The Easiest Way To Look + Feel Amazing This Holiday Season (+ Bonus FREE Giveaway!)

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1 December 2016

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone in the blink of an eye and now Christmas-mode is in full swing (which I’m totally contributing to right now as I gaze upon my decorated Christmas tree (yay!) and blast She & Him Christmas tunes on Spotify). Yup, guilty as charged.

I shamelessly LOVE this season- but I’m the first to admit it can also be totally overwhelming. There are presents to buy (is it just me or do you feel panicked to take advantage of every single savings opportunity?!), decorations to put up, Christmas cookies to bake and holiday parties to attend….and as women we tend to want to do it all AND look amazing doing it- amiright?!

However looking and feeling amazing can be especially hard to do with later nights resulting in lack of sleep, shorter days and less time to get in a workout or get outside, additional projects and activities on your plate (i.e. more stress) and way more sugar and alcohol than usual.

I don’t know about you but all of the above leaves me feeling anything BUT amazing. More like sluggish, tired and bloated, which is so NOT attractive. But lucky for me (and now you) I have an easy, go-to solution that instantly rejuvenates me, helps me sleep better, reduces bloat and toxins and leaves my skin absolutely glowing.

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It’s called infrared heat therapy (aka infrared sauna), and if it sounds familiar it’s because I’ve totally talked about it before OR because well-known celebrities like Selena Gomez, The Kardashian clan and Jennifer Aniston praise it for it’s skin, weight-loss and immunity boosting benefits.

So WTF is Infrared Heat Therapy Exactly?!

Infrared Heat Therapy is special in that it uses light (specifically invisible radiant light rays) to create heat. Traditional saunas use heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. But infrared light heats your body’s core temperature directly without warming the air around you, enabling it to open up your pores and deeply penetrate your tissue, promoting detoxification and the removal of heavy metal toxins (and fat tissue storing those toxins) on a cellular level.

Sweat therapy goes back thousands of years to Greek, Egyptian, Asian and Native American cultures (think sweat lodges). When someone was really sick, they’d put them in a heated room and just make them sweat like crazy. These cultures understood that they needed to get out whatever was in the body making that person ill.

As technology evolved so did the sweat lodges, and in the mid-20th century infrared therapy was developed for use in hospitals in Europe and Asia to speed the healing of wounds and warm premature babies. It was even used by the firefighters and rescuers of 9/11 who were overloaded with toxicity during the World Trade Center attacks and needed to seek alternative therapy to eliminate chemical toxins making them sick.

An infrared sauna cabin

In the past few years the therapy has become increasingly mainstream and you can often find it in the form of pods, beds or cabins at detox spas and wellness + fitness centers across the country.

Why Is This Important?

As you probably know by now, we live in a world that has become progressively more toxic. Even if you eat the cleanest, most pure diet (which let’s be real, most of us aren’t right now) chances are you’re exposed to environmental pollution and toxins (think cleaning supplies, pesticides and even your makeup, bath and beauty products).

With the abundance of toxins being absorbed through our diet, lungs and skin our bodies actually create a protective layer of fat to insulate vital organs from said toxicity. This process is essential to the survival of our organs, but not so good for weight loss as these stagnant pockets of fat continue to expand and accumulate more and more toxins overtime. This expansion of fat tissue attributes to both weight gain and cellulite buildup, however it can be reversed by removing the toxins from the fat tissues, causing them to shrink.

While eating a clean, whole foods diet is the best way in assisting your to body detox more, it’s not always easy to remove toxins that are stuck within your cells or fat tissues.

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Which is where infrared heat comes in…..

What are the benefits?

The intense, deeply penetrating heat causes fat tissues to release toxins, which you then sweat and urinate out, completely eliminating them from your body. As we shed these chemical toxins, our fat cells shrink and cellulite buildup begins to diminish. As a result our body’s cells are less burdened and they begin to age less rapidly and heal faster, culminating in naturally brightened, younger and radiant skin.

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Not only does infrared aid in detoxification, fat loss and youthful skin, but other studies have even shown it helps lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve circulation, and boost mood. Others like Chelsea Handler swear that it promotes a healthier immune system by ridding the body of toxins and infection.

Kundini Funk, manager at City Sweats, a Seattle-based wellness spa that offers infrared therapy in both bed and cabin form in Seattle, says one of the things she loves most about working there is seeing everyone come out literally glowing after their sessions. “It’s wonderful to see the change in their eyes and skin. Everyone seems to be happier, more relaxed and open. There is a sense of presence, and ease which I think is priceless.”

I can attest to this feeling of euphoria and calm after each sweat session, which is priceless indeed, especially this time of year!

How do you get started?

Since most of us aren’t Jen Aniston and will not be installing an infrared sauna at home (#LIFEGOALS) you’re looking at around $50 for a single session at a spa or wellness center. If you live in the greater Seattle area, check out my go-to spot City Sweats, which offers a monthly membership rate of $38 per sweat session (and your choice of either a bed or cabin, the cabin being my absolute fave).

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OR instead of shelling out the cash you can win a free session for you or a loved one simply by following both myself and City Sweats on Instagram and tagging two friends who you think would also benefit from or deserve a sweat (tis the season for giving right?!).

That’s literally all you have to do. Contest ends in one week when two winners will be announced (just in time for those holiday parties) so you better get on it- check out my instagram post for more giveaway deets and where to tag your friends!

Happiest holidays loves!