Next Level Grilled Artichokes + World’s Most Addictive Aoili (Only Eight Ingredients, Vegan & Glutenfree)

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21 May 2015

You guys.

I’ve created something kind of next level. So next level, in fact, that my meat-loving fiance (MLF) declared it one of the best things he’s ever eaten. And it wasn’t fried, stuffed with cheese or covered in bacon. So that’s really sayin’ something.

Grilled artichokes with aioli on a baking tray

I took one of my most popular blog recipes (artichokes + worlds most addictive aoili) and added a twist by grillin’ the chokes first. Because what doesn’t taste better grilled?

And the result was insane.

The recipe requires only eight ingredients and the center star is the artichoke (which is totes in season and #sohotrightnow). You can serve it as an app, veggie side, or even an entree along with other filling sides. The result is mega gorg and a surefire crowd pleaser.

Four grilled artichoke halves

It’s also ridiculously healthy. Chokes are low in calories but high in nutrients, such as folate, fiber and vitamins (C & K). They’re also packed with antioxidants and number seven on the USDA’s top 20 antioxidant-rich foods list.

Here’s none antioxidants available to you in artichokes and why you should care:

  • Uercetin- flavanoid that works to protect against cancer and heart disease
  • Rutin- promotes vascular health, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties
  • Gallic Acid- this antioxidant is also found in red wine and black tea. It inhibits cell proliferation in prostate cancer cells
  • Anthocyanins- the color pigments in chokes that are associated with a lower risk of certain cancers, urinary tract health, memory function and healthy aging
  • Luteolin and Cynarin– Polyphenol antioxidants that lower cholesterol levels and help in regeneration of liver tissue
  • Caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid– contain anti-cancer, antimicrobial, anti- LDL (bad cholesterol) and antiviral properties
  • Silymarin- this antioxidant may aid the liver in regenerative tissue growth

So without further adieu, your chokes await:

Grilled artichokes with olive oil dressing on a white plate

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Next Level Grilled Artichokes + World’s Most Addictive Aioli

Grilled artichokes with aioli on a tray
Author: Lauren Chambers



  1. Put a large pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil (you will use this to steam the artichokes). While waiting for the water to reach boiling point, prep your artichokes by rinsing, drying and cutting off the long stems and making an x with knife in the bottom of the artichoke (this will help cook the artichoke thoroughly). Chop off a tiny bit of the top of artichoke (about ⅓ of an inch).
  2. Once water is boiling add in the juice of the lemon and halves, as well as the chokes. Turn boil to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes.
  3. While your chokes are cooking, mix the World's Most Addictive Aioli ingredients together in a bowl.
  4. Once chokes are done boiling, drain from water. When they are cool enough to handle, cut artichokes in half lengthwise.  Use a small spoon to scoop out the hairy “choke” from the heart and discard.
  5. Place artichoke halves in a large bowl and drizzle with olive oil mixture, tossing and gently massaging to get some of the marinade between the leaves.
    Grilled artichokes with olive oil dressing and lemon on a white plate
  6. Preheat your grill to medium-hot. Place the artichokes on the grill and cook until grill marks appear, flipping and cooking both sides. Remove artichokes to a platter and serve hot or at room temperature with aioli drizzled over or on the side for dipping.
    Four halves of grilled artichokes drizzled with aioli
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