2020 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide + Discount Codes & Deals

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19 November 2020

The 2020 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide is HERE and I couldn’t be more excited about this year’s selection.

2020 has been a YEAR and I still don’t know what the holidays will bring. I’m guessing for many gatherings might be smaller, schedules less busy, traditions altered and travel postponed.


While these changes can certainly be stressful and tough, I do think if anything 2020 has also highlighted just how vital health is — for ourselves, our families, our communities and as a part of something much bigger.


Personally, while health has always been important to me, I’ve done a lot of reassessing over the year of what really matters. I’ve realized for me joy, in its most simple and purest form, comes from how I’m feeling and showing up for/impacting and connecting with others.

While getting new “things” still gives me a rush, I’m trying to be more intentional than ever about what products I invest and spend my time and energy on. And personally I only want to invest in things that support mine and other’s health and happiness. Gifts that keep giving, over and over again, to myself, my loved ones, my community, small, local and consciously-owned businesses and the environment.


Supporting businesses and brands (especially small, which have taken such a hit this year) that are doing their part to make this world a better place means you’re doing a small, but important part to make it better too.


Thus every single gift on my gift guide is very carefully thought out and is either something I a) already adamantly use, love and support or b) something on my personal holiday wishlist after plenty of careful research.

BONUS — Many of them also contain savings and discount codes, so be sure to look out for those as well.

I hope you find this gift guide helpful, and wishing you all the happiest, healthiest holiday season (and life) ahead.

xx //



1. Primally Pure Autumn Home Collection

If anything, 2020 has highlighted how important it is to have a home we feel comfortable, at ease and secure in. If you know me then you already know I’m beyond obsessed with everything this brand creates, and their autumn home collection is no exception.

Non-toxic and using only the purest ingredients, this soap, room spray and essential oil collection smells like a warm, spiced, rich and earthy holiday dream. Perfect for anyone that loves holiday-scented candles, but is looking for ways to make their space more safe, hormone-healthy and clean. *Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your order + SOFRESH25 to save 25% off Black Friday weekend only

2. Bearaby Cotton Napper

I take keeping it cozy very serious over the holiday season, which is one of the many reasons why this buttery soft blanket is on my wishlist. The other key selling point? It’s weighted and designed specifically to help you balance your hormones (increased feel-good hormone serotonin and sleep-hormone melatonin, reduced stress-hormone cortisol) in order to alleviate anxiety and achieve deep, restorative sleep.

3. Elix Cycle Balance Blend Subscription 

The ultimate gift for anyone in your life that struggles with painful periods, PMS, irregular cycles or symptoms of hormone imbalance. I swear by this female-owned company and custom herbal blend (they formulate it based on your unique symptoms) which, along with following my Hormone Balance Reset Plan, took my period from extremely symptomatic (bloating, cramping, mood swings, the works) to seriously a breeze. *Use code SOFRESH15 to save 15% off your first 3 months

4. The Always Pan By Our Place

Easily my most used kitchen accessory (along with my blender and espresso machine!) this pan is an absolute game changer for anyone that gets down in the kitchen. It’s super cute, majorly functional AND made with non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating free of health and hormone-disrupting chemicals like PFOAs. PTFEs. PFAs. lead, cadmium, metals, etc. (Spoiler alert — most non-stick pans are also filled with chemicals that leak into your food when cooking). I have it in both spice and sage green, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the colors. I’m hoping to add some of their plates and bowls to my collection as well. *Use code SUPERSALE to save $50 off the Always Pan on Black Friday

5. Ground Up Ginger Snap Holiday Nut Butter

So obsessed with this female-owned, conscious-driven company who provides job opportunities to women overcoming diversity while also making the most delicious, clean-ingredient nut butter flavors. As of this moment, I’m super into their holiday gingersnap (which tastes amazing in my gingerbread cookie dough recipe I have coming soon) but I also looove their Cinnamon Snickerdoodle and Salted Eggnog flavor (especially to top oatmeals, in baked goods, holiday desserts, seasonal lattes, smoothies, etc.) *Use code SOFRESH 15 to save 15% off your purchase

6. Primally Pure Mask Trio 

My favorite non-toxic face masks on the planet, each option (Soothing, Clarifying and Plumping) feels so smooth and luxurious to put on and leaves my skin absolutely glowing afterwards. I especially love this mask trio combo as it allows you to really sync it with your cycle to help balance your hormones and achieve your best looking skin (i.e. I’ll use the Plumping during my period when skin is more dry and thin, Soothing in the beginning of my cycle (follicular + ovulatory) to reduce any inflammation leftover, and Clarifying during my luteal phase to minimize pre-period breakouts). *Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% off your purchase + SOFRESH25 to save 25% off Black Friday weekend only 

7. Parachute Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheets

This socially responsible company makes all of its products without any harmful chemicals or synthetics, especially important when you think about how much time you spend between the sheets! Their bedding is the stuff dreams are made of, breathable, buttery soft and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve got the brushed cotton fitted sheets and velvet quilt on my current wish list, but honestly wouldn’t mind the entire store.

8. SEED Probiotics Subscription

If I’m being real, when COVID and quarantine hit last March, so did the constipation. I’d read a post on how this was a problem for a lot of people, and decided to upgrade my probiotics to SEED, a female co-founded company that created a 2-in-1 prebiotic/probiotic capsule resistant to stomach acid in order to promote optimal digestive health, gut immune function, gut barrier integrity and absorption of nutrients (all critical components of hormone balance). Let’s just say things have been a lot smoother ever since (wink) and I highly recommend for anyone struggling with digestive issues. *Use code SOFRESH15 to save 15% off your purchase

9. Almond Cow Plant-Based Nut Milk Maker

My love for DIY nut milk is REAL (better taste and texture, less gut/hormone-disrupting ingredients) but I’m also ALL about efficiency, so when I learned about this genius plant-based milk maker (literally add ingredients, press a button, it makes you fresh nut/seed/oat milk) I added it to the very top of my list, fingers crossed!

10. Saalt Menstrual Cup

While a menstrual cup may seem like an odd choice for a holiday gift, I think it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for any ladies in your life looking for non-toxic period care options, as well as a way to be kinder to their bodies and the environment. Plus, the green color is super cute and they’re comfy and discreet! *Stay tuned for Black Friday discounts

11. ZIIP Beauty Device

One of the best things I’ve ever done for my skin (besides eating nutrient-rich foods, drinking tons of water and using non-toxic skincare products of course!) this micro and nanocurrent device is like an instant botox treatment, minus the toxic injections (rather it uses electrical pulses to help your skin produce an abundance of collagen and elastin). Worth every single bit of the hefty price tag IMHO, especially if you’re doing other expensive treatments to help firm your skin and minimize fine lines/wrinkles.

12. HU Kitchen Dark Chocolate Bundle

Hands down my FAVORITE chocolate (and that’s saying a lot) made with clean, quality ingredients, this bundle will make the best stocking stuffer for any chocolate lovers in your life. *Use code Lauren to save 15%

13. Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia 

I’ve been following Lalah Delia on instagram for awhile now, and I’m always bookmarking her quotes, which are subtle reminders to shift my energy to a vibration that actually serves me (and those around me). I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of her book next. 

14. Primally Pure Palo Santo Collection 

Okay it’s a tie between this and PP’s Autumn Home Collection for the most delicious smelling non-toxic scents you can add to your home. I love that this collection includes the palo santo sticks, which you can light in a bowl to release the dreamy warm and woodsy scent that also works to cleanse and purify the air. Perfect for any scented candle lovers or the friend that’s a touch woo woo (like myself :)). *Use code SOFRESH10 to save 10% + SOFRESH25 to save 25% off Black Friday weekend only 

15. 28-Day Hormone Balance Reset Plan

After hitting max capacity with my client-load and fully booking my waitlist, I knew I wanted to help more women out there struggling with the same symptoms I was seeing my clients experience day in and day out, including stubborn weight loss/gain, painful or symptomatic periods, fatigue, burnout, brain fog, low libido, lack of motivation, anxiety, PMS, moodiness, postpartum issues, fertility challenges, etc.

And so, the 28-Day Hormone Balance Reset Plan was born, as a way to offer many of the same solutions (nutrient-dense recipes, tips to testing and getting to the root cause of hormone imbalances, supplement and lifestyle suggestions, etc.) at a fraction of the cost, to as many women out there as possible. A perfect gift for any lady in your life that values health, delicious food, or just wants to feel and look her best. *10% of any Reset Plan purchased now through December 25th will be donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance, learn more below. 

16. Peloton Bike + Class Subscription

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of Peloton for a long time, until month three of quarantine hit and I knew I had to get some sort of workout routine back in place for both my physical and mental health. The classes are what really make Peloton great, and I LOVE that the variety allows you to cycle-sync your workouts to keep hormones balanced and maximize metabolism/fat-burning. I focus on cycling, cardio and bootcamp the first half of my cycle when energy is higher and yoga, barre and strength training the second half, when energy wanes. The monthly payments of $76 make it an affordable option too.

17. Magic Spoon Healthy Cereal Variety Pack

Where my cereal lovers at?! This one’s for you boo. I legit wake up craving this stuff (the Frosted flavor + bananas and nut milk is my fave), which tastes like the cereal you grew up on, only is *magically* formulated to be high in protein (11g in 1 serving), gluten-free, grain-free and extremely low sugar. An amazing option when you want a sweet, satisfying treat, but don’t want to deal with the typical side effects. *Use code SOFRESH to save 20%

18. In The Flo by Alisa Vitti

A MUST read for any woman out there in her reproductive years, this book is like being given a blueprint to understanding your body, cycle and hormones in order to optimize them for maximum health, energy, vitality and overall life satisfaction.

19. Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser 

The perfect vessel for your new Primally Pure essential oils 😉 this diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations instead of heat to preserve the oil’s full integrity and maximize efficiency (i.e. up to 7 hours of evenly-released, not-overpowering aroma). Love that it also doubles as a super cute home decor accessory.

20. Follain Clean Beauty Gift Card

This store has done THE BEST job of curating the most amazing clean beauty products all in one space (think makeup, skincare, bath + beauty, hair, etc.). If you’re not sure on products, a gift card is a great investment, or if you’re looking for specific items/recommendations, I’m absolutely obsessed with the Kari Gran Lip Whip, Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint + SPF, RMS Eye Polish (in solar) and Living Luminizer, and Saie Brow Butter and Mascara. *20% off site wide + free shopping through Cyber Monday

21. Sonic Handheld Massage Gun

This deep tissue massager is super effective at releasing tension, alleviating soreness/pain and accelerates recovery, flexibility and mobility. I bought it for my hubby on his birthday, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it gets plenty of action from yours truly ;).

22. Bakerita Dessert Cookbook

The perfect gift for anyone in your life that has a sweet tooth and/or dietary restrictions/health goals, Rachel (the author) is a genius at making the most delicious desserts and baked goods with healthy twists. I recently made the vegan/gluten-free chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache frosting for my daughter’s birthday, and between the three of us the cake was gone in two days. Oopsies.

23. Instant Pot

A literal no-brainer for anybody looking to save time and maximize taste and efficiency in the kitchen. An especially great gift for making all of the cozy winter recipes (tender meat, soups, stews, casseroles, etc.) in half of the time.

24. Mac Airpods Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

These noise cancelling headphones can be quite the useful gift during COVID, when many of us are taking business calls from home. I also love them for workouts, as loud music is key for me getting my sweat on. The earbuds are comfortable and I use them on the daily.

25. A Question of Eagles Ceramic Planters

Plants are such a great and often inexpensive way to purify your air and make your home feel extra special. I’m INTO these little ceramic planters, which would look awesome filled with succulents and placed on a desk, shelves, small table, mantle, etc.

26. Self-Care Guided Journal 

Journaling is such an effective (and free tool) for self-reflection and development and this journal in particular does such an amazing job at prompting you to build self-care practices and habits tailored to your personal needs and growth. BONUS — one of my besties wrote it 🙂

27. Lulu Lemon Align Pants

Literally live, eat, breathe, sweat, do all the things in these pants. I love that they form to your body in a way that’s totally comfortable and still very flattering.

28. Donation To The Black Mamas Matter Alliance

As mentioned earlier, 10% of all Hormone Balance Reset Plans purchased now through the end of December will be donated to The Black Mamas Matter Alliance, an alliance that advocates, drives research, builds power and shifts culture for Black maternal health, rights and justice. Personally, as a woman and mother, I believe ALL women should have fair and equal access to the best possible healthcare, especially when it comes to maternal health! If you feel like donating to the cause, here’s the link to do so.

29. Dry Farms Natural Wine Gift Selections

ALL about this natural wine subscription service, which curates premium natural wines made on small sustainable farms (i.e. they’re environmentally conscious and health-focused). Free of any added sugars and additives, as well as low in sulfites, it’s some of the only wine I can drink and not feel gross or hungover the next day, while still REALLY enjoying the wine. They’re also offering special one-time order gift selections for the holidays.

30. Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Believe the hype, this book is GOOD. As a woman and mother, I found it an incredibly liberating, resonant read that had me rethinking society’s expectations of us (especially motherhood martyrdom) and how I can show up and live my truest, most beautiful life moving forward.

31. Soul Addict Elderberry + Manuka Honey CBD Elixir

While I’ve been using their CBD Hemp Elixir as a part of my nightly wind down/relaxation routine for over a year, lately I’ve been super into this Elderberry + Manuka Honey blend, which tastes super yummy and includes ingredients designed to boost and support our immune system (important now more than ever). *Use code SA_Lauren20 to save 20%

32. Aritzia Sookie Scrunchies

I never thought I’d say this, but as a mom of a perpetually messy toddler, I rely on these scrunchies to keep my hair up but still looking somewhat chic. They’re great at not leaving “hair dents” as well, so I can use it for a workout or while I’m cooking and trust my ‘do will still look somewhat okay after. Pretty sure this stocking stuffer is one that will get a lot of use.



+ Retreat Greenlake — the yummiest bowls, coffee + wellness tonics (the mushroom mocha is my fave)

+ Anders Shop — the cutest sustainable home decor

+ Frankie & Jo’s — my favorite ice cream ever, not to mention it’s all plant-based (also offer nationwide shipping/delivery)

+ Juniper Nails — all natural, non-toxic nail salon in West Seattle

+ Shambala Bakery — the yummiest GF + vegan baked goods

+ City Sweats — infrared sauna cabins + wraps

+ Glinda Wine — natural wine bar, club + pickup and delivery

+ Constellation Naturopathic — IV’s, b vitamin injections + virtual & in-person health consults

+ Dr. Jason Wibbenmeyer — virtual gut + hormone-health focused consults & programs

+ Eve Fremont — nourishing bowls, homemade bone broth + a bomb bison burger **available for takeout

+ Gather Seattle — focused on building community in the Greater Seattle area, online programs being offered

+ Jujubeet — cold-pressed juices, smoothies + vegan food (pickup + delivery)

+ Oddfellows Cafe + Bar — yummy coffee, salads, soups + sandwiches, currently offering takeout