Libido-Boosting Salted Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme

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10 February 2017

Whether you’re into Valentine’s Day or not, one thing I think we can all agree on — especially in times like these — is it never hurts to celebrate love or take a bit of extra time to show someone just how much you love them…amiright?!

And IMO there’s no better way to do just that than by putting in the time, thought and energy it takes to prepare your lover a dish that’s both nourishing and delicious. Unless of course that dish takes your intimate gesture to the next level by boosting your sex drive and enhancing your passion with your partner.

dairyfree dark chocolate mousse

Which is exactly what these little super sexy, salted dark chocolate pot de cremes I whipped up do. Yup, not only are they decadent and delicious, but they contain adaptogens like Maca and Cordyceps which naturally boost your libido. Oh and they’re also dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo to boot. Plus topped with coconut whipped cream for good measure…. because why the hell not?

super sexy salted dark chocolate dessert with coconut whipped cream

And if you needed just one more reason, they are seriously the easiest dessert I’ve ever created/made. Zero prep time, five minutes kitchen time and two hours to chill. So yeah, you’re gonna wanna head over to the lovely Clementine Daily to get the recipe for these babies.

Happy Valentines Day Lovers, from my kitchen to yours.

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salted dark chocolate pot de creme