2019 HEALTHY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE + Holiday Discount Codes & Deals

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2 December 2019

The 2019 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide is HERE and I hope you’re HERE for it.

Real talk, while I absolutely love both giving AND receiving gifts, over the past several years I’ve tried to be super intentional about my “list” and purchases for others.

Because as a nutrition + hormone health practitioner, I believe gifts that support a healthy lifestyle are those that keep giving, over and over again, back to yourself, your loved ones, community and environment as a result.

And when you’re truly healthy and happy, you’re truly helpful as well. Supporting businesses and brands that are doing their part to make this world a better place means you’re doing a small, but important part to make it better too.

Thus every single gift on my gift guide is very carefully thought out and is either something I a) already adamantly use, love and support or b) something on my personal holiday wishlist after plenty of careful research.

BONUS — Many of them also contain savings and discount codes, so be sure to look out for those as well.

I hope you find this gift guide helpful, and wishing you all a happy, healthy holiday season (and life) ahead.

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1. Primally Pure Plumping Serum + Rose Quartz Ridged Roller 

Fully obsessed with this clean beauty brand for many reasons. Read a full product review here and don’t forget to *use code SOFRESH1o to save 10% off your order. 

2. CBD Honey Mama Manuka Face Mask 

Sustainably sourced full-spectrum CBD combined with other potent anti-inflammatory ingredients for the glowiest skin! Snag the full product review here and *use code SA_Lauren20 to save 20%. 

3. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer 

Slowly transitioning to all clean, non-toxic makeup and this highlighter is at the top of my list.

4. Primally Pure Almond + Vanilla Body Butter 

Legit heaven in body butter form. All clean, real ingredients that work. Snag the product review here and *use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your order. 

5. Avocado Green Mattress 

A non-toxic mattress with organic and natural eco-friendly materials. Highly rated as insanely comfortable with a 25-year warranty. This WILL be my next new mattress friends.

6. Branch Basics Starter Kit

Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaning Solution that actually works. While it might not be the most sexy gift, I think any person who is looking to build a healthier, hormone-balancing lifestyle (and does plenty of loads of laundry) will be able to appreciate. *Use link above to save $10 off your first starter kit. 

7. White Noise Sound Machine

Have not yet tried, but heard amazing things and as a mom of a toddler will take what I can get to help with my sleep. Perfect for anyone else trying to do the same.

8. Phillips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock 

A much nicer way to wake up, this alarm clock helps set your circadian rhythm, optimizing both energy + sleep for the day.

9. Berkey Water Filter

Absolute game changer. We’ve been using ours to filter out harmful toxins and bacteria in our water supply (so important for health + hormone balance) for years. The purified water is no joke the best you’ll ever taste, and I can now taste the chlorine/residue in tap water.

10. S’well Stainless Steel Tumbler

Perfect way to cut down on plastic consumption (i.e. reuse and replace when traveling/going to coffee shops) and look chic doing it.

11. Bloomscape Subscription 

Obsessed with this idea, this service ships greenhouse grown plants directly to your door for a simple way to reduce allergies, purify your air, and make your home feel special.

12. Corc Sustainable Yoga Mat

I first tried this sustainable, all-natural yoga mat (i.e. zero plastics used, made from cotton and cork) at the Mind Body Green Revitalize Event and was blown away by the concept. It also happens to be slip resistant and anti-microbial, eliminating any of my sweat/odor without the need to even wipe it down. *Use code SOFRESH25 to save 25% off. 

13. adidas Grove Beanie

I’m obsessed with adidas on so many levels, especially their commitment to community engagement and funding to drive positive social change (not to mention their gear is always so comfy, stylish and efficient). This beanie’s color and style is on point for the holidays.

14. adidas Essentials Linear Tights

For working out, or looking effortlessly cool at home (while also keeping it super comfy).

15. adidas Cropped Hoodie

To match the pants, obvi.

16. adidas NMD R1 Shoes

Probably the coolest looking tennies I’ve ever seen.

17. Serenity Kids Baby Food Subscription Service

Perfect for any newish mamas in your life that need a convenient, portable, reliable way to ensure babies 6+ months are getting their nutrients. *Use this link to save 20% or code SOFRESH30 for 30% on Cyber Monday.

18. Tribe Alive Sustainable Women’s Clothing 

Ethically-made women’s clothing that looks just as good as it feels to buy.

19. Ritual Vitamins 

Obsessed with this multi-vitamin subscription service designed for women to get the essential nutrients your body can absorb and use. Plus they smell like peppermint, so they actually make it fun to take your supplements.

20. Soul Addict CBD Hemp Elixir

A part of my nightly routine, I love this sustainably sourced CBD Hemp Oil for it’s anti-inflammatory/ anxiety benefits. It has been super effective at helping myself and many of my clients get more restorative sleep, as well as significantly reduced chronic pain and arthritis for others. A must for anyone you love looking for stress or inflammation relief. *Use code SA_LAUREN20 to save 20%

21. Soul Addict CBD Hemp Prerolls

I also love this option when you need more immediate relief or just want a fun way to get your daily dose. *Use code SA_LAUREN20 to save 20%

22. Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor 

A must-read for anyone looking to manifest the life of their dreams. Prepare to have your mind blown.

23. Oura Ring

A ring that tracks your daily and nightly habits in order to help you get the most restorative sleep.

24. Food Marble Digestive Testing

Maybe the item on my list I’m most stoked about, this easy-to-use at-home breath test helps you find the foods you digest best (as well as pinpoint the ones causing you gut distress).

25. Institute For Integrative Nutrition 

This school changed my life in the best possible way. For anyone looking to build a career in health and wellness, I highly recommend this year-long online course. *Use my name to save up to 30% off tuition. 

26. Felix Gray Bluelight Blocking Glasses

Block circadian-disrupting (i.e. hormone imbalancing) blue light rays and look cute doing it.

27. Thrive Market Membership

An awesome service for anyone that loves healthy, clean brands but wants them at a more affordable price (literally everything is discounted) and delivered straight to your door (because who has time to grocery shop anymore?!) *Use this link to get a $20 credit towards your first purchase with membership.

28. Bulletproof Variety Coffee Pack

For any coffee lovers in your life, this is the best-tasting clean coffee around. *Use code SOGREEN10 to save 10% off your purchase.

29. Bulletproof Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

A zero-sugar-added rich dark chocolate bar that still satisfies your sweet tooth. Perfect for anyone trying to cut down on sugar without giving up their favorite treats. *Use code SOGREEN10 to save 10% off your purchase.

30. Dry Farm Wine Subscription

A health-focused, natural wine club with delicious, sugar-free wine options. Umm SIGN ME UP.

31. Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir

My go-to shroom of choice, this powder has a rich, earthy taste that perfectly compliments coffee + chocolate treats. As an adaptogen it also helps to reduce stress, restore balance and promote immunity + wellness in the body. *Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your purchase.

32. Kyptown Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sourced from the sustainably-grown olive groves of Greece, this is hands down the best olive oil I’ve ever had (and comes in the most chic packaging)! A must for your fellow foodies. *use code HOLIDAY30 to save 30% off your purchase. 

33. Butcher Box Meat Delivery Subscription 

Create your own custom monthly meat-box with the highest quality (i.e. organic, grass-fed + grass-finished, wild-caught) meats and seafood available. Another great option for your health-conscious foodies.

34. Healthier Together Cookbook 

OBSESSED with this gorgeous, super-functional cookbook and think your foodie friends will be too (especially if they have a partner to cook for/with).

35. Frankie + Jo’s Pint Club

Probably my favorite treat ever, and most likely anyone else’s who loves ice cream but doesn’t digest dairy well. All flavors are plant-based and INCREDIBLE (hi, date shake and jamocha chaga fudge).

36. Genius Foods 

Personally on my list, Max is a genius (get it) at breaking down the most optimal foods for brain function and overall health.

37. Greenpan Nonstick Cooking Pans

For the cooks in your life, this brand makes it easy to clean pans without the harmful, hormone-disrupting toxins most nonstick cookware emits.

38. Groundup Eggnog Nut Butter

Hands down the most delicious nut butter brand on the market, their newest seasonal flavor is delicious and the perfect stocking stuffer. *Use code SOFRESH15 to save 15% off your purchase. 

39. Vitamix Blender

Along with my Breville Espresso Maker, this is hands-down my most used kitchen appliance. A super thoughtful gift for anyone that loves to make smoothies, soups, sauces, treats etc.

40. Farmers Footprint Donation

For the person that has everything, why not give the gift of a donation to a worthy cause. The regenerative agriculture movement is one close to my heart, as I believe it’s necessary for our planet’s survival.


**Please note, this post is sponsored by adidas. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. Additionally, this post contains affiliate links.