My Fave Healthy Travel Snacks, Supplements, Superfood Add-In’s & On-The-Go Recipes

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28 June 2018

It’s officially summer (woop woop!) and for many of you this means time for TRAVEL — extended vacations, weekend trips, camping, hiking + day-tripping galore.

I personally love any excuse to get out of my daily routine and take part in an adventure, but I also acknowledge for many of my clients and friends (as well as myself years ago) giving up a regimen can be a source of stress and anxiety — especially when it relates to weight and control over food.


Travel isn’t black and white — it forces you to live in the land of the gray (where you can’t predict/plan/control everything). Which makes following a diet or weight-loss plan particularly difficult, as they very much exist in the land of black and white (eat this, don’t eat that, these foods are bad, these foods are good, etc.).


Rather than focusing on strict rules or following a specific diet (unless food allergies/autoimmune conditions are involved), I help my clients develop other strategies that enable them to look and feel their best on vaca, while still having fun and enjoying the food. 

Like figuring out a few non-negotiables they can realistically commit to daily to feel centered and balanced (drinking water, movement, supplements) or making a list of specific foods they’re excited to try on their trip (and allowing themselves to enjoy these without guilt) as well as clutter foods that they’re bound to be exposed to but don’t really care about (so they can then let go of these foods to have more space for the special foods they love).

And as a back-up strategy, we always design a healthy travel kit, which obviously includes on-the-go meals + snack options. These of course differ per client and their needs, but for the sake of today’s post I’m giving you a run-down of some of my personal, tried and true favorite options.

Happy Healthy Travels!

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**SNACK WARNING —  If you tend to overdo it on the snacks even when you’re not hungry, try not to pack options that are too tempting or yummy (this especially goes for sweet treats we tend to crave like chocolate, granola, protein bars, etc.) Look for savory snacks that bridge the gap between meals when necessary and contain an adequate amount of protein, fat + fiber.


+ Crudite + Dip —

Try freshly sliced jicama, cucumbers and bell peppers drizzled in lime and sea salt to dip in sprouted hummus, tahini sauce or guacamole

EPIC Wild Salmon, Grass-Fed Beef or Bacon Snack Packs/Bars —

These are a good savory option if you tend to be tempted by sweet snacks/treats

+ Bone Broth Powder —

You can mix with hot water for surprisingly satiating cup rich in protein, healthy fats and collagen that help to protect and heal your intestinal lining. If you’re not flying I’m a huge fan of these Keto Bone Broth Cups 

+ Bulletproof Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Collagen Protein Bars — 

Way less sugar than traditional protein bars, filled with fiber + protein & tastes like cookie dough

+ Soft or Hard-boiled Eggs with Avocado, Sea Salt + Pepper & Sliced Veggies or Fruit 

Or try making an egg salad version by adding dijon and avocado-oil mayo and spreading over lettuce wraps or Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

+ Keto Coconut Fat Balls

These treats taste sweet but are still low in sugar and rich in healthy fats, so they’ll keep your blood sugar + energy levels stable, good as an on-the-go-snack, especially when camping, hiking or being active

+ Wild Tuna or Salmon Salad Mixed with Avocado Oil Mayo + Lemon

Try eating with cucumber slices or serving over spinach, apples and walnuts 

 Artisana Organic Nut Butter Squeeze Packs + Cinnamon and Celery Sticks or Apple Slices 

+ Chocolate Chia Pudding Parfaits

This is my favorite snack to take on a hike or day-trip (if going any longer it will need to be refrigerated). I love that it gives a healthy dose of plant-based protein, fat & fiber

Quinoa Bowl with Roasted Veggies

This tends to hold up well as a meal out of the fridge for hours. I like to use broccolini, sweet potatoes, carrots and bell peppers, then top with avocado + tahini or chimichurri sauce for extra flavor and quality fat to squelch hunger

+ Wildway Grain-Free Hot Cereal Packs

These are low in sugar and rich in protein and fiber. Just mix with hot water and try adding fresh berries + some creamy coconut butter for flavor + fat

Massaged Kale Salad —

Kale can hold up for days with dressing on it without getting gross/soggy. Try massaging some avocado, olive oil, lemon + sea salt into the leaves and topping with toasted nuts or seeds, sliced veggies or fruit and rotisserie chicken or smoked salmon to eat the day of travel (you’ll want to refrigerate if going longer) 

+ Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee + Collagen Protein

These are awesome if you’re doing a hike, camping or embarking on a road trip (i.e. don’t try to bring on the plane). The coffee helps with energy while the collagen protein + mct oil help to stabilize blood sugar levels

+ Sprouted Pumpkin + Sunflower Seeds w/ Berries

+ Wild Smoked Salmon + Kale Chips

I like this combo as it combines protein and fat (from the salmon) with fiber from the kale chips. This is a good option for a day hike or road trip

+ Coconutty Power Ballz –

These are probably my favorite sweet treat/snack to make. They’ll last for several days out of the fridge and are surprisingly satiating. They still contain quite a bit of natural sugar from dates so use sparingly

+ Hu’s Cashew Butter Dark Chocolate Bar  — 

I will legit pack this in my purse for an after dinner treat because I always crave something sweet

+ Purely Elizabeth Cauli Hot Cereal Cups

Perfect to pack with you for an overnight hike or camping. Just add hot water or coconut milk to mix

+ Birch Benders Paleo Frozen Waffles —

As long as you’re staying somewhere with a freezer/toaster these are an easy breakfast option (especially for kiddos)

+ Avocado Chips + Black Bean Dip

These avo chips are dried fresh at low temps until crispy (i.e. no oxidized nasty oils here) . You can also try Farmhouse Kulture Kraut Krisps — which are an extremely tasty way to get your daily dose of probiotics. I also love Siete’s Grain-Free Nacho Chips — just mind your portions as it can be easy to wolf down an entire bag.

+ Eating Evolved Caramel + Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups —

A clean way to satisfy your sweet tooth



+ Sliced Lemons —

Add to any water you’re drinking while traveling for liver support + detoxification

+ Hemp, Flax or Chia Seeds —

You can easily add into shakes, oatmeal, drinks, etc. for a dose of healthy omega-3 fat, fiber and protein

+ Vital Protein Portable Collagen

You can mix this into water and it’s super gut-healing and also key for healthy skin, hair and nails

+ Apple Cider Vinegar Sips —

I’m a big proponent of ACV shots to aid in digestion and detoxification as well as promote good gut health. These making taking them while traveling easy. Try taking 10 minutes before heavy meals or in the morning/before bed

+ Herbal Tea Packs

You can get hot water on the flight or at a ton of restaurants. Peppermint, ginger and fennel tea are especially soothing on the tummy while flying and to combat bloat/digestive issues

Chlorophyll drops —

An easy way to reap the antioxidants of leafy greens — you can drop these into your water. You can also try these powders or tablets

+ MCT Oil Packs

If you bring a protein shaker (blender bottle) you can add this, chia or flax seeds and Chocolate Protein Powder for an on-the-go shake. Or try drizzling on salads, fruit or veggies or mixing in your coffee to add healthy fat for sustained energy

+ Bulletproof Upgraded Coconut Charcoal Capsules

Charcoal binds to toxins and helps you safely excrete them out of the body. Use these when you’re traveling or after an indulgent dinner/ too much booze (they can even help prevent a hangover)

+ Vitanica Gaba Ease

This supplement helps to support GABA production in the brain (GABA is a neurotransmitter responsible for calming your central nervous system). Great for anxious flyers or if you’re worried about sleep quality while traveling 

+ Digestive Enzymes 

These are specifically designed to help you break down gluten and dairy contaminated foods when eating out

+  Magnesium Citrate —

To promote optimal sleep and regular elimination 

+  Probiotics (minimum 20 billion CFU’s) — 

To promote a good balance of healthy gut bacteria

+ Adaptogens —

These herbs and mushrooms balance your hormones, boost your immune system and help your body naturally adapt to stress. My favorites are Sun Potion’s Ashwagandha and Four Sigmatic Reishi Mushroom Powder

+ Travel-Sized Extra Virgin Olive Oil, GF Soy Sauce, Packets of Sea Salt, Pepper, Avocados & Healthy Dressings

Such as Primal Foods you can easily pack with you to add flavor to your food while traveling/eating out