3 Healthy Potluck Recipes Perfect for Summer BBQs

Healthy Recipes

2 July 2015

Fireworks. Barbecues. Friends. Brews. Rose (all day). Baked beans. Coleslaw. Burgers. Hot dogs.

Wait, wahh??

These are often synonymous with the fourth and include traditional potluck recipes that are sure to make an appearance wherever you are (unless you’re at my house- wink).

Unfortunately many of these foods are also synonymous with poor digestion, bloat, gas and tummy aches which is so not attractive when you’re trying to rock that crop top and so NOT fun when that’s really all you’re trying to have (fun.. that is).

But fear not loves, I’ve rounded up three easy, healthy recipes for you that will taste amazing and help you feel amazing too. They’re also delicious (so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on that fried chicken) and your guests will be equally impressed. In fact I dare you to not tell anyone these recipes are vegan and filled with superfood ingredients and nutrients and see if they even notice.  Boom!

1. Grilled Romaine with Vegan Caesar Dressing

Grilled romaine on a white platter

This one is a serious crowd pleaser. I know grilling lettuce sounds weird, but I swear once you try it you’ll never go back. It also takes only about a minute to grill and is relatively inexpensive to bring to a potluck.

2. Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad with Cilantro, Honey & Lime Dressing

Roasted chopped sweet potatoes with cilantroThis is one awesome swap for your traditional potato salad (which are typically loaded with artery-clogging mayo and blood-sugar-spiking white potatoes). By switching out the white potatoes for sweet (which are loaded with vitamins and minerals, not to mention lower in insulin-producing carbs) and adding a metabolism boosting dressing (which IMO is way more flavorful than your standard mayo sauce) you’ve got yourself a perfect potluck dish. You’ll love it and I guarantee meat lovers will too (it’s been tested and approved ;)).

3. Six- Ingredient Tempeh BBQ Babyback Ribs 

Tempeh BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Hot dogs ain’t got nothin on these bad boys. A favorite of the MLF’s (meat-lovin’ fiance) these will satisfy any meat cravings AND are filled with protein, fiber and probiotics. Score!

I dunno about you but these dishes got me seeing FIREWORKS- ha!

Enjoy and Happy 4th!