2018 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide — Meaningful Purchases To Inspire Health, Happiness & Joy This Season

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29 November 2018

It’s that time of the year — where you’re no doubt busy Christmas shopping for everyone on your list (and possibly still putting together your own).

This past year I’ve been trying to become a more conscious consumer. While it’s always a rush to get a gift or buy something new, I’ve actually been finding joy in purchasing less. Less excess, less clutter, less pollution, less to worry about. More space, money and time to be present, travel, and experience life.

That being said, there are plenty of products out there that have made a positive impact on my life, and I truly feel good about purchasing (especially when doing so also supports many hard-working merchants, environmental causes, socially conscious companies and charitable initiatives).

And as a result, many of them have secured a spot in the 2018 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide — a careful curation of meaningful purchases to evoke health, happiness and joy this season — for you and everyone on your list.


Happy Healthy-ish Holidays To You & Yours,

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My most coveted kitchen tools for making delicious eats and achieving optimal health.

+ Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System 

berkey water filter

We purchased this last year when we found out I was pregnant as tap water is commonly contaminated with chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals and other harmful byproducts. Not only is it majorly effective at filtering out toxins but it makes your water taste great too!

+ Vitamix 5200 

vitamix blender

We just upgraded our blender to this version, and I’m in love! Seriously, this is my MOST used kitchen appliance and if you or someone you love wants to start cooking more, it’s a game changer.

+ Breville Espresso Machine

breville espresso machine

My second-most-used kitchen appliance, this thing may seem pricey but has saved me so much money over the years (I used to spend $6 on a latte I love that using this produces the same quality coffee drink I could buy at an expensive shop, and I can swap out the sugar and shelf-stabilizing chemicals found in most milks cafe’s use for my own!

+ Instant Pot 

instant pot

I don’t have one of these yet, but it’s definitely on my list. An easy and efficient way to incorporate more home-cooked meals into your life!

+ Le Creuset Dutch Oven 

le creuset dutch oven

I love cooking with a cast iron skillet — it adds insane taste and texture to food, plus it’s non-toxic and contains trace elements of iron which are infused into your food (perfect for anyone deficient in iron)! I’ve been dreaming of owning one of these dutch ovens for years. Staub also has beautiful and more affordable options.

+ Ceramics


There’s not much I don’t love about ceramics, in particular their beautiful aesthetic, the unique handmade quality, and the fact that buying them typically means I’m supporting small business owners!

Here’s a few of my fave brands/those on my wishlist this year —

Plant Provisions

Sarah Kersten

Colleen Hennessy

Earth and Element

Mimi Ceramics

+ Cookbooks 

sweet laurel cookbook

Call it old school, but there’s something about owning an ACTUAL cookbook. This year I’m hoping to score a copy of Sweet Laurel’s Recipes For Whole Food + Grain-Free Desserts and Melissa Hemsley’s Eat Happy: 30 Minute Feel Good Food cookbook (which is basically my whole cooking philosophy)!



No hormone-disrupting toxins allowed here! My fave clean yet super effective beauty products to promote optimal health and vibrancy.

+ Primally Pure Products —

primally pure clean skincare

Safe to say I’m obsessed with this company’s mission, ethos and completely clean, non-toxic beauty products (as a hormone health coach I believe making the switch to safe skin-care and beauty products is one of the biggest things we can do to promote hormonal balance).

My absolute faves so far are their almond + vanilla body butter and THE ONLY NON-TOXIC deodorant that has ever worked for me. Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your order.

+ Rose Quartz Face Roller 

rose quartz face roller

I’m seriously obsessed with this thing and consider it one of my most basic but rewarding daily self-care rituals. There’s something so soothing about washing your face, applying oil and massaging it in with this chilled face roller (I keep mine in the fridge which helps with de-puffing). Plus it helps minimize wrinkles, promotes collagen and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

+ Kari Gran Lip Whip  

kari gran lip whip

Another awesome non-toxic skin and beauty brand, I’m a big fan of their moisturizing, totally luxe lip whip (try the peppermint)! Makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

+ ZIIP MicroCurrent Skincare Device 

ziip microcurrent

I consider this a seriously indulgent present, but I’m hoping to own one of these within the next year. This magical tool uses micro and nano-currents to create more collagen and elastin, decrease onset acne, increase circulation, accelerate wound healing, and repair tissue. If you’re shelling out tons of $ on facials, botox, fillers, or skincare products, this might be the perfect clean swap.

+ CocoKind Chlorophyll Face Mask 

cocokind chlorphyll face mask

Nothing like a good face-mask — this one has all the makings and a benefits of a dark, leafy green smoothie but you don’t actually have to drink it (if you’re not into that sort of thing :)).



Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of self-care — especially to yourself! Here’s a list of some of my favorite ideas, but feel free to build off of this and tailor it to you and yours accordingly.

+ A Non-Toxic Facial Gift Card

To me there is almost nothing more indulgent. Try searching non-toxic facials in your area or if you’re a Seattle local check out Cake Skincare.

+ A Gym/Studio Gift Card

Exercising is just about my favorite form of self-care. It helps me feel good and improves both physical and mental health. Bonus points if you pick a place you and your gift recipient can go together, which boosts connection, feel-good endorphins and accountability :). If you’re a Seattle local check out The Pursuit Studio (use code “sofreshsogreen” to receive 15% off any package) , Be One Yoga (cold lavender towels at the end of class — TRUST ME ON THIS ONE), or Soul Cycle (take a class with Earl, he’s the best).

+ Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna

There is a reason why I’ve mentioned this for 3 YEARS RUNNING, and fingers crossed this is THE YEAR I get my own. To read more about why I’m absolutely obsessed with the power of infrared sauna click here. If owning a sauna seems ridiculous, check out studios in your area (and if you’re a Seattle local head to City Sweats and use my name or SOFRESHNSOGREEN to save a whopping 50% off your first session). 

+ Essential Oils

doterra essential oils

I was admittedly a skeptic of essential oils for a long time, but now that I’ve been using them for over a year and have experienced the benefits first-hand I’m here to convert you. Doterra is my fave pure, therapeutic grade brand, and I especially love the Onguard blend for fending off colds, Breathe for diffusing in my baby girl’s room when her nose is stuffy, Lavender on my pillow or in epsom salt baths before bed, and Digestzen rubbed on my tummy to help alleviate bloat.

+ Bath Caddy

bath caddy

Want to have your bath and drink your wine too? You can do both (plus candles, your kindle, etc.) with a bath caddy. Genius!

+ CBD Infused Goodies 

cbd oil

If you’re not on the CBD train yet it might be time, and if you have any loved ones suffering with chronic pain or muscle tension, anxiety, headaches, sleep issues, depression or autoimmune disorders this could be the perfect gift for them (due to it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, pain-reducing and immunity-boosting benefits). I love this oil that’s easy to use in anything, or by adding some CBD-infused dark chocolate to my coffee, hot cocoa or baked goods.

+ Nutrition + Hormone Health Coaching

health coach

I may be biased (considering this is my profession and life’s passion) but to me there is nothing more important than the gift of good health. While this isn’t something you can package up with a pretty bow and give someone, I do believe in the power of coaching.

Specifically I work with client’s to identify the root-cause of their hangups with food, health symptoms (such as bloat, digestive issues, weight loss or gain, skin disorders, hormone imbalances, fertility issues, painful periods, etc) and help them develop a simple, realistic strategy that empowers them to overcome barriers, promoting them to look and feel their very best. 

If you or someone you know and love could benefit from this type of support, please email me at or sign up for a complimentary consult here. I have limited spots available which open on a first come, first serve basis end of December/ January 1.



The gifts that keep giving! These are a few of my favorite membership or subscription service ideas, perfect if you’re looking for something a bit unique or more experiential.

+ Goop Supplements

goop supplements

I’m the type of person that takes supplements rigidly until I run out, then forget to order more for another month, at which point I can typically notice a difference (especially if they were working in the first place). I LOVE the genius that is a subscription service of supplements, so that it automatically renews (at a very affordable price) just when you’re needing a fresh supply. These packages are also a one and done deal, so you don’t have to worry about counting out all your pills for the day. My favorite is Goop’s THE MOTHER LOAD, which I’ve been taking daily postpartum and feeling pretty fabulous!

+ Dry Farm Wines Memberships

dry farm wines

I LOVE me a good glass of wine, but not so much how I feel after. I used to think I was just hungover, but I now recognize feeling crummy post-consumption as a result of the sulfites, additives and even mold toxins found in most wine. This is why I’m eager to join Dry Farm Wine’s Membership program which only sources biodynamic wines that have been lab-tested to be sugar-free and low in sulfites.

+ Frankie and Jo’s Pint Club

frankie and jos

I am OBSESSED with this plant-based ice cream, which is hands down my favorite cold treat I’ve ever tasted (not to mention dairy-free, gluten-free and mostly refined-sugar-free). They also have insane flavors like Gingered Golden Milk, Japanese Pumpkin and Salty Caramel Ash. Their pint club is a perfect gift idea for anyone who deals with food sensitivities or digestive issues, is health conscious, or just plain loves ice cream. They also ship nationwide.

+ Institute For Integrative Nutrition Online Holistic Health Courses

institute for integrative nutrition

Completing my nutrition + health coaching certification has been one of the biggest game changers of my life. As a result I get to wake up every day and do what I love — while helping others feel better in the process! If you or someone you know and love is passionate about health, wellness, helping others, and/or looking to make a career move — make sure to check out this program (and don’t forget to mention my name (Lauren Chambers), which could save you anywhere from $500-$1000 in tuition). Feel free to email me at with any questions!

+ Thrive Market Membership

thrive market

The perfect gift for anyone who loves healthy and clean food but hates spending a fortune on it (i.e. 25-50% off retail prices on products). Use this code to save 25% off of that on your first order.

+ Gather Seattle Membership

gather seattle

If you’re a Seattle Local, chances are you’ve heard of this community-focused platform, which hosts a variety of events each month in order to foster connection and creativity. Perfect for anyone in the area looking to meet new people, build a business or brand, hone a craft, or simply engage in good conversation.

+ The Riveter Co-working Community Membership 

the riveter

Another great option for any Seattle locals, this co-working space focuses on supporting female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.



Pretty sure by now you know the way to my heart is through my stomach, and if you’re looking for some ideas for anyone else like this you’ve come to the right place! Especially perfect for those looking to adopt healthier eating habits without sacrificing flavor.

+ Groundup PDX 

groundup pdx

Super delicious nut butters (in flavors like Honey Lavender, Snickerdoodle and Coconut Cardamom no less) made without any processed oils or refined sugar. But the best part? The company provides employment, mentorship and job training to women overcoming adversity. A purchase you can feel good inside and out about. PS — Use code SOFRESH15 to receive 15% off your order!

+ nupods Dairy-Free Creamer

nutpods creamer

My favorite dairy-free, sugar-free coffee creamer, this stuff tastes good in just about anything (I regularly use their original flavor in tons of dishes like soup, creamy pastas and baked goods). I’ve gifted this to tons of friends and family members and they always enjoy it. Try their Winter Collection for a seasonal twist (the Peppermint Mocha is my fave) and don’t forget to use the code SOFRESH15 to get 15% off your purchase. 

+ Vital Proteins Collagen Products

vital proteins collagen

A VITAL (pun intended) part of my daily routine, collagen has a plethora of health and beauty benefits, including optimizing digestion and gut health and promoting youthful skin, thick hair and strong nails. I love this brand as all of their collagen is sourced from pasture-raised cows or wild caught fish, plus their products easily dissolve into warm drinks and add a frothy, creamy texture when blended. This holiday sampler box is an inexpensive and delicious way to try out their products (plus perfect for stocking stuffers and holiday travel).

+ Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

A perfect gift for any coffee lovers in your life (yourself included), we only buy Bulletproof beans which not only taste delicious but go through rigorous lab-testing to ensure they haven’t been contaminated with mold toxins (which is unfortunately really common and why some people can’t tolerate coffee). Try creating a little gift package by adding some brain octane oil and creamy vanilla bean ghee to the mix to make a true “bulletproof” style coffee.

+ Sun Potions Ashwagandha

sun potions

I’m a huge fan of adaptogens, which are superfood herbs and mushrooms that help your body naturally adapt to stress. Each one has different unique health properties, but most work to restore your hormonal balance, and improve sleep, mental clarity and immune strength on some level.  My favorite right now is ashwagandha as I work to restore my hormonal balance post-baby. I add a tsp in my bulletproof coffee or smoothies in the morning.

+ Four Sigmatic Reishi + Chaga

four sigmatic

Another one of my favorite adaptogens, these mushrooms truly have amazing affects on our bodies and minds! I love reishi for decreasing anxiety and improving sleep and chaga for boosting immunity, especially during cold and flu season. Perfect little stocking stuffers for anyone looking to supercharge their health this season.

+ Honey Mama’s Chocolate Bars

honey mamas chocolate

Hands down my favorite chocolate, made with only five REAL ingredients and naturally soy, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free. The company is based in Portland and they only use unbleached parchment paper as packaging to boot! A true must-have for any chocolate lovers in your life (try the espresso nib or dutch cocoa flavors).



These are my tried and true absolute favorite health and wellness-promoting spots in the Greater Seattle area. Perfect for anyone local looking for something extra special and indulgent this season.

+ Higher Health Spine and Sport

higher health

Pauline and Deanna are twin sisters and the real deal! They take a holistic approach regarding chiropractic care and were able to relieve me of so much discomfort and pain during pregnancy. Mention So Fresh N So Green to get 20% off your first massage and a complimentary exam with Pauline!

+ The Pursuit Reformer Pilates

reformer pilates

I swear by reformer pilates, which has lengthened and strengthened my physique more effectively than any other form of exercise (and helped me maintain a strong core throughout my pregnancy/birth). Rachel’s studio and set of instructors are simply the best. Use “sofreshsogreen” at checkout to get 15% off 5, 10 or 20 class packs.  

+ City Sweats Infrared Sauna Sessions

infrared sauna seattle

I’m absolutely obsessed with this wellness spa, which offers infrared sauna sessions, lymphatic drainage massages, holistic facials and more. If you know someone who loves to be pampered, treat them to a gift card here and they won’t be disappointed. Also a great option for those dealing with autoimmune disorders or chronic illnesses such as lyme disease, as infrared sauna has been shown to improve symptoms and promote healing. Use the code “sofreshnsogreen” and save 50% off your first sauna session!

+ Jujubeet Juice

jujubeet juice

The most adorable juice bars and cafes, owned by one of the nicest and most BA lady bosses you’ll ever meet. Snag a gift card for anyone who loves juices, smoothies, turmeric lattes or delicious vegan treats. Tell them I sent you and get 15% off your first purchase!

+ Bellden Cafe

bellden cafe

My favorite coffee spot on the Eastside, owned by yet another BA lady boss. They source Coava beans (some of my fave from Portland) and feature delicious seasonal drink concoctions that donate a portion of their proceeds to local charities. An ideal treat for coffee lovers in your life!

+ Cake Skincare

cake skincare seattle

I’m in love with this clean skincare studio and highly recommend their customized facials — book with Stacy at their Capitol Hill location if you can!

+ Be One Yoga Studio

Three words — cool.lavender.towels. (which they give you at the end of every yoga session). The teachers are awesome and there’s a variety of classes for every type of yogi.

+ The Pantry Cooking Classes

pantry cooking classes

I’ve yet to take one of these coveted courses, but it’s been on my wish list for years. Such a fun idea for anyone that loves cooking or is looking to learn!

+ The Plant Shop 

plant shop seattle

For the plant lover in your life, this place boasts an epic variety of plants and pottery.

+ Anders Shop Seattle

anders shop seattle

The cutest little boutique with tons of socially conscious and eco-friendly sourced home decor, jewelry and natural bath and beauty products. Features lots of local artisan work as well!



I can only speak for myself, but these were some of the items that made pregnancy/birth/postpartum a little less hard and more enjoyable in some way!

+ Primally Pure Products

primally pure clean skincare

Currently loving this clean, non-toxic line. See above for more deets, but would make an awesome gift for any of your mom friends looking to clean up their skin/beauty regimen. Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your order.

+ Honest Organic Nipple Balm + Belly Balm 

honest belly balm

I slathered the belly balm on my stomach every day during pregnancy and so far, not a single stretch mark. Also the nipple cream is clutch for nursing (because the nipple pain is REAL).

+ Nurture Book

nurture book

Favorite, totally empowering + completely non-judgemental pregnancy/birth/early motherhood book, hands down.

+ Cake Nursing Tanks

cake nursing tank

I’m five weeks post-birth and I literally LIVE in these things. Good quality, look nice on and extremely easy to use.

+ Goop’s The Mother Load Supplements

goop supplements

Swear by it. See under subscription services for more details.

+ Expecting Joy Doula + Postpartum Services 

expecting joy doula

Pretty much THE BEST thing we did in preparing for birth was hiring our doula. This company was incredible to work with and I highly recommend to anyone living in the Seattle area. Kira was our doula and if it weren’t for her expertise and holistic methods I’m pretty sure I would have had to have a c-section with the way my labor was progressing (instead I was able to have a vaginal birth as I had hoped).

+ The Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings

mother tucker leggings

Live in these things. Not only are they comfortable and flattering but they help to restore your waist and pelvic floor.

+ Tucks 

tucks pads

Just TRUST ME on this one.

+ Soothies Gels

soothies gels

Another must for sore nipples. Keep them in the fridge for instant relief.

+ Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth 

bone broth

Nourishing, incredibly nutrient-dense, warming and no cooking necessary. The perfect pick-me-up for new moms trying to keep their energy and nutrition up.

+ Self-Care

Again, while I can only speak for myself here I’m fairly confident lots of your pregnant and new mama friends would appreciate any gift that empowers them to love on themselves a little more. See above for more ideas!



What’s more fulfilling than a gift that gives back to others? Full disclosure I snagged these ideas from Marie Forleo, a BA entrepreneur who is the queen of giving back. Click here for more ideas.

Cure Violence

Cure Violence is the #1 NGO in preventing violence, proven by multiple independent studies. Currently active in Chicago, New Orleans, Honduras, Syria and the West Bank.

+ Thistle Farms

Selling beautiful lotions and balms. Your purchase directly supports women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction.


Provides books and educational materials to children in need. Because education is the path out of poverty.



In search of other socially conscious, eco-friendly, or health-promoting gift ideas? Try shopping my carefully curated Amazon Storefront or checking out last year’s (still very relevant) gift guide.