Whole30 Mocha + Homemade Cashew Milk

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3 November 2016

Hi my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to coffee.

It’s not so much that I NEED it to function (which I admit it does often help in that department) but that I love the whole morning ritual of it.

I love the smell of coffee beans grinding.

I love sitting on the couch drinking a cup with my (meat-lovin’) husband all cozy-like on the weekend.

I love trying new blends and holiday latte recipes (like this TDF sugar-free superfood coconut cashew mocha).

vegan mocha in a white cup

I love visiting new and interesting coffee shops when I travel and bringing home a bag of beans to use in our espresso machine.

I love the connection it often brings- everyone’s always down to grab a coffee amiright?!

I love the taste (that’s pretty much a given).

Homemade cashew milk mocha

So yeah. You could say coffee and I have a serious, passionate love affair. It legit motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. A tad unhealthy? Maybe. But I’m all about dropping truth bombs here.

Some of you may be thinking….but Lauren you’re all about healthy eating and isn’t coffee bad for you? I’m of firm belief due to  so.much. research and the fact that (well-sourced, quality) coffee beans are truly a whole-plant-based food that coffee is not, in fact, bad for you. There are numerous studies that show drinking coffee can improve health from lowering risk of certain types of cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease. It’s also been associated with reducing inflammation and increases blood flow and circulation, contributing to enhanced mental and athletic performance.

That being said, coffee may not be a great choice for everyone, especially if you are sensitive to or depend on caffeine (think drinking multiple cups throughout the day to survive), which could throw off your sleeping schedule, hormonal balance or stimulate anxiety levels.

It also becomes unhealthy when we add a bunch of ish to it like added sugars, chemicals (hello Starbucks!) and milk/ dairy we may not digest well.

Homemade coconut cashew mocha sprinkled with cinnamon

Thus I’m all about mixing good for you ingredients in with my coffee to start the day fueling my body the right way (I also always drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing upon waking to hydrate and support my liver). This is why I like to add a tbsp or two of good fats (like coconut oil, coconut butter or MCT oil, which are healthy fats that help slow the absorption of the caffeine into your bloodstream (reducing those coffee jitters or cracked out like feeling) and are attributed to helping with fat loss, weight control, increasing metabolic rate, digestion and moisturizing skin.

I also love making my own nut milks like this simple five-ingredient cashew milk recipe which is nutrient-dense, fiber-loaded, rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, and high in magnesium and copper (which are vital for bone, skin and hair health).

Cashew milk in a metal pitcher

It also doesn’t include any harmful chemicals like carrageenan or unnatural, refined or added sugars, which most other nut milks and low fat milks contain. Plus it tastes AMAZEBALLS in this coconut cashew mocha recipe. Which is creamy, filling, rich and LOADED with goodness from the cashew milk, coconut oil, coconut butter and dark cacao. Plus it’s only naturally sweetened with dates and totally Whole30/ paleo/ vegan approved. So pretty much anyone on any diet can enjoy (unless you are allergic to nuts which in this case STAY AWAY).

Oh and if you’re not obsessed with coffee like I am? Just leave the espresso out! It’d make an amazing hot chocolate this season and an excellent healthy treat for the kiddos.

Now head on over to one of my favorite vegan local joints Jujubeet to get the recipe! Happy Healthy Holidaze loves!


whole 30 approved, sugar-free coconut cashew mocha