Smoothie Game Strong w/ Good Juju + A Juice Cleanse Giveaway

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13 May 2015

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good smoothie.

I seriously can’t start my day without them (and coffee, obvi) and have noticed a MAJE shift in my appearance and health after adding in regular smoothie consumption more than three years ago.

A meme saying You don't drink green smoothies? I'm totally buggin'

Now I’m not talking sugary- artificial ingredient filled- the kind that are so processed they last for months on grocery store shelves type smoothies.

I’m talking plant-based, superfood stacked, green machine smoothies fully loaded with ingredients that will bring on the glowing skin, enhanced energy and remove toxins and that nasty unwanted waste from your bod (yeah you know what I’m talking about 😉 ). Oh and they have to actually taste good.

A green smoothie decorated with mint leaves

Now I’ve become somewhat of a smoothie expert at home, but I have to admit that even mine don’t compare to my go-to organic smoothie joint, Jujubeet. These guys have their smoothies on lock. Each drink on their menu is specifically designed with plant-based ingredients to optimize your intake of certain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients and have very telling names such as “Inflammation Smoothie” (ingredients help fight inflammation) and “Athlete’s Fuel” (ingredients maximize your protein/fiber intake to give you plenty of substance for that long workout ahead).

Coconut, mango, avocado, banana and greens on a table

My staple is the “Green Beauty” smoothie which is designed to promote a healthy and attractive appearance of the skin (shocker!). It’s loaded with a few of my favorite things that happen to have a few of my favorite health benefits:

  • Avocado– rich in vitamin E and healthy fats that prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brazil nuts– contain selenium which protects our skin from free radical damage
  • Flax Seeds– rich in omega 3’s that reduce inflammation
  • Ginger– a powerful inflammation fighting ingredient

Not to mention spinach, coconut water, fresh herbs, banana and mango, all which add powerful minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It also tastes AH Maze and is totes in season right now.  

Now I also have a new fave dubbed “The Cocoa Ruby”, but DON’T GET THE WRONG IDEA HERE. This bad boy is one of five smoothies in a brand new fertility line Jujubeet is launching this week- all specifically designed by in-house dietician Elena Razmpoosh as well as Dr. Susan Carr and Dr. Lilla DiFlorio from Fertile Path to support energy, athletic performance, libido and fertility.

Beets, raspberries, dates, a banana, greens, and nut butter

The Cocoa Ruby is extremely rich in plant derived nitrates and polyphenols ( from those beets, spinach & raspberries) that act synergistically to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body. Nitric Oxide promotes healthy blood flow (by decreasing clotting) and arterial (blood vessel) relaxation in our circulatory system. Healthy and sustained blood flow allows for efficient oxygen and nutrient delivery to all body systems, including cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal and reproductive. (Note: Viagra and other ED medicines influence NO levels to provided therapeutic benefit in men and women, thereby increasing sexual satisfaction.)  Unfortunately as we age, we see a significant decrease in NO levels, making dietary intake of nitrate rich foods even more important for good health (and other activities, wink).

The Cocoa Ruby also contains banana, almond butter, cocoa (duh) and cayenne. Cocoa is a superfood that contains a chemical called theobromine which has stimulating properties akin to caffeine and aphrodisiac-like attributes. Cayenne adds a spicy kick in more than one way- this pepper contains loads of capsaicin which has similar properties to theobromine.

Oh and did I mention this smoothie has INSANE flavor?! It’s seriously unlike anything I’ve ever tasted (spicy, nutty, creamy, bright, sweet, acidic). I drank it and felt like I just downed a double-shot of espresso- my energy was off the charts! This will become a staple whenever I’m in need of an am pick-me-up (or feeling extra spicy ;)).

Two glasses of Jujubeet's red and a green smoothies on a kitchen towel

There are four more different smoothies in this new line, and if you’re a Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond-area local I highly recommend you stop by and try ’em out (also check out their new talk series with information about the fertility menu on May 17th at their Bellevue location).

You can also enter in this giveaway and win either:

1) A one-day Jujubeet beginner cleanse (a $35 value and a half-day cleanse containing four 16-oz beverages and an immunity elixir)


2) A gift box that includes three specialty smoothies from Jujubeet’s new Fertility menu (including the Cocoa Ruby!) and one 4-pack of our Cinnamon Rawies (legit sweet chocolate treats minus all the bad stuff).

It’s seriously like so easy to win. Just do all of the following 3 steps :

1. Comment on this post telling me why you love SoFreshNSoGreen and why you think you should win

2. Follow me on insta, facebook or twitter and subscribe to my news letter (or all four)!

3. Follow Jujubeet on insta, facebook or twitter (or all three)!

You can enter in for up to a week so hop-to-it! Winners will be announced in two weeks so you can get those goodies just in time for sweet summa season (cough cough bikini season).

Jujubeet green and red smoothies

P.S. The MLF (meat lovin’ fiance) fully approves of Jujubeet smoothies and particularly likes certain side effects of the Cocoa Ruby 😉