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17 January 2013

So, this may come as a surprise, but I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to blogging. It’s actually pretty intimidating. Like, what is a widget exactly? Or how in the heck do I add hyperlinks? (Yes I realize this may be sad and for the record I now know the answer to both).

So last night I went to dinner at one of my all-time favorite spots, Chaco Canyon, with one of my all time favorite people. She happens to write for Seattle Weekly, is editor-in-chief of Sip Northwest Magazine and used to write her own blog, abottleaweek so she’s obviously experienced in the art of blogging. (SEE- look at that expert use of hyperlinks!)

Any way, while she was teaching me how to hyperlink and what widgets are and all that other good stuff I was enjoying this-

Curried cauliflower soup and winter Caesar salad on a restaurant table

Curried Cauliflower Soup & Winter Caesar Salad

Curried cauliflower soup and raw winter caesar salad. I’ve been pretty obsessed with soup as of late and I know I’m not alone because it’s winter and we’re all cold and soup is warm and comforting and pretty freakin’ delicious. Chaco did not disappoint with this thick, creamy bowl of goodness (topped with actual roasted chunks of cauliflower and coconut flakes). To be honest I’ve had better salads, but I did feel almost skinnier after eating it. The dehydrated onion rings on top were the best part.

My expert blogger girlfriend mowed on this-

A ciabatta sandwich and salad on a restaurant table

Chanterelle & Leek Sammy

She seemed to think it was okay for a “vegan” dish. Keep in mind my blogging expert girlfriend is far from vegan (she’s about as obsessed with pork as I am with sweet potatoes- which will soon become very apparent) so “okay” vegan food to her would probably delight the likes of you (assuming you are vegan/ish).

BT Dubbs (like “by the way” or BTW- clever right? Copied that one from Shoshanna in GIRLS) if you live in the Seattle Area and have never been to Chaco– you MUST go. It’s entirely organic, vegan, and has lots of gluten-free and raw options. Every person I’ve ever dragged along (including meat-lovin’ boyfriend) has not hated it TOO terribly much and even agreed to go back ( the artichoke melt with cashew cheeze will do the trick ).

Alright, I guess it’s time to get back to creating headers and completing my RSS Feed (Umm say wha????). Until next time, dear readers!