Upgrade Your Christmas Cookies with These Peppermint Brownie Batter Fat Balls

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13 December 2018

‘Tis the season for all things Christmas Cookies!

These little guys are notorious for showing up at and — depending on where you’re at in your journey with food and health — can either be a source of pleasure or the downfall of your day (or sometimes strangely both).

If you tend to fall into the latter category, I’ve got three quick and easy tips for you to navigate all the holiday indulgences this season —



Repeat after me —

“I’ll enjoy it, but only if I ACTUALLY enjoy it.”

How many times have you eaten some random candy at the office or added a serving of casserole to your plate without even really wanting it/thinking about it only to feel inflamed, sluggish or guilty after?

Instead of recognizing this after the fact, go into each party/event/day with a clear mindset on the things you love that are worth indulging in, and say no to the things that simply aren’t (aka if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no). This will save you room physically (to enjoy the food and beverages you ACTUALLY love) as well as emotionally and mentally.

PS — Try taking this approach in every day life too, not just during the holidays/with food, but with things, situations, events and people. Your life will instantly become a lot less cluttered and filled with more meaning, intention and joy.



I get it, this is a supremely overused phrase, but I’m going to break down what it means and how to make it actually attainable.

When you “eat mindfully” you’re allowing yourself to be present with your meal. You can experience more pleasure and enjoyment because you’re actually able to taste your food, rather than be distracted by other competing events (tv, driving, instagram scrolling, etc.)

Long story short, the more present, calm and un-rushed you are, the more this optimizes your digestion for maximum absorption of nutrients and minimizes uncomfortable or annoying symptoms (such as bloat, gas, hunger, etc).

So how to do it simply and effectively?

Make a pact with yourself to enjoy at least one meal per day on a plate, sitting down, at a table. Simply start there and notice the difference, paying attention to the food and how you feel before, during and after.



Last but certainly least, if you’re craving a certain food (minus how it makes you feel post-consumption) try upgrading the recipe, instead of giving it up altogether. Like making your own hot cocoa with cacao powder and maple syrup vs. buying the sugar + chemical laden stuff at Starbucks, or whipping up some mac n cheese at home with real, organic cheese and chickpea pasta noodles, vs. buying the little blue box.

Or if you’re looking for an upgraded Christmas Cookie recipe, try these Peppermint Mocha Brownie Batter Fat Balls. 

These no-bake “cookies” are the stuff dreams are made of. Not only are they simple, delicious and seriously festive, but they’re also rich in nutrients to stabilize your blood sugar and provide you with long-lasting energy (to make it through all those holiday parties, of course).

So yes, you can have your balls and eat them too 🙂 . Snag the no-bake recipe here. 

Happy Healthyish Holidays,

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