Healthy + Easy Snack Idea — Jicama “Chips” N’ Salsa

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7 June 2013

If you’ve ever experienced symptoms of hanger (hungry/anger) this post may be for you.

I personally suffer from extreme hanger. Headaches, fatigue, nausea, feeling light-headed, tired, irritated, cranky and utterly betchy oft times overcome (my usual lovely self, wink) if I haven’t eaten in more than a few + hours. Those who know me know when I start to exhibit one or more signs they either need to feed me or run for the hills. Thus I try to prepare and always have an emergency kit of snacks on hand to stave off these less then pleasant effects.

Nuts, hummus, veggies, fruit- they’re all great to have around, but I’ve discovered the new perfect snack for summer. You may ask what exactly constitutes a perfect snack? Well, in my book…

1. It has to be filling. If  I’m gonna snack I want something that will ward of hanger until my next meal.

2. It has to be healthy. I want to feel better after my snack, not worse.

3. It has to be easy. Who wants to spend a ton of time making a snack? Betch, I got better things to do.

4. It has to be tasty. No explanation necessary.

5. This all depends on your mood, but for me personally, I like snacks that I can dip in well, dip (i.e- chips and guac, fries in ketchup, artichokes in aioli, etc.) It’s just fun. And who doesn’t like dip?

I stumbled upon this new perfect snack on my recent trip to Cabo, Mexico. MLB and I dined at a beautiful restaurant and instead of the usual chips n’ salsa our waiter brought us out jicama “fries” sprinkled with fresh lime, chili powder and sea salt.

WTF is jicama, you may ask?  Originally grown in South and Central America, jicama is a highly nutritious root vegetable with a sweet starchy taste (much like a sweet potato) and crunchy texture (check off #4). It’s loaded with important vitamins and minerals (vitamin c, potassium, iron, calcium and fiber), low in sodium with practically no fat content and only 35 calories per 100 g raw serving (hello #2) . Because of it’s high soluble fiber content it’s also very filling (#1, check) and tastes best consumed raw (# 3) which in raw form also translates to retaining all of it’s nutrients and enzymes (again, #2).  The sturdiness of the veg also makes it superb for dipping (#5, holla).

How do you eat it? Here’s my favorite way-

Jicama fries sprinkled with paprika with a side of salsa

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Raw Jicama "Fries"

Jicama fries with a side of salsa on a light blue plate
Author: Lauren Chambers


  • 1 medium-large sized jicama (you can find in produce section of most grocery stores)
  • sea salt
  • chili powder
  • 1 lime


  1. Peel skin from jicama. Chop lengthwise into long, fry-like sticks.
  2. Put in a mixing bowl and squeeze fresh lime juice over sticks. Season generously with sea salt and chili powder.
  3. Serve with fresh salsa and guacamole.
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Scarlett from from Gone with the Wind saying As God as my witness, I'll never go hungry again!

If you haven’t seen “Gone with the Wind” (which I realize is probably 99% of the population) you probably won’t get it. It’s funny, just trust me.