fragrant oils I’ve ever smelled in my life but I found them seriously soothing and beneficial in a variety of ways (lavender to promote relaxation on the plane and before bed, tea tree oil to diminish zits (yes seriously) and peppermint to add in my tea or water for optimal digestion and fresh breath). Needless to say I’m jonesing for a full-on kit and diffuser now.



the subtle art of not giving a fuck

One of the most influential books I read this year (along with Jen Sincero’s “You Are A Badass At Making Money”) this refreshingly REAL and hilarious “self-help” book cuts through the fluff and boils it down to the essentials — there are only so many things we can give a f**k about so we need to figure out which ones really matter. For anyone consumed with what other people think, trying to be “positive all the time” or just looking to become a better, happier person, this book is essential.




These hand-made tumblers crafted by mega-talented Seattlelite Julie Russel will brighten up any morning coffee or winter warmer ritual. I know it’s weird but I swear my turmeric lattes just taste better in them 🙂



frankie and jos ice cream

Because who doesn’t love ice cream?! Especially ice cream that tastes amazing and leaves you feeling even better. Another local business (go Seattle!) Frankie & Jo’s creates the most decadent, creamy flavors made from real (and dairy-free) ingredients like sprouted nut milks, dates and functional ingredients like activated charcoal (which can be found in their salty charcoal ash, my personal fave).

Try their seasonal 4-pack (they ship nationwide) and don’t forget an order of moon goo.



cherry bombe cookbook

What could be better than a gorgeous magazine all about game-changing women and their passion for food? Only a cookbook —  featuring over 100 healthy-ish recipes crafted by women ranging from Padma Lakshmi to Chrissy Teigan. Yes please!



salt lamp

Call it woo woo all you want, but the benefits of salt lamps are real people (they help purify the air, promote optimal sleep and can even ease asthma and allergy symptoms). I think this one is a nice, inexpensive foray into salt lamp territory that doubles as a nightlight.



hu kitchen chocolate

Okay you guys, these chocolates are hands down my new ultimate faves. No WEIRD ingredients, no emulsifiers or soy lecithin (which gives me serious headaches) and zero refined sugar or sugar alcohols — just pure, natural ingredients (cacao, cocoa butter, vanilla bean) in the most delicious flavors (cashew butter is the best obvi). Consider purchasing a box for the chocolate lover in your life.



If you or someone on your list lives in the greater Seattle area and is passionate about food, design, wellness, community and entrepreneurship (or just loves indulging in really good conversation and really good food) then a membership to the Gather Seattle might be just the ticket. I’ve attended (and spoken) at a couple events and always leave feeling fulfilled and inspired in so many ways.



coconut gel mask

These sheet masks always look horrifying on (I love taking creepy selfies and sending them to my friends) but afterwards my skin looks radiant and smooth. I love this clean brand with potent plant-based derivatives. To me this is one of the easiest but most satisfying self-care indulgences you can do from home.



I said it last year and I’ll say it again, I swear by infrared heat therapy, which is an intense, deeply penetrating heat that causes fat tissues to release toxins, ultimately aiding in detoxification, fat loss, youthful skin, lower blood pressure, reduced chronic pain, improved circulation, and a boost in mood. Plus freezing cold temperatures this time of year make it the perfect time to indulge in a hot, cozy sauna. Although I still haven’t bit the bullet and purchased my own, I love frequenting my fave local spot City Sweats, which offers a membership fee of just $38 a pop.



I’ve already preordered this book, which doesn’t technically release until January 2. It focuses on ways to help us heal our relationship with judgement and become a more mindful and conscious person — something I find particularly relevant and helpful given the current state of the world.



Not only is plastic bad for the planet, but many plastic water bottles are laced with other toxins and chemicals that can seep out into our water. This copper water bottle is free of plastic AND has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help your digestive and immune system function optimally. #winning



Going back to that whole experiential gift-giving thing, I can think of almost nothing more rewarding than a high-vibe wellness getaway, especially if it’s curated by the Well + Good Team.



For the carnivores in your life, this subscription delivery service offers grass-fed, responsibly and humanely raised meats at an affordable price.



If any of your loved ones are recovering from an injury, suffering from chronic pain or have a super active lifestyle consider gifting them with a healing modality or quality recovery therapies like chiropractic care, physiotherapy or cold laser therapy this season. My go-to is Pauline Haugen with Higher Health Spine and Sport.



Perhaps the most impactful and rewarding gift you can give this season is simply giving back to others with either your time or a monetary donation.

Try picking a charity or non-profit that resonates with what you’re passionate about (for example a shelter or the humane society if you’re an animal lover). Or if you need a few ideas check out the following —

To Help End Animal Abuse 

To Join In The Fight To End Hunger

To Empower Youth With Mentorship + Tutoring Programs

To Provide Housing For Homeless Children and Families


And that’s officially a wrap on this year’s healthy holiday gift guide. I hope you found some gift-giving inspo, whether it be for your loved ones or yourself (because #selfcare).

Anything I missed? What’s on your list this year? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Happy Healthy Holiday love!

xx //