A Simple Healthy Meal Hack + Recipes To Supercharge Your New Year

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18 January 2018

The other week I wrote a post on a few easy ways to get off the post-holiday struggle bus and start feeling good immediately — and apparently many of you found it really helpful!

So this week I’m following it up with one of my all-time fave, super easy, healthy meal hacks you can use any time you feel a bit off balance from too much indulgent food or booze.

Because even if we start out with the best of intentions — hello #newyearresolutions — it’s practically second nature to get into an all or nothing cycle. You know the one — when you tell yourself you’ll eat better/swear off booze after the New Year, make it scotch-free until Friday only to break down and eat that piece of pizza/drink that glass of wine and subsequently spiral all weekend long — come Monday when you swear this time will be different.

Trust — I’ve totally been there (more times then I’d like to admit) but have been able to break up an unhealthy cycle quickly and painlessly with this simple trick below.


Healthy-Meal-Hack —

Rather than punishing yourself for over-indulging, choose to NOURISH yourself with feel-good-food instead. By breaking an unhealthy cycle with food that tastes good AND empowers you to feel even better, you’ll quickly reset your eating habits, get out of your head, release anxiety and feel more in control.


So what does this look like IRL?

Maybe instead of eating a pint of ice cream for dinner because you already ate french toast for breakfast you eat a sweet potato loaded with greens and peanut sauce because what your body really craves is veggies. Or perhaps instead of skipping dinner because you feel guilty about the pasta you had at lunch you warm up a bowl of flavorful-yet-still-light avocado curry. The point is to choose something for your next meal that tastes good (so it doesn’t feel like a punishment) and helps you feel better, instead of worse.

So how do you create an arsenal of feel-good foods to break out of an over-indulging rut?

Follow the easy steps below to come up with your own any time you need it. And in the meantime you can always borrow one of mine 🙂



  1. Make a list of healthy food you really enjoy (i.e. food that tastes good and empowers you to feel good too)
  2. Choose from it at least three items/meals you can easily make or have on hand (whether it be takeout, a pre-made item or something you cook at home)
  3. Next time you feel yourself getting trapped in an unhealthy cycle choose one if the items or meals from this list and prepare it for your next meal to painlessly reset eating habits and take care of yourself


Need Some Feel-Good-Food INSPO? Check out my faves below —

Veggie-Loaded Creamy Soups

Because these soups are blended the nutrients are easier for our cells to absorb and it gives our digestive system a bit of a break. Some of my faves include —

— Turmeric + Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Creamy Carrot Tahini Miso Soup

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Bisque


I love smoothies, but only ones so thick and creamy they taste like milkshakes (while also sneaking in loads of powerful antioxidants, satiating fats, fiber and protein that balance out my blood sugar and boost energy level). My go-to’s are —

Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie

Chocolate Avocado Fudge Smoothie

Biohacked Green Beauty Smoothie 

— Baked + Veggie-Loaded Sweet Potatoes 

I cannot get enough of sweet potatoes. They taste so sweet on their own, are loaded with fiber and magnesium (which regulates many important functions throughout the body like sleep and digestion) and taste delicious stuffed with all sorts of veggies and sauces. Try one of my fave combos below —

Baked, Stuffed Sweet Potato with Thai Peanut Sauce 

Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Awesomeness with Maple Chipotle Sauce

Baked Sweet Potato, Fried Egg, Kale + Sriracha Mayo