Quinoa Risotto with Seared Scallops and Pesto (Dairyfree, Glutenfree)

Healthy Recipes

20 October 2016


I have THE fall recipe for you. It’s warm, comforting, decadent and a mega crowd pleaser (without being pretentious or trying too hard).

It’s filling and stick to your ribs good without leaving you feeling super bloated and like you need a nap.

scallops with pesto and quinoa risotto

It’s risotto, but made with fiber and protein filled quinoa and creamy coconut milk and ghee instead of cream and butter (no gluten or dairy here)! Trust, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

It also pairs exceptionally well with Yamhill Valley Vineyard’s bright and dry 2014 Pinot Blanc, and only requires 1/2 cup in the recipe, so you have an excuse to drink the rest of the bottle with friends (or by yourself).

vegan quinoa risotto with coconut milk

It’s the kind of dish that isn’t difficult or hard to make but takes a long time and requires a relaxed evening spent sipping wine, occasionally stirring, listening to some jazzy tunes and chatting with dinner guests you’re bound to impress.

Plus it’s topped with my dairy-free “Life-Changing” pesto and seared Diver Scallops for an additional protein and herby flavor boost.

coconut quinoa risotto with pesto served at a dinner table

Convinced you NEED to make this quinoa risotto with seared scallops and pesto yet?

Head on over to Sip Northwest for the recipe, then continue to peruse for additional libation and culinary recommendations, because I guarantee once you whip this up, you’re going to be hosting more dinner parties than you may have originally bargained for.